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Rip This Joint: The Stories Behind Every Song
by Steve Appleford, Chris Welch (Thunder's Mouth Pr)
(Order from; Paperback)

The True Adventures Of The Rolling Stones
by Stanley Booth (A Cappella Books)
The author met Stones in 1968, ended up living and traveling with the group during the trip of 1969, the year of the Altamont incident, where the security men, members of the Hells Angels, stabbed a spectator (Meredith Hunter) to death
(Order from; Paperback)

Rolling Stones, a Life on the Road
by Rolling Stones, Dora Loewenstein, Jools Holland (Penguin Studio)
(Order from; Hardcover)

Nankering With The Stones - The Untold Story From The Early Years
by James Phelge (A Cappella Books)
Inside story by Phelge, who shared the Edith Grove flat with Mick, Keith and Brian back in 1963
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones Files: Exclusive! 400 Recently Discovered Photographes from the Daily Mirror Archive
by Mark Paytress, Chris Jagger
(Order from; Hardcover)

Good Night, Sweet Prince
by Pamela Richmond
(Order from; Paperback)

Brian Jones, The Last Decadent
by Jeremy Reed (Creation Books)
(Order from; Paperback)

The Murder Of Brian Jones
by Anna Wohlin, Christine Lindsjoo (Blake Publishing %Seven Hills)
(Order from; Hardcover)

Exile on Main Street : The Rolling Stones (Classic Rock Albums)
by John Perry (Shirmer Books)
(Order from; Paperback)

Stone Me! The Ultimate Rolling Stones Quiz Book
by Sean Smith and Dale Lawrence (Mainstream Publishing Ltd)
Rolling Stones questions and answers. More info
(Order from; Paperback)

Rock on Wood
by Terry Rawlings
Authorised biography of Ron Wood

Pleased To Meet You
by Michael Putland (Genesis)
Leather-bound limited edition of just 1,750 numbered copies, each signed by Michael Putland. 228 pages, over 400 images.

Swedish Stones
by Owe Tingwall (Premium Förlag)
Full coverage of all releases in Sweden. Includes a 5 track 'No Security' promo CD

by Gered Mankowitz (Genesis Publications)
The entire black and white Rolling Stones archive of the celebrated Stones photographer Gered Mankowitz, reproduced as 12"x16" contact sheets. Limited to 950 signed and numbered copies worldwide

Wyman Shoots Chagall
by Bill Wyman (Genesis Publications)
In 1971 all the members of The Rolling Stones moved to the South of France, where they recorded Exile on Main St. During this time Bill bought a plot of land, built a house, and then found himself living near the great artist Marc Chagall. Despite being in his late 80's the artist and Bill quickly established a warm friendship and being a keen amateur photographer Bill captured his neighbour on film with images (both colour and black and white) which resonate with informality and intimacy. These shots along with an extensive personal selection of Bills other photography down the years has been faithfully reproduced in the high-quality printing for which Genesis is famed. To accompany the photographs Bill has provided a candid commentary which reflects upon his friendship with Chagall, his love of photography and life as a Rolling Stone in the South of France. Each copy is signed by Bill and individually numbered and also included is a special CD of solo recordings made by Bill in the early Eighties at the time he knew Chagall

It's Only Rock And Roll: The Ultimate Guide to the Rolling Stones
by James Karnbach, Carol Bernson (Facts On File)
Biography, discography, tourlists and tracklists
(Order from; Hardcover, Paperback)

Wood On Canvas By Ronnie Wood - Every Picture Tells A Story
by Ronnie Wood (Genesis Publications)
Over 140 art pieces by Ronnie. Includes a rare 4-track CD (So High/Breathe On Me/Somebody Else Might/Interfere). Foreword by Mick, Keith and Charlie. Limited to 2500 copies

Phelge's Stones - The Untold History from Edith Grove and Beyond
by James Phelge (BA Books)
Inside story by Phelge, who shared the Edith Grove flat with Mick, Keith and Brian back in 1963

A Journey Through America With The Rolling Stones
by Robert Greenfield
From the 1972 US tour
(Order from; Paperback)

Keith Richards: The Biography
by Victor Bockris (Da Capo Pr)
A biography of the lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones chronicles his impoverished boyhood in postwar England, his rise to fame and fortune, his heroin addiction, his marriages, his relationship with Jagger, and more

The Complete Works Vol. 2 (1976 - 1988) (updated edition)
by Nico Zentgraf (Stoneware Publishing)
The Rolling Stones from 1976 to 1988, all concerts, all recordings sessions and setlists

