About me

My name is Karin. I am 37 years old and I live with my family in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am married to Anders and we have two lovely daugthers, Maja 8 years old and Linnea 5 years old.

Since September 2000 I am working for an internet- and telecom company. I am calling in money and answering emails from our customers. I love my job and my colleagues are wonderful.

When I am not at work I like to be with my family, work with my two websites, read books, practice orienteering (sport when you run in the woods with a compass and a map), write letters to all my lovely friends and I also like needlework, weaving, bobbin lacing, crocheting etc...

My life turned upside down in September 2000, but not because of my new job. In the beginning of September 2000, just after I's started my new job, I recognized a lump in one of my breasts. On 25th September 2000 my doctor told me it's cancer. I went through three cytotoxin treatments and after that, in December, they decided to do a mastectomy. After the operation I got five more chemo treatments and then I had radiation treatment - five weeks every day. On the 14th of June 2001 I had my last treatment for awhile. Unfortunately the cancer came back in 2002, this time in my skeleton and liver. Now I am on chemo treatments again...

If you want to read more about me and follow my fight against the cancer - visit my diary.

That was some information about me. I hope you like my graphics and will enjoy discovering it!


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