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Written by Magnus Florin

One of the best Asia albums. Personally I prefer this band in the later period, when John Payne had replaced John Whetton on bass and vocals. Payne is more of a power singer than Whetton was, and he sometimes reminds me of the mighty Tony Martin.

After the intro has introduced you to the sound of Asia, track 2 begins. The best track on the album, and for sure one of the best ever made by Downes and Payne. The three next tracks are almost in the same class, but after those the album seem to lose that little extra touch. Too bad, cause this album could have been a real classic if the whole thing had been like the first tracks. For some, though, it is anyway.

The band is just like any other rock band, with vocals, bass, drums, keys with one exception. The old fox, Steve Howe is there with his extreme talent for acoustic guitar playing. As you can see he does not only do that. Above that he plays Mandolin, Electronic 12-string, Dobro and Pedal Steel. He surely contributes a lot to the Asia sound. Another legendary member is Carl Palmer on drums. This guy was one of the guys in ELP, with the P meaning Palmer. Later on it became Powell, which of course meant Cozy Powell (R.I.P).

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