Record reviews

Hi and welcome to this list of reviews. All are in alphabetical order, and the included magazines are mentioned at the top of each table. My personal grade is the table closest to the record. Many more revies are to come, I haven´t yet listed all my own records. Have fun, and try to see it as a good guide for your own purchase of the music.
!AïBoFoRcEn<- - Elixir lytique..CD             Si18:5/10, 8/10
!AïBoFoRcEn<- - Face (of) death..CD       R(1/98):6/10     Si19:8/10, 8-9/10
(active) Media Disease - Lost..CDM             Si18:7-8/10, 7/10
13 MG - Uppercut..CDM             Si19:7-8/10, 6-7/10
16 Volt - Let down crush..CD             Si20:7/10
16 Volt - Skin..CD M:6/10     R(2/95):4/10      
1am - 1000 beats..MCD             Si18:7/10
1Am Umbrella - The sound of shadows breathing on themselves..CD             Si18:7/10
300 000VK (Laibach) - Also sprach Johann Paul II..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
48 Cameras - Me, my youth & a bass drumÊ..CD             Si19:8-9/10
6th Sense Approach - 3rd automatic object in action (the fresh and recycled)..12"             Si21:4/10
70 Gwen Party - Searching the antichrist/Dead art massacre..7"             Si19:3-4/10
A Spell Inside - Visions from the inside..CD             Si20:9/10
A Split Second - Flesh and fire, the 1991 remixes..CD M:8/10 N(12-13/91):3/5          
A Split Second - Megabite..CD       R(3/95):3/10      
A Split Second - Vengeance C.O.D…CD M:6/10     R(5/93):7/10      
Aaak - Big fist..LP/CD   N(10/91):2/3          
Abscess - In your mind..CD       R(3/95):5/10      
Abscess - Journey..CD             Si19:8/10, 6/10
Absent Minded - Killer..CDM             Si21:7/10
Absolute Body Control - Eat this..CD       R(4/93):4/10      
Absurd Adventures - Ad absurdum..CD             Si19:5-6/10
Acid Kirk - Phlegm Arhes..CD             Si20:8/10
Acker, Luc van - Taking snapshots vol. 1..CD       R(4/95):1/10      
Acker, Luc van - Taking snapshots vol. 2..CD       R(4/95):2/10      
Acumen - Territory universe..CD             Si19:7/10
Acustic - No1..CD             Si20:6-7/10
Advanced Art - Force..MCD       R(1/94):4/10      
Advanced Art & Two Witches - Into the darklands..CD             Si20:5/10
After Darkness - Murnau..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Age Of Heaven - The garden of love..CD             Si20:8/10
Airwaves - Second shift..CD             Si18:8-9/10
Alan Lamb - Primal image..CD             Si19:3/10
Alastis - The other side..CD       R(2/97):5/10      
Alboth - Ali..CD             Si20:6/10
Alboth! - Yorn..CDM             Si20:6/10
Alien Faktor - Desolate..CD             Si18:4/10
Alive The Roupettes - Beautiful father..CD             Si20:0/10
All For One - Machine-lust..CD       R(4/93):6/10      
All For One - Technopolis..CD             Si18:8-9/10
Allegory Chapel Ltd. - When angels fall..CD             Si18:3/10
Almond, Marc - Fantastic star..CD       R(1/96):6/10      
Almond, Marc - Tenement symphony..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):5/5          
Alphaville - Fools..CDS       R(2/94):1/10      
Alphaville - Prostitute..CD       R(2/94):1/10      
Alphaville - Salvation..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Altered States - Altered states..CDM             Si18:2/10
Altered States - Is anyone out there?..CD       R(1/95):5/10      
Alvarez, Humberto - Copil..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Amen - Lakefront..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
Amen - Silver..CD       R(1/96):6/10      
Amorphis - Elegy..CD             Si19:6-7/10
Amos, Tori - From the choirgirl hotel..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Anathema - Eternity..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Anathema - Pentecost III..MCD       R(3/95):8/10      
Anathema - Serenades/The crestfallen ep..2CD       R(4/95):5/10      
Anathema - The silent enigma..CD       R(4/95):8/10      
Anchorage - The bleak wooden tower..CD             Si18:8/10
And One - Anguish..LP/CD   N(10/91):3/3          
And One - Deutschmaschine..CDM       R(2/95):7/10      
And One - Driving with my darling..CDM       R(2/94):6/10      
And One - I.S.T.e..CD M:8/10     R(2/94):8/10      
And One - Nordhausen..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Andromeda Complex - Forsaken worships part 1..CDM             Si20:6-7/10
Angina Pectoris - Anguish..CD       R(2/94):7/10      
Angina Pectoris - Insomnia..CD       R(1/96):2/10     Si18:5-6/10
Annabelle´s Garden - Blütenrausch..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Another Mission - Struggling to rise..CD       R(1/98):4/10 S(V/97):2-/5    
Anstalt - Brilliance without phase..CD       R(2/96):4/10      
Anything Box - Elektrodelica..CD       R(1/98):8/10      
Apollo Four Forty - Electro glide in blue..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Apoptygma Berzerk - 7..CD M:8/10     R(2/96):7/10     Si19:9/10, 7-8/10
Apoptygma Berzerk - Deep red..CDM       R(2/94):7/10      
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-stop violence..CDM       R(4/95):7/10      
Apoptygma Berzerk - Paranoia..CDM         S(s/98):4+/5    
Apoptygma Berzerk - Soli deo gloria..CD M:8/10     R(5/93):6/10      
Apoptygma Berzerk - The apocalyptic manifesto..CD         S(s/98):3+/5    
April Tears, the - Sing Lee..CDM       R(1/96):7/10     Si19:7-8/10
April Tears, the - Strange paradise..CD       R(3/95):10/10      
Arc - 12K..CD             Si20:7/10
Arcana - Cantar de procella..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
Arcana - Dark age of reason..CD     No(4/96):8/10        
Archon Satani - Mind of flesh and bones..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
Area - Agate lines..LP/CD   N(10/91):3/3          
Armageddon Dildos - 07 104..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
Armageddon Dildos - Fear..MCD       R(5/93):7/10      
Armageddon Dildos - Lost..CD M:7/10     R(2/94):5/10      
Armageddon Dildos - Speed..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Art By Machinery - Melon..CD             Si19:3-4/10
Arvid Tuba - Att måla med svartsjuka..7"   N(12-13/91):4/5          
Asche/Morgenstern..LP             Si19:8/10
Asfalt - A hell of a place..MLP M:5/10 N(8/91):2/3          
Ataraxia - The moon sang on the April chair..CD             Si18:8-9/10
Atari Teenage Riot - The future of war..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Atom-X - Electron ep..12"             Si21:8/10
Atrocity - Calling the rain..MCD       R(4/95):6/10      
Atrocity (featuring Das Ich) - Die Liebe..CD       R(4/95):6/10      
Attilio Mineo - Man in space with sounds..CD       R(1/98):5/10      
Attrition - 3 arms and a dead cert..CD             Si19:8/10, 7-8/10
Attrition - Étude..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
Attrition - History..CD             Si19:7/10, 7/10
Attrition - The hidden agenda..CD       R(5/93):8/10      
Aube/Small cruel party - Across the water..12"             Si19:8-9/10
Aube/Telepherique - Daseinsspanne..7"             Si21:7-8/10
Audio Science - Random world..CD             Si19:6-7/10
Audioscape - I..CD             Si20:6/10
Aural Expansion - Remixed sheep..CD             Si18:9/10
Aurora Sutra - I and I shall descend..CD         S(vå/98):4+/5    
Autechre - Chiastic slide..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Auto Repeat - Auto-Amerikanische Freundschaft (remixed revisited)..12"             Si18:8-9/10
Automatic - Global..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Avalist - The entire silence..MCD             Si18:8/10
Avant Garde - Basic..CD       R(2/97):4/10      
Avant Garde - Everytime..MCD             Si19:8-9/10
Axonal Warfare - Deadtime..CDM             Si21:7/10
B 12 - Time tourist..CD       R(2/96):6/10      
Babylon Will Fall - An exhibition of depressions..MCD             Si18:8-9/10
Bal Paré - Best of..CD       R(2/94):7/10      
Bargeld, Blixa - Commisioned music..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Bastard - Zing boom..CDM             Si20:7/10
Battery - Distance..CD       R(1/97):6/10     Si20:8/10, 7/10
Bay Laurel - Days of joy..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Bay Laurel - Under a clouded sky..CD       R(2/95):4/10      
Beautiful Pea Green Boat - Every night with you, I die a little..12"   N(8/91):2/3          
Beborn Beton - Concrete ground..CD       R(2/94):6/10      
Beborn Beton - Nightfall..CD       R(2/96):3/10     Si19:9/10, 7/10
