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Written by Magnus Florin

A live album from The Dregs. It just can't go wrong, and neither is that the case this time. "Bring 'Em Back Alive" is actually one of the most enjoyable albums that I've ever heard. Dixie Dregs is the kind of band that really never can do anything boring or uninteresting, since all the members show us great skills and sense for melodies. For those who don't even know who these guys are, I'll say like this. They're five guys brought up in a dixie environment, very skillful players with influences from all sorts of music. Country, Jazz, Rock, Bluesgrass, Classical, Fusion... You name it.

This is a live album from -92, and it's a description of what The Dregs sounded like at this point. It was a reunion tour, with the exception of Dave LaRue. Personally I don't think that Daves contribution to the band is a negative thing. This guy is so incredible that he, alone, could be the reason for me listening to the Dregs. But I see him more as a bonus, since Steve Morse, Morgenstein, Lavitz and Sloan are good enough.

Some tracks that I would like to point out are 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12. "Kashmir" is very well performed and I think it gives the right kind of justice that Led Zeppelin deserves. Then there's the Medley, that Dregs has played over the years. It's never exactly the same, but the highlight this time is the breaks with the Dave LaRue fills. Man, that boy can slap... of course Cruise Control is great too, even if it's torn apart by a drum solo, but I guess a lot of people see that as a positive thing.

The music of Dixe Dregs is always the kind that cheers you up. They don't care if they are mean rockers or soft poppers. They just do what they do and most often, it turns out really good. A very good album to start with...

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