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Vi samlar på böcker om Amerikansk Cocker Spaniel....

Dessa böcker och tidningar finns just nu i vår samling....


Directory American Cocker Spaniel 1947 - C.D. Powell

Who's Who In Cocker Spaniels Vol I - M.R. Mangrum

Who's Who In Cocker Spaniels Vol II - M.R. Mangrum

The American Spaniel Club 1959 - Year Book

The Complete Cocker - Denlinger, 1946

The American Cocker Book - Michael Allen

The American Cocker Spaniel - Dr. Alvin Grossman

The World Of The Cocker Spaniel -  Gorodner &  Alton

The New Cocker Spaniel - R. Kraeuchi, 1979

Control Of Canine Genetic Diseases - George A. Padget

American Cocker Spaniel Champions 1957- 1970 - Romanski & Austin

American Cocker Champions And Titelholders 1988-2000

Born To Win, Breed To Succeed - Patricia Craige

The Cocker Spaniel - Ella Moffit, 1946

Top Producers, Vol I - original

Top Producers Vol 1-2 Copy, Thanks, Pauline...

Cocker Champions In Story And Pedigree - Greer & Austin

Breeding Better Cocker Spaniels - Dr. Alvin Grossman

Cocker Spaniel - Bart King

The Cocker Spaniel Handbook - Ernest H. Hart

A Century of Spaniels Vol. 1 & 2

The New Art Of Breeding Better Dogs - Onslott

The Inheritance Of Color In Dogs - C.C. Little

The Standard Of Dog Breeding - Dr. Alvin Grossman

How To Breed Dogs - Leon F. Whitney

This Is The Cocker Spaniel - Leon F. Whitney

The Book Of The Cocker Spaniel - Joan Mc Donald Brearley

The Complete American Cocker Spaniel - Austin & Austin

a lot of ACS-Magazinez......Old and New ones.......

många tidningar om Amerikansk Cocker......gamla och nya.....