Beborn Beton - Truth..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Beborn Beton - Tybalt..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Bel Canto - Magic box..CD M:6/10     R(1/96):7/10      
Beloved, the - X..CD       R(2/96):8/10      
Beyond Dawn - Pity love..CD             Si19:7/10
Big Fish - Dans mot tiden..CDM       R(5/93):9/10      
Big Fish - Sånger ur sten..CD       R(1/95):9/10      
Bigod 20 - It´s up to you..MCD       R(5/93):5/10      
Bigod 20 - Supercute..CD       R(2/94):7/10      
Bigod 20 - The bog..12"   N(8/91):3/3          
Bionic - Rest in peace..CD       R(4/95):4/10      
Biopsy - Nervate..CD             Si20:7/10
Biosphere - Insomnia..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Biosphere - Substrata..CD       R(3/97):9/10      
Birmingham 6 - Assassinate..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 8-9/10
Birmingham 6 - Error of judgement..CD M:8/10     R(1/97):7/10      
Birmingham 6 - Policestate..MCD             Si18:9/10, 8/10
Birmingham 6 - To protect and to serve..CD             Si18:7-8/10, 7/10
Bischoff, Silke - Northern territories..CD             Si20:7-8/10, 8/10
Bizarra Locomotiva - Fear now..CDM             Si20:6/10
Bizarra Locomotiva - First crime then live..CD       R(4/95):2/10      
Björk - Homogenic..CD       R(3/97):9/10 S(V/97):4+/5    
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Remnants for a deeper purity..CD             Si20:7/10
Blackhouse - Hidden beneath the metal..CD             Si19:5-6/10
Blackhouse - The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost..CD   N(10/91):1/3          
Blackhouse/Nightmare Lodge..LP   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Blind Passengers - Boat on the river..CDM             Si21:7/10
Blind Passengers - Destroyka..CD       R(1/96):5/10     Si18:9-10/10, 9/10
Blind Passengers - Respect yourself..CDM             Si20:8-9/10
Blind Passengers - The trash inside my brain..CD       R(3/97):4/10      
Blind Passengers - Walking to heaven..CDM       R(1/94):7/10      
Blipp! - Blipp!..CDM       R(1/95):6/10      
Blok 57 - Animals on speed..CD       R(3/95):5/10      
Blood Axis - The gospel of inhumanity..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Blooding Mask - What the hollow shows through..CD             Si19:6/10
Blue Eyed Christ - Leaders and followers..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Blue For Two - Earbound..CD       R(1/95):8/10      
Blue For Two - International..CD       R(1/94):8/10      
Blue For Two - Moments..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Blue October - Incoming..CDS         S(vå/98):4+/5    
Boksch - Ocker 1-8..CD             Si20:5/10
Borderline - Clouds of violation..MCD             Si20:7/10
Borghesia - Dreamers in colour..LP/CD M:5/10 N(12-13/91):3/5          
Boris Ex Machina - Tango infernal..CD             Si20:4-5/10
Born For Bliss - Arabia..CDM             Si21:9/10
Born For Bliss - Flowing with the flue..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Bourbonese Qualk - Feeding the hungry ghost..CD       R(1/95):5/10      
Bourbonese Qualk - My government is my soul..LP/CD   N(10/91):2/3          
Bourke, Joshua - Regenerated..CDM             Si21:4/10
Bowie, David - Earthling..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Bowie, David - Hallo spaceboy..CDS       R(1/96):8/10      
Boytronic - The working model..CD       R(2/96):7/10      
Brave New World - Winter song..MCD         S(vå/98):3+/5    
Breath Of Life, the - Lost children..CD             Si18:9/10, 8-9/10
Breath Of Life, the - Sweet party..CD         S(vå/98):3+/5    
Brighter Death Now - Great death..LP   N(10/91):3/3          
Brighter Death Now - Greatest death..CD         S(s/98):4/5    
Brighter Death Now - Necrose evangelium..CD             Si18:5-6/10
Broder Daniel - Broder Daniel forever..CD       R(1/98):5/10      
Broder Daniel - Broder Daniel..CD       R(2/96):5/10      
Broon - Egoism..CD       R(1/95):2/10      
Brotherhood Of Pagans - Brotherhood of pagans..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Brume - Anastomose..10"             Si21:9/10
Brume/Contagious Orgasm - Memoir..7"             Si19:8/10
Budd, Harold & Hector Zazou - Glyph..CD             Si18:9-10/10
Budha Building - Sounds of the abnormal heart..2CD             Si18:7/10
Burst - Loss of innocence..CDM             Si21:7-8/10
Busaras, Dave-id - Smegma ´structions don´t rhyme..CD             Si18:7/10
Butterfly Garden - So it goes..CD             Si18:8/10
C.A.I. 777 - I dreamed of dying..CD             Si18:6/10, 7/10
C.T.I. - The library of sound edition 3..CD             Si18:6-7/10
C17H19N03 - Terra damnata..CD             Si19:6/10
Cabaret Voltaire - Body and soul..LP/CD   N(10/91):2/3          
Cadaverous Condition - Eisbär 90210..CDM             Si21:7/10
Cain Principle, the - Sculptures, fruits and companions..CD       R(1/94):4/10      
Call - Flesh..CD             Si18:5-6/10, 5-6/10
Calva Y Nada - Das Böse macht ein freundliches Gesicht..CD             Si20:8/10
Calva Y Nada - Palpita, corazon, palpita!..CD       R(2/95):5/10      
Capital Hell - Vow of tension..CDM             Si21:9/10
Captivated Bimbo - Sector 7..12"   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Carbon 12 - Very harsh frequencies..CDM         S(V/97):4+/5    
Carcass - Swansong..CD             Si19:7/10
Carter USM - Straw donkey-the singles..CD       R(4/95):9/10      
Carter USM - Worry bomb..CD       R(2/95):7/10      
Cassandra Complex - Work 1.0..CD M:9/10     R(3/95):8/10      
Cassandra Complex, the - Sex and death..CD       R(5/93):6/10      
Cassandra Complex, the - The war against sleep..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Cat Rapes Dog - Biodegradable..CD       R(2/95):5/10      
Cat Rapes Dog - Fuck nature..MCD             Si18:8-9/10
Cat Rapes Dog - More than you bargained for..CD       R(2/94):4/10      
Cat Rapes Dog - Motorman..CDM         S(vå/98):2/5    
Cat Rapes Dog - Superluminal..12"/CDM M:7/10 N(12-13/91):2/5          
Cat Rapes Dog - The banzai beats..MLP   N(10/91):3/3          
Cat Rapes Dog - The secrets of God..CD       R(1/98):5/10      
Catastrophe Ballet - Torso..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Catherine´s Cathedral - Flowerdust..CD       R(4/93):6/10      
Catherines Cathedral - Intoxication..CD       R(2/94):4/10      
Cause & Effect - Innermost station..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Cause & Effect - Innermoststation..CD         S(s/98):3/5    
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds - Murder ballads..CD       R(1/96):8/10      
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds - The best of..CD       R(1/98):9/10 S(s/98):5-/5    
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds - The boatman´s call..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
CBF - The alternative code..12"   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Celldivision - The homeless..7"   N(12-13/91):2˝/5          
Cello - Olisipo..CDM             Si20:7-8/10
Cemetary - Sundown..CD       R(1/96):6/10      
Cetu Javu - Por que..12"   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Chaingun Operate - Binary idol..CD       R(1/97):2/10      
Chako - Ebb & flow..CD             Si18:9/10
Chandeen - Light within time..CD             Si18:6/10, 6-7/10
Chasalla - Phoenix- out of the ashes..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Chateau Royale - Angel..MCD             Si19:6-7/10
Chem Zyme, the - Into the ego..CDM       R(5/93):3/10      
Chemical Brothers, the - Dig your own hole..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
Chemlab - East side militia..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Chemlab - Exile on mainline..CDM             Si21:8-9/10, 8-9/10
Chemlab - Magnetic field remixes + 10 ton pressure..MCD       R(2/95):8/10      
Childman - Childman..CD       R(4/93):8/10      
Children On Stun - Overland..MCD       R(1/95):6/10      
Children Within - Astraia..CDM       R(1/94):7/10      
Children Within - Gallery..CDM       R(3/95):5/10     Si19:8-9/10, 7-8/10
Children Within - Sea of life..CD M:6/10     R(2/97):3/10      
Children Within - The countless galaxies..CD M:7/10     R(2/94):7/10     Si20:9/10
Children Within - Walkabout..CDM         S(V/97):4-/5    
Chinese Detectives - Situation..CDM       R(4/95):7/10      
Chinese Detectives - Where do the boys go?..CDM       R(1/96):7/10     Si19:7/10
Chris & Cosey - Pagan tango..LP/CD   N(11/91):2/5          
Christ Analogue - In radiant decay..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
Christian Death - Past, present and forever..LP   N(10/91):2/3          
