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Venerable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche begins the Five-Year Ngöndro Program

Venerable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche started the program by giving a profound and yet lucid and easily understood public talk on "Universal Loving-Kindness and Compassion in Buddhism". It was followed by an 11-day retreat on Taking Refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and teachings on Heart Sutra, Tonglen, Buddha Amitayus as well as Lama Chöpa. As usual, all his teachings were very precise, deeply penetrating into the true nature of phenomena. He humbly shared and revealed it all vividly in front of us. Because of such genuine and sincere motivation together with his exceptional ability and vast endowment of Dharma knowledge, all his teachings are extremely precious and healing. It is as if the words of the Buddha are deeply ingrained into our mind. By reflecting and meditating on the teachings, the profound meaning and the infinite inconceivable qualities of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will gradually be revealed. In order to share such rare teachings with all our readers, we will include some excerpts of the teachings in this and the next few issues of the Ratnashri Newsletter. For those who have missed the opportunity this year, Rinpoche has kindly said that he will accommodate everybody in the second-year program. Rinpoche will then repeat the important points of the first-year program at the beginning of next year’s retreat.

The retreat was successful. The retreat site and tent provided a good environment for the teachings. The participants were grateful and joyful to receive such intense, precious teachings with such a wonderful lama in such a meaningful program. Even though being such an accomplished lama, Rinpoche is so approachable, humble and kind. His words were full of kindness and compassion. His smiling face and humor relaxed and opened our hearts to receive the precious teachings. He taught systematically in great detail, patiently and skillfully answered all our questions. He cared for us all and talked with many of us individually, kindly pointed out the Path and gave us sincere advice. He shared with us the blessed water, blessed pills and a verse to remember:

The sky without cloud is clear.

The ocean without wave is calm.

The mind without thought is peaceful.

In the organization meeting, he kindly laid out the Ngöndro program for next year, gave us advice on individual practices and on the study and practices at our regular Sangha meetings. The organizer Ratnashri Meditation Center, is grateful to participants’ sincere participation, great assistance and support to the program. The environment was refreshing, blissful and peaceful. We all enjoyed it so much. The retreat ended with an impressive Lama Chöpa (Guru Yoga) and Tsog ceremony and a delicious pot luck lunch. Joyful and sincere effort had been made and we could all appreciate it. Through our sincere devotion and selfless service, we learned and grew so much. We were grateful for such an opportunity Rinpoche had created for us. We sincerely showed our gratitude to our beloved Rinpoche and chanted sincerely his Long-Life Prayer. Under Rinpoche’s visit, Ratnashri Meditation Center has donated the small private collection of Dharma books to Rinpoche’s newly founded Ratnashri Library at the Center. The Center has received a beautiful Amitayus statue from our Sangha member. We are all looking forward to the growth of the Dharma in our hearts, the growth of successful and auspicious Dharma activities from Rinpoche and the Center. We are all looking forward to the second-year Ngöndro Program! Thank you all!


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    By the virtues collected in the three times by myself and all beings in samsara and nirvana and by the innate root of virtue. May I and all sentient beings quickly attain unsurpassed, perfect, complete, precious Enlightenment. SARVA MANGALAM


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