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Written by Magnus Florin

So, is this album worth buying? Are you kidding? This album is without any doubt at all worth killing for. You should walk over the Niagara Falls naked just to get it. When I think of "Images and Words", I see a group of musicians that really found each other and just happend to do the worlds greatest album, ever.

The well know heavy song "Pull Me Under" serves good as an introduction tune. In that way we get rid of it early, just to surrender ourselves to all the other tracks, which really are much better. Don't get me wrong here, Pull Me Under" is indeed one of the best progressive songs there is, but the rest of the album is much stronger than that. "Another Day" and "Surrounded" is what I would like to call epic ballads. Mighty tracks with a beautiful atmosphere. Then there's "Wait for Sleep" which really is a piano thing, written by Kevin Moore. It serves more as an intro to "Learning To Live", but often functions as a regular song. Real good. The two best and mightiest tracks on the whole album are without doubt "Take The Time" and "Metropolis". Both with a miraculous middle part. Especially "Metropolis" is full of strange time changes, rythms and extreme melodies. One could say that this album, and especially this song is a big influence to the rest of the progressive world.

A cool fact is that on "Another Day", Dream Theater wanted a saxophone solo. So they took the guy who owned the studio that was used. Jay Beckenstein, did a pretty good job, don't you think!

No need to say anymore. If you ain't got this one yet, then go and buy it at this very moment. It's worth the money, trust me.

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