Christian Death feat. Rozz Williams - Death mix..CD             Si19:8/10
Circus Of Pain - The swamp meat intoxication..CD             Si19:7/10
Citizen Z . Countdown to the continuum..CD             Si18:7-8/10
City Limits - First..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Clair Obscur - Antigone..CD             Si19:5-6/10
Clan Of Xymox - Hidden faces..CD       R(1/98):6/10      
Clark, Anne - To love and be loved..CD             Si18:7/10
Clay People - Cringe..CD             Si18:9/10
Cleen - Designed memories..CD         S(vå/98):4/5    
Clock DVA - Transitional voices..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):2˝/5          
CNN - Copyright..12"/CDM       R(1/94):6/10      
Cobalt 60 - Elemental..CD             Si19:8/10, 5-6/10
Cobalt 60 - Twelve..CD M:6/10     R(1/98):6/10      
Code - The architect..CD       R(3/95):8/10      
Code Industry - Method of assembly..CD M:4/10 N(8/91):2/3          
Code Industry - Structure..MLP/MCD   N(11/91):3/5          
Coil - Time machines..CD       R(1/98):5/10      
Cold - Disgregation..CDM             Si20:5/10
Collapsed System - Berlin 2007..CD       R(1/97):2/10     Si20:6-7/10
Collide - Beneath the skin..CD             Si20:6/10, 7-8/10
Collide - Beneath the skin..MCD             Si20:8/10
Con-dom - Retribution..7"             Si19:7-8/10
Consequence - Volition..CD             Si19:6/10
Consolidated - Business of punishment..CD       R(2/94):7/10      
Construggle Test - Welfare taste..CDM             Si21:8/10, 9/10
Control - Syndrome..CD             Si20:6-7/10
Controlled Bleeding - Dub songs from a shallow grave..CD             Si20:7/10
Controlled Fusion - Incubation time..CD         S(vå/98):3-/5    
Coptic Rain - Clarion´s end..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Corporal Feast - Mekafon..CD         S(V/97):2+/5    
Corvus Corax - Tanzwut..CDM             Si21:9-10/10
Cosmicity - Isabella..CD       R(1/98):7/10 S(V/97):3-/5    
Cosmicity - Visionary..MCD         S(vå/98):2-/5    
Cosmosis - Cosmology..CD       R(1/97):9/10      
Covenant - Dreams of a cryotank..CD M:7/10     R(2/94):6/10      
Covenant - Europa..CD       R(1/98):9/10 S(s/98):4/5    
Covenant - Figurehead ep..CDM       R(4/95):7/10     Si19:8/10, 7/10
Covenant - Final man..CDM         S(vå/98):2+/5    
Covenant - Sequencer..CD M:8/10     R(2/96):7/10     Si20:9-10/10, 6/10
Cox, Carl - Tribal Jedi (the remixes)..CDM             Si21:8/10
Cranes - Population four..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Cream8 - The emerald touch..CD       R(2/95):4/10      
Crisis N.T.I. - The alien conspiracy..CD             Si19:8/10
Crocodile Shop - Celebrate the enemy..CD             Si18:6/10
Crocodile Shop - Crush your enemies..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 8/10
Crocodile Shop - Pain..CD M:5/10     R(1/98):2/10 S(V/97):2/5    
Cronos Titan - Brides of Christ..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
Cronos Titan - The gregoraveian ep..MCD       R(1/97):7/10      
Crown Of Jesus - Tales from the pit..CD             Si18:6/10
Crumb - Wasting your time..CD             Si18:8/10
C-Tec - Darker..CD       R(3/97):6/10 S(V/97):2/5    
Cubanate - Antimatter..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Cubanate - Barbarossa..CD       R(2/96):5/10     Si19:7/10
Cubanate - Cyberia..CD       R(2/95):6/10      
Cubanate - Joy..CDM             Si18:7/10, 6-7/10
Cubanate - Metal..CDM       R(2/94):7/10      
Cultivated Bimbo - 98.6..CDM M:5/10     R(1/94):6/10      
Cultivated Bimbo - Album.1995..CD       R(4/95):6/10      
Cultivated Bimbo - Configuration 1..12" M:8/10 N(9/91):3/3          
Cultivated Bimbo - Configuration 2..12" M:7/10 N(12-13/91):2˝/5          
Cultivated Bimbo - ep.1995..CDM       R(4/95):6/10     Si19:4-5/10
Cultivated Bimbo - Tunes from a high wire..LP/CD M:7/10 N(12-13/91):3/5          
Cultivated Bimbo - Your useful guide to life..CD M:6/10     R(5/93):5/10      
Cure, the - Entreat..LP/CD   N(10/91):3/3          
Cure, the - Wild mood swings..CD M:6/10     R(2/96):7/10      
Current 93 - Of ruine or some blazing starre..CD       R(1/94):9/10      
Curve - Come clean..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Cyber Axis - Fool energy..CD             Si18:9/10
Cyber Axis - The final sign..CD             Si18:8/10, 9/10
Cyber Axis - The way I feel..CDM             Si18:9/10, 6-7/10
Cyber-Tec - Let your body die..CDM       R(4/95):7/10      
Cycloon - Plasma fusion..CD             Si20:6-7/10, 6-7/10
Cycloon - Silent minds..CDM             Si20:6-7/10, 7/10
Cytron - Nuclear trance..CD             Si19:5-6/10
D.N.S. - Bombs and clouds..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Dada´s Noise - Corps et ame..CD             Si19:4-5/10
Daf.Dos - Allein, zu zwit, mit Telefon..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Daf/Dos - Nordisc..CDM         S(V/97):4+/5    
Daily Planet - Milky way..CDS       R(4/95):7/10      
Daily Planet - The tide..CD M:7/10     R(1/97):8/10     Si20:8/10
Dance Or Die - 3001..CD M:7/10 N(10/91):3/3          
Dance Or Die - Everspring..CD M:8/10     R(2/95):8/10      
Dance Or Die - Minuteman..CDM       R(2/95):6/10      
Dance Or Die - Teenagemakeup..CDM         S(vå/98):3+/5    
Dance Or Die - The best of..MCD       R(1/94):9/10      
Dance Or Die - Time zero..CDM       R(2/94):9/10      
Danceable Weird Shit - Here´s the cd..CD   N(8/91):1/3          
Danger De Mort - Break..CD             Si20:4/10, 6/10
Dansdepartementet - Wankers!..CD       R(2/94):5/10      
Danzig - Blackacidevil..CD       R(1/97):6/10      
Dark Day - Collected 1979-1982..CD       R(1/98):4/10      
Dark Side Cowboys - Disclosure..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
Dark Side Cowboys - Pure hearts ep..CDM       R(4/95):4/10      
Dark Side Cowboys - Reflections..CD         S(V/97):2/5    
Dasein - Ascend..CD       R(3/95):2/10      
Data - Accumulator..CD       R(3/95):9/10      
Data Bank A - Continental drift - birth of tragedy..CD             Si18:7/10
Data Bank A - Nuclear winter..CD             Si18:6/10
Dawn Of Oblivion - A fervent prayer..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
Dawn Of Oblivion - Yorick..CD M:7/10     R(2/97):7/10      
Daybehaviour - Adored..CD       R(2/96):7/10      
Days Of Fate - Back..CDM             Si20:8-9/10, 9/10
De/Vision - Antiquity..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 8/10, 4/10
De/Vision - Blue moon..CDM       R(2/95):5/10      
De/Vision - Fairyland..CD M:7/10     R(1/97):6/10     Si20:8/10
De/Vision - Love me again..CDM       R(1/95):6/10      
De/Vision - Monosex..CD M:9/10     R(1/98):8/10      
De/Vision - Sweet life..CDM             Si21:8/10
De/Vision - Try to forget..CDM       R(5/93):6/10      
De/Vision - Unversed in love..CD       R(2/95):6/10      
De/Vision - World without end..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Dead Can Dance - Into the labyrinth..CD       R(4/93):8/10      
Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser..CD     No(4/96):7/10        
Dead Can Dance - Toward the within..CD       R(1/95):3/10      
Dead Eyes Open - In times like these..LP/CD M:6/10 N(11/91):4/5          
Dead Souls Rising - Ars magica..CD     No(4/96):6/10        
Dead Souls Rising - Ars magica..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 8/10
Dead Voices On Air - Shap..CD     No(4/96):4/10        
Dead Voices On Air/Not Breathing - A fire in the Bronx zoo..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Death Ambient - Death ambient..CD             Si18:8/10
Death Ride 69 - Screaming down the gravity well..CD             Si20:8/10
Death Ride 69 - Screaming down the gravity well..MCD             Si19:8/10
Deathline International - Zarathoustra..CD       R(4/95):5/10      
Decoryah - Fall-dark waters..CD       R(2/96):1/10     Si19:8/10
Decree - Wake of devastation..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Deep Eynde, the - City lights..CD             Si18:5/10
Deine Lakaien - Acoustic..CD       R(4/95):5/10      
Deine Lakaien - Forest enter exit..CD       R(5/93):7/10      
Deine Lakaien - Winter fish testosterone..CD       R(1/96):4/10     Si18:9/10
Deisix - Act one:sacrifice..CDS         S(vå/98):2+/5    
Delay - An altered state of consciousness..CD             Si18:7/10, 6-7/10
Delay - Underdogs..CD       R(1/95):3/10      
Delay - Working in the factory..CDM       R(2/94):4/10      
Delerium - Karma..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Delerium - Semantic spaces..CD       R(2/94):9/10      
