These are songs that I know they played live during the 1983/84 Born Again tour.
The setlists changed a bit during the tour therefor they might not be listed in the correct order.
Any songs missing? Let me know by sending me an e-mail
Children Of The Grave  
Hot Line  
War Pigs  
Born Again  
Rock and Roll Doctor  
Disturbing The Priest  
Keep It Warm  
Black Sabbath  
The Dark  
Zero The Hero  
Digital Bitch  
Iron Man  
Smoke On The Water  
Heaven and Hell  
Neon Knights  
In his biography "Child In Time" Ian Gillan says - I had to learn the lyrics to their catalogue, songs like "Paranoid", "Tomorrow's Dream" and "Never Say Die".
If he haven't mixed up the titles then it's interesting to know that they rehearsed these songs. As far as I know they didn't play "Tomorrow's Dream" and "Never Say Die" at any concerts so maybe they tried them at the rehearsals in Birmingham, is there anyone who have a recording?!?!?!
Gillan The Hero - a tribute to Born Again