The first links on this list, the ones to the "operators" are rather unnecessary. No one of our members want to go through the operation once again. We have included these links as some of them contain rather good descriptions and pictures of the sympathetic chain.
Operators - surgeons  
Carlanderska World champion in sympathectomies?
Privatix (T Telaranta) Only ETS-C (Clamping) and ETS-reversals
True info about ETS sideeff.  
ETS-sideeffects ETS Warnings
Stevens Support Group ETS Warnings
EZ Forum New!!
MSN Grop Excessive Sweat HH
ESFB Discussion Forum
CTS-net Cardio Thoracic Surgery Network
Doctors Discussionforum
Swedish Spa + Health Centers  
Hälsans Centrum  
Österåsens Hälsohem  
Selma Lagerlöf Spa  
Alfta Rehab Center  
Alt. treatments  
Ajkon Informs about lots of treatments and therapies
some more fantastic than the others (Swedish)
Alberta Rolfing Informs about Rolfing
Liz Bergh Danish site about Bodynamic
Jennie Crewdson English site about Rolfing
Naturkliniken Kinesiologi (Swedish)
Svenska Kroppsterapeuter Swedish
Babette Rothschild's HP Describes the treatment of trauma och PTSD. The connection
between body and soul is emphasised.
Medicallink Swedish
Socialstyrelsen Swedish national board of health and welfare 
Landst.Försäkringsbolag Swedish
Bridges Medical An alternative to ETS
Links about ETS Interesting links from meeting in Japan HH
HH , FB Resource Page Pictures of sympathetic chain and links
Sveriges Läkarförbund  
Doktor Online Norwegian
What is Dysautonomia? Very interesting - the similarity to "our" symptoms is amazing
Neuroscience A. N. S Very good description of the autonomic nervous system. I think
it's for kids but really educational for us amateurs too.
Peripheral nervous system A description of PNS
Nervous system Links to lots of sites about the ANS
NetDoktor.se Doctors on the net. Swedish.

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