Thoughts on the Semantic Web

These Web pages presents my ( thoughts and interpretation of the Semantic Web. Most of the articles presented here are created as a result of writing my Master's thesis on the topic of the Semantic Web language. I have to apologize in advance for all the spelling and grammatical errors that might be found in these pages. Often, in order to not loose the "spirit of the moment", I ignore errors and forget to correct them.

If you know Swedish you might want to go to for a Swedish version (limited).

My thoughts and projects

All these links are to evolving documents. None of them are complete. There are also some minor errors and a few conceptual errors. The documents are only describing the core stuff of the described topic. Longer and more exhaustive versions will be presented in my Master's thesis. Please, read the articles as a note from a brainstorm session. The older documents are only preserved so one can se how nave my thoughts were at the beginning of the study. It's quite fun to read them however :)

Another way to describe this is: "I am willing to show some of my unfinished manuscript materials, provided the readers recognizes it as a bunch of one-liners and briefly stated thoughts, randomly sequenced. I write by the accumulation and rearrangement of many many items. The clever reader may organize such material in his or her own mind." - Ted Nelson


The Daim Project - "The project goal is to develop a language for the Semantic Web that will never be used."

New articles:

20010808 The difference in use (between the Web and the Semantic Web)

20010808 The difference between the Web and the Semantic Web (viewed from the top-left corner)

Old (and stupid) articles:

20010427 Is the Semantic Web a MetaWeb?

20010407 What is a (Web-) resource?

20010404 What the Semantic Web is/are (in one sentence)

20010330 The "core" architecture of the Semantic Web

20010324 Four (or three) standards that will bootstrap the SW -- Needs work! Recived some good comments.

20010313 Different views of the Semantic Web architecture

20010314 Triples: The centre of the Semantic Web? -- Needs work! Recived some good comments.

Recommended reading

Below are a few general sources of information and some more specialized.

TimBL's XML 2000 keynote speech (audio/video) (slides)
Really good stuff! Some key points are mentioned about the vision of the Semantic Web.

Sean B. Palmer has written an introduction to the Semantic Web.

Jena: Implementing the RDF Model and Syntax Specification
Contains a very good explanation of the RDF data model and related concepts.

General, i.e. not directly related to the Semantic Web

Made my view of information and documents evolve.

As We May Think by Vannevar Bush

Author information

My name is Benny Bergsell and I'm working as a development engineer at Teleca Software Solutions. I have been a student at the Mathematics and Systems Engineering department at Vxjo University in Sweden. The page is my identifier on the Web.

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