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Written by Magnus Florin

The second release from Marillion. Some would say that this is a better one compared to "Script..", and sometimes I agree on that, sometimes I don't. That's the thing with this band, they always manages to capture certain moods in the sound of their albums. The effect of this is that every album can at least be appreciated once in a lifetime, or twice.

The strong introduction song "Assassin", is a real cool song with, as always, Fish and his charismatic song. Even if this is a great song, my main favouites on the album are the two last, "Incubus" and "Fugazi". Both of these song are over eight minutes long, which really qualifies for calling them epics. It's hard to describe the music of Marillion in words, since it's a lot of Fish's achievements that are the face of it. In "Fugazi", Mark Kelly does a piano intro, which Fish hooks on to after a while. At this point, the song is just beautiful, but later on it grows and grows into something really mighty, and mystical. The final thing is a melody piece with a repeatet lyric line from Fish. As I said, it's real hard to describe this music. My advice is to check out this band, if you haven't done it yet. Either, you're gonna love it and dedicate your life to it, or just say that it was nothing special. I'm one of those in the first category...

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