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Written by Greger Rönnqvist

This is a progressive rock concept album, with a story that runs parallel to Glass Hammers previous fantasy-musical album "Perelandra" released in 1995. After listening to "On To Evermore" more than a dozen of times (and it's still spinning in my CD player), I think it's a shame that I haven't heard "Perelandra". It would take to much time and space to describe the story so let's concentrate on the music.

Their melodic progressive rock has got a complex '70s style with folkish touches and many different mood and rhythm changes. Take a bit of Emerson Lake & Palmer, Gentle Giant, Kansas and Yes, and you've got Glass Hammer.

Glass Hammer has got two very good guitar players in Walter Moore and David Carter, and the music does contain a lot of very nice twin guitar playing. They also got a fast-fingered keyboard player in Fred Schendel. The best example of those three gentlemen skills is shown in the final instrumental track "Twilight on Longview". This is a very beautiful song.

The best tracks are "The Mayor Of Longview", a very accessible easy-listening song, but still very good, "The Conflict", "Arianna", a long epic suite that passes seventeen minutes and the aforementioned "Twilight On Longview".

This is one of the four best prog albums so far in 1998, together with Anekdoten "Official Bootleg - Live In Japan", Electrum "Frames Of Mind" and Pär Lindh Project "Mundus Incompertus". Highly recommended.

Written by Magnus Florin

Well, well. This album is definitely something extra. At first I didn't think so, and found no interest at all. I found no character in it, but after listening to it a couple of times I really got into the sound that Glass Hammer produce. I became very fond of this soft progressive rock that they do, and especially the vocals in some songs. Speaking of the vocals, they are most often really good, and filled with such emotion that only a heart of truth can give it justice. I hear no special influences in them, even if there may be some Jon Anderson in the back of it. Not the falsetto kind, but some reminding vocal melodies. There may be some Steve Walsh (Kansas) in it to. In general there's some YES in the music too, but this band is quite original with their music. It's not the most revolutionary ideas they do, but for sure very good. Both performed and written.

My favorite parts of the albums is first of all track 3 "The Conflict". Vocals at their top, very good. The 16 minute epic track "Arianna" hide some good parts too, of course, just as the introducing title-track "On To Evermore". This whole album has some kind of positive atmosphere I think. It makes you feel good, that's what I mean. Glass Hammer has the future in their hands. It's up to them to decide.

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