Andreas Kramer from Werl in Germany visited Radio Luxembourg in december 1992. He made an article for the magazine RADIOJOURNAL, a special magazine for radio and television in Germany.
Andreas is working for a radiostation in Munster as a morning-DJ in his sparetime.
Many thanks to him for letting me put up his great shots here!
Mail to Andreas Kramer

Mike Hollies, Andreas Kramer and Jonathan Miles in the Luxy main studio.

Wow, carts. Isn't it a lovely sight? Luxy really had great jingles!

Jonathan Miles and Mike Hollies in the office.

The main studio mixingconsole.

More carts....


DJ Jodie Scott in the studio.

Reel-to-reel taperecorders for logging and prerecorded material.

Many listeners ordered t-shirts and baseball-caps. Here is what they look like.

Studio wall hanging.

Mike Hollies and Chris Holmes.

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