There once was a vinyl, a strange kind of vinyl, the kind that gets written down in history

Welcome to Strange Kind Of Vinyl
A vinyl bootleg discography with Deep Purple and split groups.

This site is still very much under construction and is mostly based on my private collection at the moment. I have just bought a scanner so I'm in the process of scanning the covers now. It will probably take some weeks to scan everything so please be patient. My main purpose with this site is to get a complete vinyl bootleg discography with Deep Purple and related groups so I appreciate all information I can get on this subject. I do not deal with CD or CDR bootlegs at all on this site. 

Sources for this web site has been, except my own collection, Ingo Fengler's "Come Boot The Band" Volumes 1-4, Andreas Voigts "The Official Bootleg Price Guide", Hot Wacks Book X and various web sites, see the links page.

If you have any comments to this website or if you see any errors or have any questions, please contact me.

Disclaimer: I don't trade with bootlegs in any way. I can't give any information how or where to obtain these records. The only purpose of this site is to be a web resource for collectors and fans.

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