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Give To Live. USA
High Hopes. USA
Kama. Asia
Little White Lies. USA
Both Sides Now. USA
Both Sides Now. USA
Marching To Mars. USA
On The Other Hand. USA
Mas Tequila. USA
Mas Tequila. EU
Mas Tequila Pt2. USA
Mas Tequila. USA
Right On Right. USA
Shag. USA
Live In Cabo. USA
Serious Juju. USA
Live And Raw In Cabo. USA
Live And Raw In Cabo. USA
Let Sally Drive. USA
Depper Kinda Love. USA
I Can't Drive 65. USA
Things've Changed. USA
Sammy And The Wabo's. USA
The Essential Red Collection. USA
Let Me Take You There. USA
Sam I Am. USA
Livin' It Up. USA