Black bitch / Black bitch

Born / Född: February 18th, 2002

"Trosa" is one of the black bitches, wich are going to improve the powerful Disodil-line in this kennel. She will not have any puppies for a while, since she is too young.


"Trosa", en synnerligen välkonstruerad tik, efter "Brag", CH. Disodil's Wild Talk. 12-åringer som vägrar ge upp. Underbart sund och välkonstruerad tik med ett underbart temprament. 

Merits / Meriter:

1 CC and BOB in Sweden / 1 Cert, BIR i Sverige


Pedigree / Stamtavla:

SUCH  Disodil's Wild Talk Disodil's Iso Grifo AMCH  Dreamridge Double Talk
LP SLCH  Disodil's Guess My Name
Disodil's Eight Days A Week Disodil's PS Evening Talk
Disodil's Wish Upon A Star
NORDUCH  Champis Taste Of Chocolate Disodil's Chocolate Conclusion Disodil's Time Traveller
Disodil's Midnight Oil
Champis Student Girl Disodil's Chocolate Solid
Cockburn's Name My Name

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