Emperor of Pain

Björn Lindgren shows us his first He-Man design. More on this glider from Björn I hope. The airfoil are not exactly true, so I have added some pictures of Stan Buddenbohms airfoils.

  • Drawing
  • Buddenbohms airfoil (Sweep up)
  • Buddenbohms airfoil (Classic 18)
  • Buddenbohms airfoil (Hot Dog)
  • destroyer

    Destroyer is my first own HE-Man design. I choose to make it just over 600 mm, to get a relativly good launch. Planform is Proteus 11, enlarged by 14%. It´s not good on launch yet as it has a tendency to loose its stab. The glide is good though, a minute from poor height. If it´s a winner is still to early to tell....


    The HE-Man contest is an american phenomenia and may have been orginated by NFFS president Bob Stalick. Bob announced the event in NFFS Digest as: "an attempt to go back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when men where men and gliders where gliders."

    In Sweden our club MFK Sländan organized the first HE-Man competion in autumn of 2000.

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