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Our defenition of progressive music

There's no easy answer to what progressive is. If you define progressive music, someone probably will disagree with you. This is our definition of what progressive music is.

The meaning of the word "progressive" is "forward moving", "widening in scope" etc. You can define the progressive music style width words like:

But progressive music comes in so many variations and styles that none of these words describe the progressive style in it's whole, not even when they are combined. This makes the definition of what progressive is, very difficult.

In our opinion progressive music bands of today, are influenced by the big Art Rock bands of the 70's. Bands like Yes, Genesis and King Crimson.

Progressive music is not "radio friendly" and not mainstream. Progressive music is often of tremendous musical quality, but is not played on radio or showed on MTV.

The bands that are listed here on Through Different Eyes are known for their progressive influences. We hope you agree with our definition of progressive music. If you disagree, why not mail us and give your opinion of what progressive music is.

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