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Written by Magnus Florin

A late 80's release from Rush. All the sounds that they had in the 70's are gone on this album, which doesn't have to be a negative thing. I'm not a freak of the band, but I see four really good songs here. They are "War Paint", "Presto", "Red Tide" and "Available Light", especially the last mentioned. It's so good to hear the music just stop and Geddy Lee singing "In The Available Light".

I really don't like the sound in general of Presto. I don't know what that may depend on, but it's not the producer that they usually worked with. But it's not very often that I like the production of a Rush album, so just ignore what I just said. The thing with this album is that a lot of the songs sound just the same, which makes the listener a little bored after a while. This may also just be me, but it's very hard for me to just lie down and listen to the whole of Presto. Good thing that one has a remote control...

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