Hi, as you can tell this is a page about the band The Space Cowboys, I know there`s already an official one (damn good one too!), but I figured since there`s about a million sites about all other cool bands, I make my own!! I will update it now and then until it`s all done, and maybe add a bunch of pictures and an interview. Later on it will be updated when something`s going on that I want to write about. So don`t forget to bookmark this site!!!


000523 6 or 7 new songs will be recorded in June for use on various singles
and compilations.
There is a show in Stockholm booked too, the Safety Pin party
together with White Jazz hotshots The Turpentines and a bunch
of other bands. It will be held at Tantogården June 20, check it out if you get a chance.
Also, the ultrarockin` cd/lp "Get some go again" by Rollins Band
is available - why don`t you all run out and get yourself a copy.
I guess that info didn`t fit on this site, but I don`t care, I won`t rest
until everyone I know owns a copy (that goes for you too, Robban, it`s available on vinyl too!).

000223 The band just got into rehearsing with their new bassplayer, who will remain nameless, last week.According to Robban, he`s a really cool guy
and he uses a Rickenbacker,  not a hockeystick!

The first update for almost a year, OK everybody write an
X in the ceiling:)
The band is back in Gothenburg again, and are just about to get
jamming with their new bassplayer, who will remain secret until
they want to tell us who he is.
The "Rolling sixes" 10" is gonna be out any day I heard the new
songs and it will probably turn out really cool.
The "Kick her loose" 7" b/w Electronic therapy will be out soon to,
that will be killer!!!
By the way, the official homepage got it all wrong, Ted`s dog is
not called Erection, it`s called Vampira, it`s his horse that`s
named Erection, I just wanted to set the record straight.
Order a t-shirt at the official homepage and support your favourite

990424 Swedes may be interested to know that Håkan Persson at P3 Rock will probably do a feature on the band within the next weeks, thursdays 22.10 97.0 mhz everyone!!! I got a new and improved e-mail adress : electronic.therapy@swipnet.se

990413 The dates for the May shows: Helsingborg May 15 and Malmö May 19  Austrian label Pure Vinyl will release the new 7" called "Rock`n Roll Injection" in early May, it will be pink vinyl for all you vinyljunkies to enjoy!! Swedens only true rockmag Close-Up will have a review of the "The Space Cowboys" demo in the next issue, DON`T MISS IT!

990410 Reviews-section updated

990409 The Space Cowboys will play in Malmö and Helsingborg in May, exact dates will appear here later on