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 Slough - Harrow 25 November






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Back again after the holiday: Fan profile and Joking page updated.

Slough - Basingstoke 0-2 (0-0)

If dominance was the key factor in a football match then Slough Town would have won this game comfortably , but for Basingstoke's tough defence and taking the two real chances they had , the home side came away with nothing .
Slough started well and hit the post from Dylan Kerr, but for the possession they had, couldn't really break through the visitors defence and some of Slough's passing was poor at times. The home side did have the ball in the net when the 'keeper fumbled a shot and Dwight followed up, but because there was the slightest hint of contact, the ref disallowed the effort. The was the benchmark for the ref as he was very inconsistent and upset both set of fans and one linesman didn't help either. As the game was going on into the second half with a couple of Slough efforts unlucky to find the net Danny Honey made a mess of what seemed to be a simple clearance and Basingstoke's striker had an open goal and cue Slough's heads to drop. Steve Browne made instant changes to create a more attacking venture by bringing on Deaner & Markman who both aren't exactly the best strikers we have , but to have them and Marshall the front three with Hall just behind could have worked well, but no . Again Browne's tactics were bizarre when he brought off Marshall to his and our amazement with Kerr off as well who was supplying some useful passes . Basingstoke broke late on and sealed the win. Not good .
Honey 5 ; Townley 6 , Daly 6 , Kerr 7 , Kemp 6 ; Wilkinson  5 , Barrowcliff 7 , Holsgrove 6 , Chandler 5 ; Hall 6 , Marshall 7
Subs: Deaner 5 , Markman 5
Man of the match : Barrowcliff. Hon. Mentions :Marshall & Kerr
Att: 402. About 50 Basingstoke fans.

9 November

Match report from Bishop and statistics. Attendance page will be updated tomorrow. Programme corner hopefully on Sunday.

001104 (FA Trophy)
Slough - Bishop Stortford 5-0 (2-0)

People would say it was because we were playing a team one division lower that the scoreline was high , but look at Tonbridge !! Today Slough played as a team and a team that showed it had quality . It did take a little while to get going even though a perfectly good goal was scored from a free kick , but the ref said it was taken too quick , but from a dubious looking handball from Dwight Marshall , he cooly slotted home . Mark Hall isn't the tallest player in the world but he out jumped the visiting keeper to loop home a crossed ball to make it 2-0 . Paul Barrowcliff started today and played very well , but his advancement into the box with an approaching goalkeeper produced a dive not worthy of the Sydney Olympics ! Justice was done for Bishop's as Mall blasted his penalty from South Bucks to the heart of Berkshire ! By half time it seemed Slough were cruising and kept control well into the second half which by time Mark Hall had been fed through and slotted home for 3-0 and now it was game over . Dwight managed to squeeze home number four from a corner and a rare thing happened at Slough Town when somebody scored a hat-trick when soon after when Dwight completed his third . Can we do this in the league ? Regularly ?
Honey 7 ; Townley 7 , Kerr , 7 , Daly , 7 , Chandler 7 ; Wilkinson 7 , Barrowcliff 8 , Lambert 7 , Holsgrove 7 ; Hall 7 , Marshall 8
(Subs) : Clement 6 , Markman 6 , White 6.
Att: 426. About 25 Bishop Stortford fans.
In the next round Slough are away to Newport County who beat Bedford Town away with 2-1.

Att: 426
Click here for other results in the cup.

The reason why this page haven't been updated so much the last month is not because of the bad results for Slough. I have been buisy both with my work and that my favourite team here in Sweden, Halmstads BK won the Swedish Premier League. It has been a lot of travelling cause i live 1,5 hours drive from Halmstad. 

001024 (Full Members Cup)
Slough - Aldershot 4-3 (1-1)

Scorers for Slough. Dylan Kerr (in his debut), Paul Barrowcliff, Clement James and Paul Holsgrove.

Other results in the Cup

Aylesbury United 1-2 Thame United
Braintree Town 5-0 Enfield
Carshalton Athletic 3-3 Basingstoke Town (aet). Basingstoke Town win 4-2 on pens
Harrow Borough 1-2 Romford
Heybridge Swifts 2-0 Billericay Town
Staines Town 4-4 Sutton United (aet) Sutton United win 6-5 on pens
Walton & Hersham 1-0 Farnborough Town
Worthing 2-0 Hampton & Richmond Borough

Hitchin - Slough 3-0 (0-0)

No match report available.
Att 334.

Slough - St Albans 1-2 (1-0)

Match report will follow later. Scorer for Slough was Dwight Marshall. 
Att: 509. About 100 St Albans fans


Heybridge Swifts - Slough 3-2 (1-1)

No match report available. Paul Holsgrove (Reading) made his debut in todays game. Scorers for Slough were Mark Hall (45 mins) and Damian Markman (80 mins). The winning goal for Heybridge was an owngoal by Steve Daly and was scored in the 90th minute. Click here for latest table and results.

Att: 168.

Tonbridge Angels - Slough 2-0 (2-0)

Serve With Honour. Thats the clubs moto. Maybe some of the players need to know this? This was crap!  MARKMAN, LAMBERT, & HALL,   PASS THE BLOODY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Markman and Deaner played like it was a pre season friendly, little effort, no movement. the midfield wasnt much better, sorry, Simpson and Lambert were not much better, with Hawthorne and Wilkinson being completley overworked. They batlled hard , and played pretty well, but couldnt do it all.Simpson looked like he was playing two speeds slower than every one else on the pitch, and Lambert, would disapper from the game, only to reappear, take on players, lose the ball, and then disappear again. In defence, white was ok, seeing he isnt a full back, but Harvey was awful. Daly and McPherson (like the two centre midfielders) can hold their heads up after this game. Danny Honey? I'd play Andrews for the next game, or rush Mautone back. The fist goal came when Honey called for a ball he had no need or right to go for, the defenders (who would have had simple headers) left the ball, which Honey weakly punched out to a Tonbridge player who smacked the ball straight back past Honey, to go one up.. Then  when a Tonbridge player tried a cheeky little chip from an angle on the right, it looked easily within Honey's reach, who, inexplicably just watched the ball sail over his head. most fans i spoke to agreed that it looked well within his reach, at least he could have attempted to save it!
most fans were perturped when they saw the team line up. Marshall and Townley on the bench, in an F A cup game? Marshall came on for the second half, and he had a clue what to do up front! How novel! Unfortunatley no one else did. Hall and Rainford also came on as subs. Rainford huffed and puffed with no affect, and Hall joined the passing school of Markman and Lambert, all 3 looking for glory instead of a team mate.  Slough did appeal for a penalty near the end, but as it happens, the foul happened right in front of me, and the ref, rightly called it a free kick, it was just outside the box. Hall launched a tirade of abuse and rightly got booked. If Hall only put half the effort he did for that into his playing, he would improve tenfold. negative report? The fans KNOW that the line up and tactics were wrong, some of these players are not trying and should be released.

Banging With Mannings match ratings 
Honey  0;  Harvey 1; White 5; Daly 6; McPherson 6 ; Simpson 3;  Hawthorne 7; Wilkinson 6; Lambert 4; Markman 4; Deaner4;
Marshall 7; Hall 4; Rainford 5
Man of the Match;  Hawthorne  Honourable mentions  Marshall  & Mcpherson

Att: 568. About 150 Slough fans

FA Trophy news:

Well there is the Trophy left and if we win against Bishop Stortford at home we will either play Bedford Town or Newport County away in the next round.