Delerium - Spheres..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Delta Files - Acpklenc..12"             Si19:8/10
Delta Files - Body bags..CD             Si19:8/10
Delusive Smiles - In the land of shadows..12" M:6/10 N(8/91):1/3          
Depeche Mode - In your room..CDM M:8/10     R(1/94):8/10      
Depeche Mode - Songs of faith and devotion live..CD M:6/10     R(5/93):8/10      
Depeche Mode - Ultra..CD M:10/10     R(2/97):9/10      
Depeche Mode - Useless..CDM         S(V/97):3+/5    
Depeche Mode - World in my eyes..7"/12"/CDM M:7/10 N(8/91):3/3          
Derriere le miroir..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Desire - Assembled forever..CD       R(2/97):2/10      
Deus Ex Machina - Videohiperestesia..CD             Si18:6-7/10, 7-8/10
Deutsch NeP.A.L. - Gelobnis/Dentist environmental..7"             Si21:7-8/10
Deutsch Nepal - Benovolence..CD       R(5/93):8/10      
Deutsch Nepal - Comprendido!…Time stop!…and world ending..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
Devoid - Emotional greed..CDM M:3/10     R(2/94):2/10      
Devoid - Songs of mass destruction..CD       R(2/94):5/10      
Dhi - Pressures collide..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Diabolos Rising - Blood vampirism & sadism..CD             Si18:5-6/10, 5/10
Diamanda Galas - Malediction and prayer..CD       R(1/98):6/10 S(s/98):3+/5    
Diamanda Galas - Plague mass..CD   N(12-13/91):5/5          
Diamanda Galas - Schrei X..CD       R(1/97):1/10      
Diary Of Dreams - Cholymelan..CD       R(1/95):5/10      
Diary Of Dreams - End of flowers..CD             Si20:8-9/10
Diesel Christ - Diesel mode 97..CD       R(3/97):1/10      
Digital Factor - On demand..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Digital Factor - Relationchips..CD             Si18:9/10, 8/10, 9/10
Digital Poodle - Noisea 1987-1994..CD       R(3/95):4/10      
Disjecta - Looking for snags:here..MCD             Si18:7/10
Distain - Liquid..CD       R(1/97):6/10     Si20:8-9/10, 8/10
Distant Locust - Chemical wedding feast..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Dive - Extended play..CD       R(1/95):2/10      
Dive - Grinding walls..CD       R(1/96):2/10      
Dive - No pain - no game..CD       R(1/95):1/10      
Dive - Reported..MCD             Si19:8/10, 7/10
Dive - Scraping Tokyo 95..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 9/10
Doris Days - Live in Poland..CD       R(1/97):8/10      
Dorsetshire - Herz aus Stahl..CDM             Si20:7/10
Double Muffled Dolphin - The lions are growing..CD             Si20:6/10
Doubting Thomas - The infidel..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):4/5          
Downes, Geoffrey - The light program..CD             Si19:5/10
Download - Furnace..CD M:5/10     R(4/95):3/10      
Download - Microscopic..MCD       R(4/95):3/10      
Download - Sidewinder..MCD       R(2/96):2/10      
Download - Sidewinder..MCD             Si19:4-5/10, 5-6/10
Download - The eyes of Stanley Pain..CD     No(4/96):8/10 R(2/96):2/10     Si19:8-9/10
D-Pressiv - Gefallener Engel..CD             Si20:6-7/10
D-Pressiv - Weg ohne Wiederkehr..MCD       R(3/97):4/10      
Drain - Serve the shame..MCD       R(4/95):8/10      
Drama Asylum - 1994-the black album..CD       R(3/95):5/10      
Drama Of The Spheres - Usual things..CD             Si19:8/10
Dreadful Shadows - Buried again..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Dreadful Shadows - Estrangement..CD       R(1/94):8/10      
Dreadful Shadows - Homeless ep..MCD       R(3/95):7/10      
Dreadzone - Biological radio..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Dream City Film Club - If I die I die..CDM             Si20:6-7/10
Dreamside, the - Apaika..CD             Si19:8/10, 7-8/10
Drive Blind - Be a vegetable..CD             Si20:0/10
Dronning Maud Land - Maelstrom..CD       R(1/95):6/10      
Drown For Resurrection - Another failed legend..CD       R(4/93):6/10      
Drunkness - Area 51..CD             Si19:9/10, 7/10
Drunkness - One of 200.000.000..MCD             Si21:8/10
DSB - Don´t say that, you´ll believe it..CD             Si20:0/10
Dubstar - Goodbye..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Dunkelheit - Obey..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Dust Of Basement - Regress..MCD       R(4/95):8/10      
Dust Of Basement, the - Words of God..CDM             Si20:9/10
Dörge, Christian - Antiphon..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Eat Static - Science of the gods..CDM         S(vå/98):3+/5    
Eco - Das Album..CD             Si18:9/10, 9/10
E-craft - Die Stahl AG..CD             Si20:8-9/10
E-craft - Die Stahl ep..CDM             Si20:7/10
Edera - Ambiguous..CD             Si20:7/10
Einstürzende Neubauten - Ende neu remixes..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Einstürzende Neubauten - Ende Neu..CD M:7/10   No(4/96):7/10 R(1/97):9/10      
Einstürzende Neubauten - Faustmusik..CD       R(1/96):4/10     Si18:5-6/10
Einstürzende Neubauten - Strategies against architecture II..2LP/CD   N(11/91):4/5          
Electric Hellfire Club, the - Calling Dr. Luv..CD       R(2/97):3/10      
Electronic - Electronic..LP/CD M:5/10 N(11/91):4/5          
Electronic - Raise the pressure..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Elegant Machinery - Degraded faces..LP/CD M:6/10 N(12-13/91):3/5          
Elegant Machinery - Fading away..CDM         S(s/98):4/5    
Elegant Machinery - Hard to handle..CDM       R(4/93):8/10      
Elegant Machinery - Myself with you..CDM             Si20:7-8/10
Elegant Machinery - Repressive thoughts..CDS       R(1/94):8/10      
Elegant Machinery - Safety in mind..7"   N(8/91):3/3          
Elegant Machinery - Watching you..CDM       R(3/95):7/10      
Elegant Machinery - Yesterday man..CD M:8/10     R(1/97):5/10     Si20:7-8/10
Elektric Music - Electric music..CD       R(1/98):4/10      
Elend - Lecons des ténèbres..CD             Si18:7/10
Eleven Shadows - Caro mio ben..MCD             Si18:8-9/10
Empirion - Advanced technology..CD             Si21:9-10/10
Empyrean - Of faithless men and fallen kings..CD       R(1/95):6/10      
Encounter - Automobile..CDM         S(s/98):3/5    
Encounter - Kontakt..CD       R(3/97):8/10 S(V/97):3+/5    
Endraum - Der blaue Kreis-remixe..CD             Si20:8-9/10
Endraum - In flimmernder Nacht..CD       R(1/94):6/10      
Endraum - Innerlichkeit..CD             Si18:9/10
Endura - Liber leviathan..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Enrapture - No heat so cold..CDM             Si18:9/10
Epilepsy - Rozois..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Equatronic - Shadowland..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Erasure - Cowboy..CD M:8/10     R(2/97):8/10      
Erasure - Erasure..CD M:8/10     R(4/95):8/10      
Escape, the - Anthem..CDM             Si21:7/10
Esplendor Geometrico - Kosmos kino..CD             Si19:7/10, 7-8/10
Esplendor Geometrico - Treinta kilometras de radio..CDM             Si21:7-8/10
Esplendor Geometrico/Most Significant Beat - Control remoto 1.0..CD             Si18:7/10
Estampie - Crusaders in nomine domini..CD             Si19:8-9/10
Estrange - A beginning..CD     No(4/96):5/10       Si20:6-7/10
Eternal Afflict - Jahweh koresh..CDM       R(5/93):5/10      
Eternal Afflict, the - Atroci (-me)ty..LP/CD   N(11/91):2/5          
Ether Bunny - Papa woody..CD             Si20:0-1/10
Etnica - Alien protein..CD             Si20:8-9/10
E-trax - Volume 1..12"   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Eva - Extra vehicular activity..CD             Si18:8/10
Ever Eve - Stormbirds..CD       R(1/98):8/10      
Everything But The Girl - Walking wounded..CD       R(2/96):8/10      
Evil´s Toy - Illusion..CD       R(1/98):7/10 S(V/97):5-/5    
Evil´s Toy - Morbid mind..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Evils Toy - Organics..CDM             Si18:9/10
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle - Innocence..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle - Pressure..CDM       R(2/95):7/10      
Faction - Dream on you..12"   N(8/91):1/3          
Faction - Heaven..LP/CD   N(9/91):3/3          
Fading Colours - Black horse..CD       R(3/95):7/10     Si18:8/10
Fading Colours - I´m scared of..CD       R(1/98):6/10      
Fading Colours - Lie..CDM       R(3/95):7/10      
Fading Colours - Time..MCD             Si20:9/10, 7-8/10, 9/10
Faith Assembly - My mortal beloved..CD       R(3/97):3/10      
Faith Assembly - Red ambition..MCD         S(vå/98):2+/5    
