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Latest update 20th August 2001: 74 new scans.

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2000: 27th November: More new scans. 23rd November: Six months since the last previous update... Not too many new covers, but the archive has been modernized. I am sure you will like it. 23rd May: 52 video covers added. My website is full, so I have removed these 42 covers. 7th March: 29 video covers added. 1999: 12th December: 22 beautiful video covers added. 29th October: Faulty info on Hell Commandos corrected. 24th October: 16 new videocovers. 26th September: Videocovers + wantlist added. Toplist removed; check out Giallo Fever instead. 29th August: A completely new design! + More genre introductions! + Additions to the archive! 17th July: 15 new ones to the archive. 30th May: 25 new examples of great video cover art. 2nd April: A gift for Easter: 24 additions to the archive. 26th March: I have written a few words about Emanuelle, the Devil, nazis and adventurers. 19th March: A guestbook - Link to the left. 7th March: More Tinto Brass in the archive + An all new department!

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