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The Sympathetic Association (FfSo) was formed in Karlstad, Sweden, in the spring of 1999 as a reaction to the fact that a large amount of people found themselves disabled by several serious side effects from sympathectomies. Through this homepage we want to spread our information to members and others who are interested, and make our destiny known to health authorities and to the public.
We also want to forward our experiences and warnings to those who are considering a sympathetic operation (ETS).

We are now fighting for our right to a confirmation (and an apology!) from the hospitals and health authorities, that our symptoms are the result of sympathetic operations. Furthermore we are working for better routines and better information from the hospitals to future patients, all to avoid unnecessary suffering caused by serious side effects.

Above all we are trying to make disabled members feel as good as possible. We try to do so by giving each other support in different situations, and by sharing our experiences from medicines and therapies.

We want to thank the doctors who take us and our symptoms seriously and really make an effort for us to feel better. Thank you for being there!

Sympathetic Association FfSo are open for all those who are interested in and want to support the work of the association.

This homepage was created by members of the association. The facts you find on these pages we have found in different litterature, home pages and other sources. If you find any false facts on our homepage, or if you have anything interesting you want to share with us, please contact us. Please bear in mind that we are no doctors, and please forgive the poor translation of this site!

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