ETS Poll


This is a summery of an ETS poll performed by the Sympahtetic Association, FfSo, Sweden.

A questionnaire has been sent out to those of the members in FfSo who have reported that they in some way have been disabled by sympathetic operations. These forms have been answered completely or partially.
By this summery (2000-06-01) 96 members (53 men och 43 women) have answered the survey. They have all been operated between 1978 and 1998.

Summary content
Before the operation
The conditions before the operation is inquired. This is done to make it possible to trace why some people are disabled by side effects while others only have positive experiences of the operation.

Operation - indications and alternatives
What was the reason for the operation? Have the patients tried other treatments before they decided to take this operation?

What hospital and what surgeon have performed the operation? Which ganglias were cut? How was the result?

Was any information conserning possible side effects given to the patients?

Symptoms and side effects
Which suspected side effects have you noticed since the operation? The symptom is valuated on a scale from 1 to 10, were 10 represents the patients subjective opinion of the highest possible suffering.

Contact with the hospitals and health authorities
This part is excluded in this english version of the summary.

This is how I feel today!
Social and professional circumstances after the operation. This is how I feel today!

Please excuse the poor translation of this poll done in Swedish. If you find something that you suspect has lost its meaning through a bad translation, please contact us on our "Contact us"-page! Thank you!

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