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Written by Magnus Florin

To put it simple. This is the worst Rush album that I've ever heard. That does not have to mean that it's true and that everybody feels like that, though. I can only see two good songs on this album and those are "Subdivisions" and "The Analog Kid", strangely put as the two first ones. "The Analog Kid" is even of the best songs Rush has ever written in their whole career. To bad that the rest of the album don't has the same interesting contributions.

The most disturbing thing with "Signals" is that the two music writers, Lee and Lifeson don't seem to get the words from Peart together in a good way. Neil often has good lyrics, but on this album they're are not used with justice. My point of view is based on my taste for Rush in general and may not be "the truth" for YOU. this album may indeed be a good one for other people, but if you should buy something with Rush, then choose something from their other releases.

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