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Please use this page to search the log of SKØHB and SIØSSA

Pile of logbooks

At present time there are 2 logbooks in the directory and you are able to search for completed QSO's, your callsign that is, in both of them.

The logbook of SKØHB contents 15 889 QSO's done since 1974 including all Contests-QSO's made since that time with the call SKØHB. We have been on the air for 27 years now and that makes an average of almost 600 QSO's a year.
The log includes all QSO's made
before 2001-08-13 when this book recently was updated.

The logbook of SIØSSA contents 1 129 QSO's made in the beginning of the year 2000 when we had a special callsign to celebrate the 75'Th anniversary of the Swedish Radio Amateurs Association (SSA). One QSO with a "SIØSSA - SI7SSA"-callsign gave a 5 points credit/band when Ham operators from all over the world applied for the exclusive diploma SSA 75.

Logbook of 7SØSSA are at the moment of line due to problems to obtain the written logbook. QSO's with this callsign was made in the late 70'Th also in some kind of anniversary. We hope to be able to present also this logbook in the future.



A Simple Instruction:

  1. Choose the Log You want to search for Your Callsign.

  2. Fill out Your full Callsign.

  3. Press "Search"-button.

  4. The results are shown in the main window together with info about date, time, mode, band and also a comment like: *** [Contest name] or "*** [Callsign of Operator].

  5. If you like to do another search, please press "Clear"-button to erase the previous search results in the main window.

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