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Written by Magnus Florin

Many will know Rush by "The Spirit of Radio", but the Canadian trio has defenitely a lot more to offer. "Permanent Waves", the album where that radio-tune belongs but also highlights such as "Freewill", "Jacob's Ladder" and "Natural Science". Rush has always been a big influence for the progressive bands of today, but this is also a band that has many drummers on the fan list. This is of course because of Neil Peart and his inferno drumming skills, winning awards for almost every album contribution he does. This album is no exception.

There's two things that always has bothered me about Rush though. Alex Lifeson and the vocals of Geddy Lee. I know that this is what makes some of you listen to the band at all, but I can't help it. I just can't stand the style that those two members contribute with. In the 70's Geddy was a real shouter, singing as high notes as he could. In the 80's he calmed down (puh!). But this album is some kind of mix of those two styles, and that is something I can find quite interesting though.

Permanent Waves is defenitly one of my favourite Rush albums, based on what I've heard and that is almost everything. If you need some influences from the past, then Rush could be the answer and then mayby Permanent Waves.

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