DVC-00 Racing

This is what we race..

and this is the story of a REAL street driven powersled.

This car was imported to Sweden in 1974

Like so many other streetracers, this car started out life as a more mundane car.
None the less it was-and is-a genuine 1971 Z28. One of 4862 built.
Where a 330 horse 350 cid smallblock once resided you find a 470 cube
large bigblock these days. Not just any bigblock mind you, but a handbuilt
piece of high performance machinery.

Now as most of you know,the "old" 470 was sabotaged by some demented looney
So..as a result we made a settlement with the insurance company,and opted for
another engine.
This one from one of our friends "real" dragrace cars.
A 68 camaro.
Now as usual...we couldnīt leave well enough alone-now could we.?
Apart the "new" 482 came....

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