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Cars from Lappland= BETTER CONDITION

We only have cars from the north of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

They are in much better condition and  mostly genuin original.

Why pay crazy overprices for old Volvos in YOUR country!?  When you can buy them directly from the owners with no betweenhands!!

They are not "bad cars" because they are cheap!! Ask instead why they are so expensive in your country!

We ask normal Swedish prices for the cars! (Same prices as the dealers from your countries buy them in for!!)

And cars from the upper north of Sweden are in much better condition if you compare with the cars from the south of Sweden. They donīt have salt on the roads up here!!  

Every car has been checked by Swedish Bilprovning  before export!  Allso they are served up, so they are ready to be used instantly on the road!!

You can E- mail: HERE