Falk, Lars - Lars Falk..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Fallen Apart - Resistance dependance defeat..CDM             Si21:7/10
Fat - Hit..CD   N(12-13/91):3˝/5          
Fear Factory - Demanufacture..CD       R(3/95):3/10      
Fear Of The Storm - 1995..MCD             Si18:7/10
Fennesz - Hotel paral.lel..CD         S(vå/98):2+/5    
Fetish Park - Instinktverlust..CD             Si18:7/10
Feu Ma Mere - Seasons of mournful..LP   N(10/91):2/3          
Fields Of The Nephilim - Earth inferno..2LP/CD   N(11/91):4/5          
Fiend - Caledonian cosmic..CD         S(s/98):3/5    
Fiend - Caledonian gothic..CD         S(s/98):3/5    
Fight In´unity - Technical mind..MCD       R(5/93):4/10      
Filter - Short bus..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Fini Tribe - Grossing 10K..LP/CD   N(8/91):3/3          
Fishtank (no.9) - Itself..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Float - Against the tide..CDS M:8/10       S(V/97):4-/5    
Float - Patience..CD M:7/10     R(3/97):6/10 S(V/97):4/5    
Flowers Of Romance - Pleasure and the pain..CD       R(2/95):7/10      
Fluke - Risotto..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
FM Einheit - Stein..LP   N(10/91):3/3          
Foetus Symphony Orchestra, the feat. Lydia Lunch - York (first exit to Brooklyn)..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Foil - Ace of spades/High rise..CDM             Si18:7/10
Force Dimension - Kitty Hawk..CD       R(1/97):3/10     Si20:4/10
Form, die - Ad infinitum..CD       R(5/93):8/10      
Form, die - Corpus delicti..LP/CD   N(11/91):3˝/5          
Form, die - Duality..CD       R(1/98):5/10 S(vå/98):4+/5    
Form, die - L´ame electrique..CD             Si18:8/10, 7/10
Form, die - Savage logic..12"/CDM   N(9/91):3/3          
Form, die - Silent order re-versions..MCD             Si18:6/10, 7/10
Forma Tadre - Navigator..CD             Si20:8/10, 9/10
Fort, Bernard - Fractals..MCD             Si19:7/10
Fortification 55 - Atlantis..CD       R(1/94):8/10      
Fortification 55 - Heartleader..CDM             Si20:7/10, 7/10, 6-7/10
Fortification 55 - The doll..CDM       R(5/93):6/10      
Fortran 5 - Blues..CD   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Fracture - Killernet..CD             Si19:6/10
Fragmented - Knowledge of war..CD             Si19:5-6/10
Fret - Fret..12"             Si18:8/10
Friend - Hot rod..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Front 242 - 05:22:09:12 OFF..CD       R(4/93):6/10      
Front 242 - Angels vs animals..CD M:4/10     R(4/93):5/10      
Front 242 - Animal..12"/CDM       R(4/93):4/10      
Front 242 - Live code 5413356 424225..CD       R(1/95):8/10      
Front 242 - Mixed by fear..MCD   N(10/91):3/3          
Front 242 - Mut@ge mix@ge..CD       R(1/96):4/10     Si19:5/10, 4/10
Front 242 - Tragedy for you..7" M:6/10 N(8/91):3/3          
Front 242 - Tyranny for you..LP M:7/10 N(9/91):3/3          
Frontline Assembly - Colombian necktie..CDM         S(V/97):4/5    
Frontline Assembly - Comatose..CDM         S(s/98):2/5    
Frontline Assembly - FLAvour of the weak..CD M:6/10     R(3/97):3/10 S(V/97):5/5    
Frontline Assembly - Hard wired..CD M:8/10     R(4/95):9/10      
Frontline Assembly - Live wired..2CD M:7/10     R(1/97):6/10      
Frontline Assembly - Millenium..CD M:8/10     R(2/94):10/10      
Frontline Assembly - Millenium..CDM       R(2/94):8/10      
Frontline Assembly - Plasticity..CDM       R(1/96):6/10     Si18:9-10/10, 8-9/10
Frontline Assembly - Surface patterns..CDM       R(2/95):8/10      
Frontline Assembly - Total terror I..CD       R(5/93):5/10      
Frontline Assembly - Total terror II..CD       R(5/93):5/10      
Full Frequency - Drop down..CDM             Si21:6-7/10
Full Tilt - Past present future..CD         S(V/97):4/5    
Funhouse - Friends..CDM M:7/10     R(5/93):7/10      
Funhouse - Girls..CD       R(1/94):8/10      
Funker Vogt - Thanks for nothing..CD       R(2/97):4/10      
Funker Vogt - We came to kill..CD         S(vå/98):2-/5    
Future Sound Of London, the - Dead cities..CD       R(1/97):8/10      
Garbage - Stupid girl..CDM       R(1/96):9/10      
Garbage - Version 2.0..CD       R(1/98):8/10      
Garden Of Delight - Symbol and vision..CD             Si18:7/10
Garden Of Delight, the - Nava (4cd box)       R(5/93):7/10      
Garden Of Delight, the - Necromanteion IV..CD       R(1/95):7/10      
Garden Of Delight, the - Sargonid seal..CD       R(5/93):8/10      
Garden Of Delight, the - Shared creation..CDM       R(5/93):8/10      
Garden Of Delight, the - Symbol and vision..CD       R(1/96):4/10      
Garden Of Delight, the - The hell..MCD             Si19:8-9/10
Gathering, the - Mandylion..CD             Si18:9/10
Gene - Drawn to the deep end..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Gene - To see the lights..CD       R(1/96):10/10      
General Magic - Frantz..CD         S(vå/98):4/5    
Genitorturers - Sin city..CD         S(s/98):4+/5    
Gerrard, Lisa - The mirror pool..CD       R(4/95):6/10      
Gerrard, Lisa & Peter Bourke..Duality..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Gerstein - St Anthony´s fire..CD             Si20:5/10
Gescom - Key Nell..12"             Si20:9-10/10
Ghosting - Lips like red..CD       R(4/95):2/10      
Girls Under Glass - Die Zeit..CDM             Si18:5-6/10
Girls Under Glass - Firewalker..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
G-man - Kushti..CD             Si19:8/10
Godflesh - Songs of love and hate..CD     No(4/96):6/10 R(1/97):6/10     Si20:6-7/10
Goldie - Saturnz return..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Gravitar - Gravitaativaravitar..CD             Si19:5-6/10
Gravity Kills - Gravity kills..CD       R(2/97):9/10      
Greens Restaurant - Sömngångarnas motell..LP   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Greinke, Jeff - Changing skies..CD   N(8/91):3/3          
Gurumania - Der Electrolurch..CDM             Si18:6/10
Gwar - Rag na rök..CD             Si18:3-4/10
Götterdämmerung - A body and birthmark..CD       R(2/95):5/10      
Götterdämmerung - Purge..CDM             Si21:6-7/10
H.A.L.O. - Immanent..CD M:6/10     R(1/95):7/10      
H.A.L.O. - The fear grows..CDS M:9/10     R(1/95):9/10      
Hab - Mapod..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Hallucinogen - The lone deranger..CD         S(vå/98):3/5    
Hanzel Und Gretyl - Transmission from Uranus..CD       R(1/98):2/10 S(s/98):3+/5    
Happy Drivers - Indians..CD             Si20:0/10
Hardway, James - Welcome to the neon lounge..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Hate Dept. - Mainline ep..MCD             Si19:6/10, 7-8/10
Hate Dept. - Omnipresent..CD             Si19:6/10, 8-9/10
Haujobb - Cleaned visions..CDM             Si20:7-8/10, 8-9/10
Haujobb - Eye over you..CDM       R(2/94):9/10      
Haujobb - Frames ep..CDM       R(1/96):6/10      
Haujobb - Freeze frame reality..CD M:7/10     R(2/95):6/10      
Haujobb - Homes & gardens..CD       R(1/94):6/10      
Haujobb - Solutions for a small planet..CD       R(1/97):5/10      
Havoc - 319..CD M:7/10 N(9/91):3/3          
He Said Omala - Catch supposes..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
He Said Omala - Matching crosses..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Head On Fire - Nostalgia..CD       R(3/95):4/10      
Head On Fire - Sunrise..MCD       R(3/97):2/10      
Heaven 17 - Bigger than America..CD M:7/10     R(1/97):8/10      
Heavenside - Starless..CD             Si18:7/10
Heavy Water Factory - Author of pain..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
Hekate/Chorea Minor - The seventh sign..CD             Si20:9/10
Hellbent - 0.01..CD             Si19:7/10
Heroes Del Silencio - Avalancha..CD       R(4/95):9/10      
Heroes Del Silencio - El espiritu del vino..CD       R(4/93):10/10      
Hiller, Holger - As is..CD   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Hilmar + RN Hilmarsson - Children of nature..CD             Si18:9-10/10
Hoffnungslose Tanzer, der - Vor dem Abgrund..CD             Si20:5-6/10
Holylore - Sefiroth..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Honeymoons - The histrionic remixes..MCD       R(1/97):8/10      
House Of Usher, the - Succubus..CDM             Si19:7/10
House Of Usher, the - Zephyre..CD             Si20:8-9/10, 7-8/10
Hum - You´d prefer an astronaut..CD             Si19:8-9/10
Human League, the - Octopus..CD M:7/10     R(2/95):6/10      
Husiqueske - Green blue fire..CD             Si19:5/10
Hybryds - Atavistic Fetisc..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Hybryds - Ein phallischer Gott..7"             Si19:7-8/10
