ARDF-controller Mickel

Mickel is a micro processor based controller for ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding) transmitters. It has been used by several clubs in Sweden since 1979 and was used during the 1994 World Championship in Stockholm.

Mickel was originally designed for the Swedish rules with 10 minutes transmitting intervall but the latest Mk3 can also control transmission according to the international rules.

It is designed to be easy to operate and has a minimum of controls. The only thing that has to be set is the delay before the competion starts. There is a built-in display showing competition time and operation data, this display can be turned off to save battery.

Except from the power switch, the only necessary controls are two push buttons to set the start delay in minutes and hours and one start button.

The other controls for transmission mode and transmission lenght can be set by fix jumpers or hidden switches as they normally are not operated.

Mickel has seven  transmitting modes:
* 5 foxes; 2 minutes every 10 minutes, Swedish novice style
* 6 foxes; 100 seconds every 10 minutes
* 7 foxes; 85 seconds every 10 minutes, Swedish standard style
* 8 foxes; 75 seconds every 10 minutes
* 10 foxes; 1 minute every 10 minutes, Swedish special style
* 5 foxes; 1 minute every 5 minutes, international rules
* beacon; continous transmission

Mickel handles three lengths of competion:
* 2 hours
* 3 hours
* continous, time out after 20 hours

Automatic restart of transmission 1 hour after ended competition, to make it easier for the organizer to find the hidden transmitter after the competition. The transmission will last for 1 hour and will be followed by 1 hour off, this will be repeated as long there is power supplied.

Adjustable start-delay up to 100 hours in 1 minute increments.

Display that shows time-to-start/contest-time or set transmission mode, fox identity and length of competition.

Mickel has three outputs:
* Morse keying
* PTT, start of transmitter
* indication of ended competion, to shut down fox

Each fox has it own identity/number that is programmed and cannot be changed to avoid mistakes. All foxes should be set to the same starting time and they will automatically calculate their transmitting schedule from set transmitting mode and their identity/number.

The controlled is based on Intel single-chip microprocessor 8748 and is supplied by 5 Volts.
Hex code :
 Fox 1 (MOE)
 Fox 2 (MOI)
 Fox 3 (MOS)
 Fox 4 (MOH)
 Fox 5 (MO5)
 Fox 6 (MON)
 Fox 7 (MOD)
 Fox 8 (MOB)
 Fox 9 (MOG)
 Fox 10 (MOZ)
 Beacon (MO)
Code with customized morse code can be delivered on request.

Matching transmitters
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  2m transmitter

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