Disclaimer: This killboard is in no way intended to glorify the amount of people killed by these snipers, it is intended to recognize the manner in which these soldiers excelled at accomplishing the mission assigned to them in a time of war.

Name Conflict   Service Branch     Confirmed Kills
Simo Hayha W.W. II   Finland     500+
Nikolay Yakovlevich W.W. II   Russia     496
Ilyin Vasili Zaitsev W.W. II   Russia     400
Matthias Hetzenauer W.W. II   Germany     345
Sepp Allerberger W.W. II   Germany     257
Billy Sing W.W. I   AIF     150
Adelbert Waldron III Vietnam   U.S. Army     109
Charles B. Mawhinney Vietnam   RVN     103
Neville Methven W.W. I   South. Africa     100+
Carlos Hathcock Vietnam   U.S.M.C     93
Helmut Wirnsberger W.W. II   Germany     64
Joseph T. Ward Vietnam   U.S.M.C     63
Philip G. Moran Vietnam   5th SFG(A) MACV-SOG     53
TATANG K E. TIMOR & Indonisia   Armed Forces     41
Tom Ferran Vietnam N. SUMATRA   U.S.M.C     41
William Lucas Vietnam   U.S. Army     38
Riel W.W. I   Canada     30
Ron Szpond Vietnam   U.S.M.C     12
Gary J. Brown Vietnam   U.S. Navy     17
Jeffrey N Tucker Panama     U.S.M.C     3
? Desert Storm   U.S.M.C     13
Frank Grieci Desert Storm   U.S.M.C     15
Joseph McElheny Desert Storm   U.S.M.C     13
Dave Dayter Desert Storm   U.S.M.C     3
Dennis K. Stanely Vietnam   U.S.M.C     ?
Jim Saracco Vietnam   U.S.M.C     ?


The term sniper was developed during the 19th century during the British occupation of India.
Ghillie suits were developed by Scottish game wardens during the 19th century to catch poachers.
Hiram Berdan (North) and Robert E. Lee (South) were the first in history to set up units of designated marksman
or sharpshooters, this happened during the American Civil War.
During WWI, the Germans, were the first to use specially trained snipers.
The Russians were the first to employ snipers in two-man teams.
Hisketh Pritchard started the first Allied sniper school. (During WWI in the UK, trained both British and American snipers.)
Kipling devised the KIMs game for use by Canadian Snipers.
The best estimate as to the average amount of rounds expended per kill in the Vietnam Conflict
(For U.S. Army Soldiers) is 200,000. The average rounds expended per kill by U.S. Army snipers in Vietnam was 1.3
The first U.S. Army sniper school was set up in 1954-55 during the Korean war by the AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit)
The current U.S. Army sniper school was established in 1987