The Complete Works Vol. 2 (1976 - 1986)
by Nico Zentgraf (Stoneware Publishing)
The Rolling Stones from 1976 to 1986, all concerts, all recordings sessions and setlists

Taylor-Made Works 1966 - 1995)
by Nico Zentgraf (Stoneware Publishing)
A year-by-year catalogue of recording sessions and live appearances, including song titles

Dance With the Devil: The Rolling Stones and Their Times
by Stanley Booth (Random House)
Includes interviews with Brian's parents, years after his death

The Rolling Stones: A Visual Documentary
by Miles (Omnibus Press)
In diary form, the book speaks about the career of the band from the encounter between Jagger and Richards in 1960, going to prison for possessing drugs, Brian Jones' death and Bill Wyman's exit. Includes the official discography
(Order from; Paperback)

Mick Jagger: Primitive Cool
by Christopher Sandford (Saint Martin's Press)
A biography of the rock superstar describes Jagger's English childhood, his introduction to music, the success of the Rolling Stones, and Mick's reputation for being wild, raucous, cool, shrewd, and ambitious

Keith Richards: In His Own Words
by Mick St. Michael, Keith Richards (Omnibus Press)
Keith tells his life with writer St. Michael's help. Among other things, he speaks of his relationship to his famous partner, illuminating that "the only things on which I and Jagger disagreed are the band, the music and what we do. Only that"

The Rolling Stones Album: Thirty Years of Music and Memorabilia
by Geoffrey Giuliano (Viking Penguin)
The author, that already wrote several books on Beatles, shows Stones related objects collected by him and other fans along the years. Photos never published, lists of all the thrown albums (besides singles, EPs, bootlegs and Cd) and dates and locales of the shows

Mick Jagger, The Story Behind The Rolling Stones
by David Seay (Carol Publishing Group)
Another biography of Mick Jagger, with a new list of girlfriends; from supermodel Chrissie Shrimpton in the sixties, to Marianne Faithfull, going by the Nicaraguan Bianca until arriving to the model Jerry Hall

The Rolling Stones/Includes Free Poster (Poster edition)
by William Ruhlmann (Smithmark Pub)
Revealing photographs, trivia-packed text, and a full discography chronicle the outrageous lives - both on stage and off

Jagger, Unauthorized
by Christopher Andersen (Harbra)
The typical biography of the which a superstar as Jagger would never get to escape. The 500 pages of this book seem not to be enough to shelter all the scandals of the life of Jagger

The Complete Works Vol. 1 (1962 - 1975)
by Nico Zentgraf (Stoneware Publishing)
The Rolling Stones from 1962 to 1975, all concerts, all recordings sessions and setlists

The Early Stones: Legendary Photographs of a Band in the Making 1963-1973
by Terry Southern, Michael Cooper (Hyperion)
With an introduction of Keith Richards, this book is an album of pictures of the band, covering its trajectory from 1963 to 1973

The Rolling Stones Chronicle: The First Four Decades
by Massimo Bonanno (Plexus Pub)
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones Chronicle: The First Thirty Years
by Massimo Bonanno (Holt, Herry & Company)
In this 221 page book, the fans of Stones find about 350 photos, from the beginning upto early 90s

Stone Alone, The Story Of a Rock'n'Roll Band
by Bill Wyman, Ray Coleman (Viking Penguin Books)
Bill Wyman's diary, recoding the churning chaos of the band's creative evolution, power plays, recording sessions, tours, romances, drug busts and financial disarray
(Order from; Paperback)

Keith Richards: Life As a Rolling Stone
by Barbara Charone
From the 'Some Girls' period. This biography was done with Keith's consent, so the author spent time with Keith, and witnessed and writes about many interesting things

The Rolling Stones: Street Fighting Years
by Stephen Barnard
Includes over 275 photographs that chronicle the band from the early Brian Jones years up until Bill Wyman's departure. Foreword by Bill Wyman

Crossfire Hurricane
by Bob Gruen (Genesis Publications)
Art book by photographer Bob Gruen

Woodworks 1957 - 1975
by Nico Zentgraf (Stoneware Publishing)
Ronnie's work before he joined the Stones

Good Times Bad Times
by Terry Rawlings, Keith Badham, Andrew Neill (Complete Music Publications Limited)
The definitive diary of the Rolling Stones 60-69