Hybryds - Mistrust authority promote decentralisation..LP             Si20:9/10
Hybryds - Music for rituals..CD             Si18:7/10
Hybryds - The ritual of the rave..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 8/10
Hyperdex-1-Sect - Metachrome..CD       R(2/97):4/10      
Hypnosis - Hypnosis..CD   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Hypnotic Device - Hypnotic device..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Ich, das - Destillat..CDM         S(vå/98):4/5    
Ich, das - Egodram..CD       R(1/98):8/10 S(vå/98):4/5    
Ich, das - Feuer..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
Ich, das - Satanische Verse..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
Ich, das - Staub..CD       R(1/95):7/10      
Ich, das - Stigma..CDM       R(2/94):7/10      
Idiot Stare - Blinded..CD             Si18:9/10
Igula-Thor - The wheels of the process..12"   N(12-13/91):2˝/5          
Ildfrost - Natanael..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Illuminate - Verfall..CD             Si20:9/10
Image Transmission - H.L.C..CD             Si19:8/10
Implant - Fun..MCD             Si19:7/10
Implant - Soft flesh/hard steel..CD             Si19:8/10, 8-9/10
In Absentia - Darkness..CD             Si18:8/10, 7/10
In Absentia - Deviance..CD       R(1/95):7/10      
In Die Ferne - Misogynia..MLP   N(9/91):2/3          
In Mitra Medusa Inri - Long forgotten world..CD             Si19:7/10
In My Rosary - Farewell to nothing..CD             Si20:6-7/10
In Slaughter Natives - In Slaughter Natives..CD   N(11/91):4/5          
In Strict Confidence - Cryogenix..CD       R(1/97):6/10     Si20:8-9/10, 9/10
In Strict Confidence - Face the fear..CD         S(s/98):4/5    
In The Nursery - Anatomy of a poet..CD       R(2/94):9/10      
In The Nursery - Asphalt..CD       R(1/98):5/10      
In The Nursery - Composite..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
In The Nursery - Deco..CD       R(2/96):3/10      
In The Nursery - Deco..CD     No(4/96):4/10        
In The Nursery - Hallucinations..CDM       R(2/94):3/10      
In The Nursery - Köda..CD       R(2/95):4/10      
In The Nursery - L´esprit..CD       R(2/95):3/10      
In The Nursery - Prelude 1983-1985..CD       R(2/95):8/10      
In The Nursery - Scatter..CD       R(3/95):9/10      
In The Nursery - Sense..CD   N(12-13/91):4/5          
In The Nursery - Stormhorse..CD       R(2/95):5/10      
In The Nursery - The cabinet of Doctor Caligari..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
In The Nursery - Twins..CD       R(2/95):7/10      
In The Woods - Heart of the ages..CD       R(3/95):3/10      
In Your Head feat. Bask - Warp 9.9751..MCD             Si21:0/10
Inaura - Soap opera (second version)..CDM             Si18:8-9/10
Inaura - Soap opera..CDM             Si18:7-8/10
Incept Date - Harem..CD             Si20:8-9/10, 8-9/10
Index - Faith in motion..CD       R(1/98):3/10      
Index - Sky laced silver..CD       R(1/96):2/10     Si18:8/10, 7-8/10
Indian Rope Burn - The big-bang payoff..CD             Si18:8/10
Individual Totem - S.E.T.I..CD             Si20:8/10
Indochine - Unita-the best of..CD       R(2/96):8/10      
Inducing The Pleasure Dreams - Radio moog 96..CDM             Si21:7/10
Inertia - Mind energy..CDM             Si19:8/10, 7-8/10
Inertia - Programmed to respond..CD             Si19:9/10
Infact - Go away..CD         S(s/98):2+/5    
Infam - I won´t lose my faith..7" M:3/10 N(9/91):3/3          
Infam - To die for..CD M:5/10     R(2/97):2/10      
Infam - Welcome idiots..CD M:5/10     R(1/96):2/10     Si19:8-9/10, 7-8/10
Infam - Void..CDM       R(3/95):4/10     Si18:7/10, 7/10
Informatik - Direct memory access..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Information Society - Don´t be afraid..CD       R(1/98):6/10      
Inkubus Sukkubus - Heartbeat of the earth..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Inkubus Sukkubus - Vampire erotica..CD       R(3/97):2/10 S(V/97):4-/5    
Insekt - Stress..12" M:6/10 N(9/91):2/3          
Inside - Room full of mirrors..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
Inside Treatment - Estate of insanity..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
Inside Treatment - Underneath my purple shades..CD M:4/10 N(12-13/91):4/5          
Insult That Made A Man Out Of Mac, the - Mutation puzzle..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Insurgent - System structure security..CD       R(1/94):8/10      
Interactive - The remixes..12"   N(12-13/91):2˝/5          
Intermix - Future primitives..CD       R(3/95):7/10      
Intermix - Intermix..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):4/5          
Internal - Dysfunctional subconscious..CD         S(vå/98):3/5    
Internal Fusion - Om vaira sattva hum..CD             Si19:7/10
Into The Abyss - The feathered snake..CD       R(4/95):4/10      
Invisible Limits - Violence..CD       R(4/93):6/10      
Ionic Vision - Prophecy..CDM             Si20:7/10, 6/10
Ionic Vision - Rage against the acoustic..CD             Si20:8-9/10
Is This Sickness? - Thoughts..CD             Si19:6/10
It - Era vulgaris..CD       R(2/96):4/10     Si19:7-8/10
Ivoux - Frozen..CD       R(1/98):7/10 S(vå/98):4/5    
Jacquy Bitch - Jacquy Bitch..CDM             Si18:9/10, 8-9/10
Jagd Wild - Come join the hunt..CD             Si20:6-7/10
Jaïa - Jaïa..12"             Si20:8-9/10
James Rays Gangwar - Third generation..CD       R(4/93):5/10      
Jarre, Jean-Michel - Chronologie..CD       R(4/93):8/10      
Jarre, Jean-Michel - Oxygene 7-13..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Jesus And The Mary Chain, the - Munki..CD       R(1/98):8/10      
Johnny Violent - Shocker..2CD             Si20:6/10
Johnson Engineering Co - Floorslammer..12"   N(8/91):3/3          
Joy Division - Permanent..CD       R(4/95):8/10      
Kaon - Random walk..CD             Si20:6/10
Ka-spel, Edward - Tanith and the lion tree..CD   N(12-13/91):3/5          
Kebabträume - Neural earthquake..CD             Si19:7/10
Keeler Walsh, Keith - The age of the inventor..CD       R(5/93):4/10      
Kent - Isola..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Kent - Verkligen..CD       R(1/96):9/10      
Kevorkian Death Cycle - Collection for injection..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Key, Cevin - Music for cats..CD       R(1/98):3/10 S(vå/98):4/5    
KieTheVez - Can´t see this..CDM M:8/10       S(V/97):4/5    
KieTheVez - Destinies..CDM       R(4/95):4/10     Si19:6-7/10
KieTheVez - Nothing I can do..CDM       R(2/95):5/10     Si19:6/10
KieTheVez - Opium..CD M:8/10     R(3/97):3/10 S(V/97):4-/5    
KieTheVez - Three empty words..CD M:6/10     R(2/94):6/10     Si20:6/10
Killing Joke - Democracy..CD M:7/10     R(2/96):6/10      
Kingdom Scum - Contaminating the thinking supply..CD       R(3/97):4/10      
Kirlian Camera - Schmerz..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Kirlian Camera - Your face in the sun..CDM             Si20:6-7/10
Kirlian Camera/Dive - Obsession..CDM             Si18:7/10, 5/10, 4/10
Klangkrieg - Klangkrieg..CD       R(5/93):6/10      
Kliché - Sky blue..CD       R(2/96):3/10     Si19:6/10, 5/10
Klinik - Stitch..CD       R(2/96):2/10     Si19:6/10
Klinik - To the knife..CD       R(2/95):3/10      
Klinik, the - States..CD   N(11/91):4/5          
Klinik, the - Time..LP/CD   N(9/91):3/3          
Klute - Excel..MCD     No(4/96):1/10        
Klänge - Green Mars..CD             Si19:5-6/10
KMFDM - Godlike..12" M:7/10 N(8/91):3/3          
KMFDM - Juke-joint Jezebel..CDS       R(3/95):9/10      
KMFDM - KMFDM..CD M:8/10     R(3/97):9/10      
KMFDM - Naive..LP/CD   N(8/91):2/3          
KMFDM - Nihil..CD       R(3/95):8/10      
KMFDM - Xtort..CD M:8/10     R(1/97):8/10      
Komputer - Komputer ep..MCD       R(2/96):1/10      
Komputer - Looking down on London..12"             Si21:9-10/10
Komputer - The world of tomorrow..CD       R(1/98):5/10 S(V/97):3+/5    
Komputer - Valentina..CDM         S(vå/98):4/5    
Koop - Sons of Koop..CD       R(3/97):9/10      
Koza - Species of lust..CDM             Si20:6/10
Kraftwerk - The mix..2LP/CD   N(11/91):5/5          
Krankheit Der Jugend - Giftsucht..CDM             Si20:5-6/10
Kriegbereit - A forest..CDM       R(5/93):6/10      
Krupps, die - 91-81 past-forward..CD   N(12-13/91):4/5          
Krupps, die - Bloodsuckers..CDM       R(1/95):4/10      
Krupps, die - Crossfire..CDM M:6/10     R(2/94):6/10      
Krupps, die - Fatherland..CDM       R(4/93):7/10      
