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Written by Greger Rönnqvist

Hauteville is a melodic Progressive Hard Rock band from France, formed in 1993. They've got two vocalists, a male and a female. They released a Maxi Single CD in 1995, but this is their debut full-length album. The album has a great production and a very nice 12-page CD booklet complete with all lyrics.

They're reminiscent to IQ, Landmarq, Marillion, Queen, Rush, Saga and Yes. The arrangements are excellent and so are the musicians. Their music is rather straight forward compared to progressive rock in general, and the songs are shorter. It's more in the direction that Yes took with the "90125" album or what Marillion have achieved after Fish's departure. The female vocalist Lydie Gosselin is great and should have taken a bigger part of the vocals in my opinion. Not that the male singer Cyril Grimaud isn't good, but Lydie's voice is giving Hauteville a more unique sound.

The songs are rather catchy and the highlights are "Willy", "Tonight", the ballad "Some People", "No Time For Time" and " Vu du Place d'Eddystone".

All in all this is a great album. I would only wish for a little more progressive touch to the songs though, but this is undoubtedly a recommended album.

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