The Rolling Stones: An Illustrated Record
by Roy Carr
Discography, bootlegs, movies

Up and Down With the Rolling Stones: The Inside Story
by Tony Sanchez (Da Capo Pr)
The first book about Stones' scandals
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones A to Z
by Sue Weiner, Lisa Howard
Stones reference book

It's Only Rock N Roll: The Stories Behind Every Rolling Stones Song
by Steve Appleford (Schirmer Books)
Music critic and journalist Steve Appleford gives fans a song by song description of the output of what some call rock's greatest band; the Rolling Stones. Heavily illustrated with photos of the band from its founding days to the present, the book covers every Rolling Stones song in detail, how it was written, recorded, and why. 130+ four-color illustrations

Keith; Standing in the Shadows
by Stanley Booth, Bob Gruen (St. Martin's Press)
A literary look at Keith Richards, guitarist for the Rolling Stones, through conversations, history, and music.Booth explores Richard's past, his attitudes toward other Stones band members, his passion for music, and his influences

Stones By Kruger
by Sebastian Kruger
One of the world's great caricaturists displays his prodigious talents in this jam-packed volume of Rolling Stones art created while on a lengthy tour with the band. More than eye-candy, 'Stones By Kruger' is filled with insightful, amusing comments and quotes by band members, their families, famous associates, and journalists.80 color illustrations

Rolling Stone's Alt-Rock-A-Rama : An Outrageous Compendium of Facts, Fiction, Trivia, and Critiques on Alternative Rock
by Scott Schinder (Rolling Stone Press)
(Order from; Paperback)

Stones Collecter's Price Bible
by John McSweeney
Information on records and price ranges

The Rolling Stones Worldwide Discography
by Luca Accialini
Lists 7000+ official releases in 64 countries

The Rolling Stones Worldwide Up-Dated Discography
by Luca Accialini
Lists 7000+ official releases in 64 countries

Heart of Stone; The Unauthorized Life of Mick Jagger
by Laura Jackson (Smith Gryphon Ltd)
A Brian Jones biography

Road Warriors - The hard life and high times of the Rolling Stones
by Craig Marine

The Rolling Stones - Bridges To Babylon
(Smithmarks Publishing)

The Works
by Ronnie Wood

A Biography of Ronnie Wood
by Terry Rawlings

The Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock N Roll: Song by Song
by Steve Appleford (Schirmer Books)
(Order from; Paperback)

Rolling Stones in Their Own Words
by David Dalton, Mick Farren (Music Sales Corp)">Paperback)

Rolling Stones 1962-95
by Aeppli

Rolling Stones: Singles Collection - The London Years (Boxed edition)
(Warner Bros Pubns)

The Rolling Stones Singles Collection: The London Years (Guitar Tab Edition)
by Carol Cuellan (Warner Bros Pubns)
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones Singles Collection: The London Years
(Columbia Pictures Pubns)
(Order from; Paperback)

Rolling Stones: Fully Illustrated Book & Interview Disc
by Chris Welch (Music Book Services)

The Rolling Stones
(Random House Value Publishing)

The Rolling Stones, 1962-1995 - The Ultimate Guide To Their Career In Recordings, Performances, Films & Solo Pursuits
by Felix Aeppli (Record Information Services)

The Complete Guide to the Music of the Rolling Stones
by James Hector, Mark Paytress (Omnibus)
(Order from; Paperback)

Jump Up the Rise of the Rolling Stones
by Nigel Goodall

Rolling Stones Stripped: A Trip Through the Voodoo Lounge Tour 1994-95
by Na, Mark Hayward (Music Sales Corp)
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones (People in the News (San Diego, Calif.))
by Stuart A. Kallen
(Order from; Library Binding)

Rolling Stones
by Stephen Barnard

The Rolling Stones
by David Carter

The Rolling Stones: Black and White Blues, 1963
by Gus Coral, Debra Rodman, David Hinckley

Time Is on My Side: The Rolling Stones Day-By-Day, 1962-1984 (Rock & Roll Reference Series, No 24)
by Alan Stewart

The Rolling Stones
by Teresa Noel Celsi (Andrews & McMeel)
(Order from; Hardcover)

The Rolling Stones Are Just a Mirage
by Patricia Miller

Faithfull: An Autobiography
by Marianne Faithfull (Little, Brown & Company)

The Rolling Stones Anthology
(Hal Leonard Pub Corp)
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones Collection: With Notes & Tablature
(Hal Leonard Pub Corp)
(Order from; Paperback)