Krupps, die - Germaniac..12"/CDM   N(9/91):3/3          
Krupps, die - III-odyssey of the mind..CD M:7/10     R(3/95):5/10      
Krupps, die - II-the final option..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Krupps, die - Paradise now..CD M:2/10     R(2/97):2/10      
Krupps, die - The final remixes..CD M:8/10     R(2/94):7/10      
Krupps, die - To the hilt..CDM M:6/10     R(1/94):8/10      
Krupps, die vs Frontline Assembly - The remix wars vol. 2..MCD M:7/10   No(4/96):3/10 R(1/97):7/10     Si20:7-8/10, 8/10
L.I.N. - WEK..CDM             Si20:8-9/10
La Costa Rasa - Autopilot..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
La Floa Maldita - L´oasis..MCD             Si20:9/10
La Nomenklatur - La légende des voix..CD             Si20:8/10
La Vogue - Rebirth of the century..CD       R(1/98):5/10      
Lacrimosa - Inferno..CD       R(2/95):3/10      
Lacrimosa - Stolzes Herz..CDM             Si21:7-8/10
Lady Besery´s Garden - Perceptions..CD             Si20:7/10
Lagowski - Prismatic..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Lagowski - Wire science..CD       R(2/95):6/10      
Laibach - Jesus Christ superstars..CD       R(1/97):5/10      
Laibach - M.B. December 21, 1984..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
Laibach - Nato..CD M:5/10     R(1/95):7/10      
Laibach - Occupied European Nato tour 1994-1995..CD/VID     No(4/96):4/10 5/10       Si20:9/10
Lake Of Tears - Headstones..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
Lard - Pure chewing satisfaction..CD       R(3/97):4/10      
Lassigue Bendthaus - Matter..LP/CD   N(11/91):3/5          
Lassigue Bendthaus - Render..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
Last Dance, the - Tragedy..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Latex Empire - Waveland..CD       R(3/97):5/10      
Laura Effect - Comes with love..CDM             Si19:7/10
Law Of The Dawn - Stories about shadows and lights..CD             Si18:7/10
LCD - Heavy rockets..CD       R(2/96):6/10      
Le Syndicat - Maximalist..CD             Si18:7-8/10, 8/10
Leaether Strip - Anal cabaret-a tribute to Soft Cell..MCD       R(1/98):7/10      
Leaether Strip - Object V..12"/CDM   N(12-13/91):3˝/5          
Leaether Strip - Positive depression..CDM       R(1/95):5/10      
Leaether Strip - Science for the satanic citizen..MLP   N(8/91):2/3          
Leaether Strip - Self-inflicted..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
Leaether Strip - Serenade for the dead..CD       R(2/94):2/10      
Leaether Strip - The best of..CD M:7/10     R(2/96):4/10     Si19:7-8/10
Leaether Strip - The legacy of hate and lust..CD       R(4/95):6/10     Si18:8-9/10, 8/10, 7-8/10
Leaether Strip - The rebirth of agony..CD             Si20:9/10
Leaether Strip - Underneath my laughter..CD       R(5/93):7/10      
Left Hand Solution - Fevered..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Legendary Pink Dots - The Maria dimension..LP/CD   N(10/91):3/3          
Les Jumeaux - Cobalt..CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Leviathan - Illusions of life in the womb..CD             Si20:6-7/10
Liederkranz, der - Die Rache der Yars..CD       R(4/93):5/10      
Life´s Addiction - Inner shade..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Lights Of Euphoria - Beyond subconciousness..CD       R(2/96):3/10     Si19:8/10, 7-8/10
Lights Of Euphoria - Brainstorm..CD       R(2/95):1/10      
Lights Of Euphoria - Violent world..CDM       R(1/95):4/10      
Lille Roger - Golden shower..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Limbo - Sein und Zeit..CD             Si19:7/10
Lin - 00 mind..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Lionrock . An instinct for detection..CD       R(2/96):7/10      
Lobe - Lobe..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Logic/Naive - Someone else´s..CDM       R(5/93):5/10      
London After Midnight - Kiss..CDM             Si18:8/10, 7/10
London After Midnight - Psycho magnet..CD             Si20:8-9/10
Los Mas Turbados - Recuendos de lachancia..CD             Si20:0/10
Lost Image - Madness..CDM       R(5/93):7/10      
Lost Image - The concept of evil..CD       R(4/93):4/10      
Lost Souls - Close your eyes and it won´t hurt..CD       R(1/97):5/10      
Low 948 - Paccarisca..CD             Si18:5/10
Love Like Blood - Exposure..CD       R(4/95):9/10      
Love Like Blood - Flood of love..CDM       R(4/93):7/10      
Love Like Blood - Love like blood ep..MCD       R(1/98):6/10 S(vå/98):4-/5    
Love Like Blood - Odyssee..CD M:6/10     R(1/94):6/10      
Love Like Blood - Stormy visions..CDM       R(5/93):7/10      
Lucie Cries - Nihil ex nihilo..CD             Si19:8/10, 7-8/10
Ludo X - Ludo X..CD       R(1/96):7/10      
Lush - Lovelife..CD       R(2/96):6/10      
M.A.C. Of Mad - M.A.C. Of mad..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Maat - Ya tik aa..CD             Si19:7/10
Machinenzimmer 412 - Macht durch Stimme..CD   N(11/91):2˝/5          
Macrocosmica - Ad astra..CD         S(s/98):2/5    
Madre Del Vizio - All around..CDM             Si21:7-8/10
Maeror Tri - Exorbitant..7"             Si20:7-8/10
Magenta - Periode..CD         S(s/98):3+/5    
Malaise - Fifty-two ways..CD M:7/10     R(1/96):6/10     Si19:9-10/10, 8/10
Malaise - Secession..MCD M:8/10     R(5/93):7/10      
Man With No Name - Moment of truth..CD       R(2/96):3/10      
Manipulation - Sens-e-sation..CD             Si18:6-7/10, 6/10
Manufacture - Voice of world control..LP   N(10/91):3/3          
March Violets, the - The botanic verses..CD       R(1/94):6/10      
Marilyn Manson - Sweet dreams..CDM             Si21:8/10
Martin Rev - Marvel..CD             Si19:5/10
Maschine, die - Genetic escalation..CD       R(3/95):1/10      
Massive Attack - Mezzanine..CD       R(1/98):8/10      
Master´s Hammer - Slagry..CD             Si18:2/10, 4/10
Mastertune - Any crusade..MCD       R(1/97):3/10      
Mazarine Bleu - Definition..CDM             Si18:6/10
Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche out..12"   N(9/91):3/3          
Meat Beat Manifesto - Subliminal sandwich..CD       R(1/97):4/10      
Meathead - Bored stiff..CD             Si19:5/10
Meathead - Dick smoker..CDM       R(1/95):1/10     Si19:6-7/10
Meathead and Cop Shoot Cop - Kill a cop for Christ and bring us his head..CDM             Si20:7/10
Meathead and Pain Teens - Fill the Texas pancake with your worst fears..7"             Si20:5-6/10
Medicine Rain - Native..CD       R(1/95):5/10      
Megaton - …superior..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Mellonta Tauta - Fishes..CDM             Si18:7/10
Mental Destruction - Straw..CD       R(1/97):3/10      
Mental Destruction - The intensity of darkness..CD   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Mentallo & The Fixer - Burnt beyond recognition..CD       R(3/97):4/10      
Mentallo & The Fixer - Continuum..CD             Si18:7-8/10
Mentallo & The Fixer - Where angels fear to tread..CD       R(1/94):4/10      
Mephisto Waltz - Thalia..CD       R(4/95):5/10      
Mercantan - IX..CD             Si18:3-4/10
Meridian - Sundown empire..CD             Si20:7/10
Merry Thoughts, the - Millennium done 1: empire songs..CD       R(1/94):8/10      
Merry Thoughts, the - Pale empress..CDM       R(5/93):7/10      
Merry Thoughts, the - Psychocult..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
Mesh - Fragile..MCD M:8/10     R(4/95):8/10      
Mesh - Fragmente..CD         S(s/98):4/5    
Mesh - In this place forever..CD M:8/10   No(4/96):6/10 R(1/97):9/10      
Metallhundarna - Dogs on distortion..CDM       R(4/93):5/10      
Mikulic, Boris - Break free..12"   N(9/91):2/3          
Mikulic, Boris - Philia phobia..CD   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Mimic Mind - Plunder for profit..CD             Si18:5-6/10, 4/10
Mind Drop - Side of mine..CD             Si20:6/10
Mine - Mine..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Ministry - Filth pig..CD       R(1/96):8/10      
Ministry - Jesus built my hotrod..12"   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Mion, Philippe - Confidence..CD             Si18:8-9/10
Misery Loves Co - Misery loves co..CD       R(1/95):7/10      
Misery Loves Co - Not like them..CD       R(3/97):2/10      
Misery Loves Co - Private hell..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Misery Loves Co. - Happy?..MCD             Si19:8/10
Mission, the - 1..CDM       R(1/95):3/10      
Mission, the - Afterglow..7"/12"/CDM       R(1/94):3/10      
Mission, the - Grains of sand..LP/CD M:6/10 N(11/91):2˝/5          