The Early Stones: Legendary Photographs of a Band in the Making 1963-1973
by Perry Richardson, Michael Cooper

Rolling Stones
by William S. Porter (Reprint Services Corp) (Order from; Hardcover)

Stones Touring Party
by Robert Greenfield

Rolling Stones
(Warner Bros Pubns)

Rolling Stones
by David Carter

The Rolling Stones: Images of the World Tour 1989-1990
by David Fricke, Robert Sandall

Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus
by Mike Randolph

Blown Away/a No-Holds-Barred Portrait of the Rolling Stones and the Sixties
by A.E. Hotchner

Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Albums of the 80's
by Fred Goodman, Parke Puterbaugh

The Rolling Stones: A Pictorial History
by Marie Cahill

Rolling Stones: Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1989
by Martin Elliot

Blown Away: The Rolling Stones and the Death of the Sixties
by A.E. Hotchner

His Satanic Majesty: Mick Jagger
by John Blake

It's Only Rock 'N' Roll: My On-The-Road Adventures With the Rolling Stones
by Chet Flippo

The Life and Good Times of the Rolling Stones
by Philip Norman (Harmony Books)

The Rolling Stones
by Tim Dowley

The Rolling Stones 25th Aniversary Tour
by Greg Quill

Uncle Joe's Record Guide: The Rolling Stones
by Joe Benson

Yesterday's Papers: The Rolling Stones in Print, 1963-1984 (Rock and Roll Reference Series, No 19)
by Jessica Holman Whitehead MacPhail

Rolling Stones
by Robert A. Heinlein (_2@)
(Order from; Paperback)

Heart of Stone: The Definitive Rolling Stones Discography, 1962-1983
by Felix Aeppli

On the Road With the Rolling Stones: 20 Years of Lipstick, Handcuffs and Chemicals
by Chet Flippo

The Rolling Stones: The Early Years
by Dezo Hoffman

Symphony for the Devil: The Rolling Stones Story
by Philip Norman

by Carey Schofield

The Rolling Stones
by Dezo Hoffman

Jerry Hall's Tall Tales
by Jerry Hall, C. Hemphill

Rolling Stones
by Robert Palmer

Rolling Stones: An Unauthorized Biography in Words and Pictures
by David Dalton

Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones 1965-1967
by Gered Mankowitz

The Stones
by Philip Norman (Elm Tree Books/Hamish Hamilton)
(Order from; Paperback)

Satisfaction : The Story of Mick Jagger
by J. Aldridge

Rolling Stones
by Robert H. Armstrong (Creative Education)
(Order from; Library Binding)

The Rolling Stones in Europe
by James Karnbach

Mick Jagger: In His Own Words
by Miles

The Rolling Stones: The First Twenty Years
by David Dalton

The Rolling Stones: The Last Tour
by Peter Goddard

The Rolling Stones in Concert
by Linda Martin

Rolling Stones: An Illustrated Discography
by Miles

Rolling Stones Complete
(Omnibus Press)

The Rolling Stones Trivia Quiz Book
by Rosenbaum

The Rolling Stones: An Annotated Bibliography
by Mary Laverne Dimmick

The Rolling Stones
by David Dalton

The Rolling Stones on Tour
by A. Et Al Leibovitz

The Rolling Stones
by Jeremy Pascall

The Rolling Stones: An Illustrated Record
by Roy Carr

The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger: A Novel
by David, Littlejohn

Mick Jagger: Everybody's Lucifer
by Anthony Scaduto

Not fade away: the Rolling Stones collection
by Geoffrey Giuliano

The Rolling Stones
by Tony Jasper

The Rolling Stones Story
by George Tremlett

Rolling Stones
by George Tremlett

Rock and Roll Babylon

Not Fade Away: The Rock & Roll Photography
by Jim Marshall

Rolling Stones: Images of Rock & Roll
by Fred Woodward, Anthony Decurtis

Rock And Roll Heroes
by David Bailey

Rolling Stones: The Complete Guide
by Mark Paytress

Brian Jones: The Inside Story Of The Original Rolling Stone
by Nicholas Fitzgerald

Rolling Stones: Singles Guitar Tabs
(CPP Belwin)

Uptight With The Stones
by Richard Elman

The Best of the Rolling Stones for Guitar
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones
(Order from; Hardcover)

Rolling Stones Vol 1
(Order from; Paperback)

The Rolling Stones Deluxe Anthology

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