Mission, the - Neverland..CD M:7/10     R(2/95):5/10      
Mission, the - Sum and substance..CD M:8/10     R(1/94):6/10      
Mission, the - Swoon..7"/12"/CDM       R(2/95):3/10      
Mission, the - Tower of strength..7"/12"/CDM       R(1/94):3/10      
Mist Of Avalon, the - The mist of Avalon..CD         S(s/98):4/5    
Mittageisen - Alles ist anders…nichts hat sich geändert..CD             Si18:6/10
MK Ultra, the - This is this..CD       R(2/94):8/10      
MKB - Live..CD             Si20:0/10
Mnemonic - Weapons?..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Mo Boma - Myths of the near future - part 3..CD             Si19:7/10
Mobile Homes - Mobile homes..CD M:5/10     R(1/98):4/10      
Mobile Homes, the - Afraid..7"   N(10/91):2/3          
Mobile Homes, the - Meanwhile..CD       R(1/95):4/10      
Mobile Homes, the - Nothing but something..LP/CD M:7/10 N(11/91):3˝/5          
Mobile Homes, the - Turn off the silence..CDS       R(1/95):6/10      
Moby - Animal rights..CD       R(1/97):4/10      
Mono - Formica blues..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Monomorph - Subject to electronic control..CD             Si19:5-6/10
Moon Lay Beneath A Cloud feat. Deutsch Nepal - A night in fear..MCD             Si21:8/10
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, the - Were you of silver, were you of gold..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Moon Seven Times, the - The moon seven times..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Moonchild - Lunatic dreams..CD       R(2/94):6/10      
Moonchild - Third..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Moonspell - Irreligious..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Moonspell - Sin/pecado..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Moor, the - Every pixie sells a story..CD       R(5/93):3/10      
Morcheeba - Big calm..CD       R(1/98):8/10      
Mordex PSI - Analogie..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Morrison, Patricia - Reflect on this..CD       R(1/95):6/10      
Morrissey - Maladjusted..CD       R(3/97):7/10      
Morrissey - Southpaw grammar..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
Mors Syphilitca - Mors syphilitica..CD             Si20:8/10
Mortal Memories - Funeral icecream..CD       R(1/95):7/10      
Morthound - The godess who could make the ugly world beautiful..CD       R(1/95):5/10      
Morthound - This crying age..CD   N(12-13/91):3˝/5          
Mortiis - Crypt of the wizard..CD             Si20:8/10
Most Significant Beat/Dosezero - Control remoto 2.0..CD             Si18:5-6/10
Mother Destruction/Sixth Comm - Pagan dance..CD       R(1/95):8/10      
Moulin Noir - What´s up now?..CD       R(5/93):7/10      
Multiple Insertions - Sweat engine..CD             Si18:7/10
Mulu - Smiles like a shark..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Murphy´s Law - Dedicated..CD             Si20:0/10
Mussolini Headkick - Blood on the flag..LP/CD   N(8/91):2/3          
Mussolini Headkick - No sacrifice..12"/CDM       R(2/94):2/10      
My Dying Bride - I am the bloody earth..12"/CDM       R(1/94):9/10      
My Dying Bride - Like gods of the sun..CD       R(1/97):6/10      
My Dying Bride - The angel and the dark river..CD       R(3/95):10/10      
My Dying Bride - Trinity..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
My Dying Bride - Turn loose the swans..CD       R(5/93):9/10      
Mystery Plays - Occasus..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Naked Apes, the - Back to civilization..CD       R(4/93):6/10      
Nasa - Echoes down the hall..CD       R(1/98):7/10 S(s/98):4-/5    
Nasa - In the mist of time..CD M:5/10 N(10/91):3/3          
Near Death Experience - Gloria, laus et honor..CD             Si20:6/10
Nearly God - Nearly God..CD       R(2/96):7/10      
Necrophilistic Anodyne - Drown..into this day..CD       R(2/94):5/10      
Necrophorus - Underneath the spirit of tranquility..CD             Si18:8/10
Nefilim - Zoon..CD M:7/10     R(2/96):6/10      
Neon Judgement, the - At devil´s fork..CD       R(2/95):5/10      
Neotek - Brain over muscle..CD             Si18:9/10, 7/10
Neuroactive - Morphology..CD       R(1/95):5/10      
Neuroactive - Neuron..CDM             Si18:8-9/10, 8/10
New Mind - Forge..CD       R(2/97):6/10      
New Mind - Fractured..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
New Order - The best of..CD       R(1/95):8/10      
New Order - The rest of New Order..CD       R(4/95):3/10      
Neverwood - Melodrama overdose..CD         S(V/97):3/5    
Nightingale - The breathing shadow..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Nightmare Lodge - Luminescence..CD             Si19:9/10
Nine Inch Nails - Closer to God..CDM       R(2/94):3/10      
Nine Inch Nails - Further down the spiral..CD       R(3/95):4/10      
Nine Inch Nails - The downward spiral..CD M:8/10     R(1/94):8/10      
Nitzer Ebb - As is..12"/CDM M:9/10 N(11/91):4/5          
Nitzer Ebb - Big hit..CD M:9/10     R(2/95):7/10      
Nitzer Ebb - Ebbhead..LP/CD M:8/10 N(12-13/91):4/5          
Nitzer Ebb - Fun to be had/Getting closer..12"/CDM M:8/10 N(8/91):3/3          
Njurmännen - Reality adventures..LP M:4/10 N(8/91):2/3          
No Comment - Eyes..MCD       R(2/94):5/10      
Noise Box - Monkey ass..CD       R(3/95):6/10      
Noise Box - The biginning..CD       R(3/97):1/10      
Noise Unit - Decoder..CD       R(3/95):3/10      
Noise Unit - Response frequency..LP/CD   N(8/91):3/3          
Noisex - Out of order..CD             Si19:7/10, 5-6/10, 6-7/10
Non - God & beast..CD       R(1/98):5/10 S(V/97):4+/5    
Nordenstam, Stina - Dynamite..CD       R(1/97):7/10      
Northern Territories, the - Midnight ambulance..CD M:8/10     R(2/94):7/10      
Northern Territories, the - Orange moon..CD M:9/10     R(2/97):7/10      
Northern Uproar - Northern uproar..CD       R(2/96):5/10      
Nosferatu - Legend..CD       R(1/94):2/10      
Nosferatu - Savage kiss..CDM       R(1/94):2/10      
Notstandskomitee - 731..CD             Si18:6/10
Novelty - Natural..CD       R(3/97):5/10 S(V/97):3/5    
Numan, Gary - Exile..CD         S(vå/98):3+/5    
Numan, Gary - Human..CD             Si20:7/10
Numb - Blood meridian..CD       R(1/98):8/10 S(V/97):3/5    
Numb - Fixate..MCD       R(1/94):3/10      
Numb - Wasted sky..CD       R(1/95):6/10      
O Yuki Conjugate - Equator..CD             Si19:7-8/10
O Yuki Conjugate - Sunchemical..CDM             Si19:8-9/10
Oil In The Eye - Filthy operations..12"/CDM   N(12-13/91):3˝/5          
Old - Formula..CD       R(1/96):6/10      
Omicron - Globetrotter..CD             Si20:8/10
On/Off - Rouge..CD             Si20:6-7/10
One Alone - Alone..CD             Si19:6/10
Oomph! - 3 + 1..CDM       R(1/95):7/10      
Oomph! - Defekt..CD M:7/10     R(3/95):3/10      
Oomph! - Ice-coffin..CDM             Si18:5-6/10, 6/10
Oomph! - Ich bin du..12"   N(12-13/91):2/5          
Oomph! - Sex..CDM       R(1/94):5/10      
Oomph! - Sperm..CD       R(1/94):6/10      
Oomph! - Unrein..CD       R(1/98):2/10      
Oomph! - Wunschkind..CD       R(1/97):3/10      
Opera Multi Steel - Days of creation..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 5/10
Optical - Optical..12"             Si21:7/10
Orange Sector - Flashback..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Orange Sector - Kids in America..MCD       R(2/94):3/10      
Orange Sector - Love it!..CD       R(2/97):1/10      
Ordo Equilibrio - Conquest, love & self preservance..CD       R(1/98):5/10 S(s/98):5/5    
Ordo Equilibro - The triumph of light..and thy thirteen shadows of love..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Origami Artika - Sondring..CD             Si18:7/10
Overflash - Silent universe..CD       R(1/97):5/10      
Overflash - Threshold to reality..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Overlords, the - Organic?..LP/CD   N(9/91):3/3          
Oxygiene 23 - Blue..CD       R(4/95):7/10      
Ozymandias - Isolement..CD             Si20:7/10
Pablo´s Eye - You have a yearning for perfection..MCD             Si19:6-7/10
Page - Bilmusik..CDM       R(1/94):4/10      
Page - Förlåt..CDM       R(3/95):7/10      
Page - Glad..CD M:8/10     R(4/95):8/10      
Page - Hallå(vart tog månbasen vägen?)..CD M:7/10     R(1/94):8/10      
Page - Helt nära..CD       R(1/98):4/10 S(vå/98):2/5    
Page - Hur så?..CD M:6/10     R(1/97):5/10      
Page - Jag väntar..CDS       R(4/95):5/10      
Page - Page..LP/CD M:9/10 N(12-13/91):4˝/5          
Page - Står i din väg..CDS       R(1/96):7/10      
Page 12 - Inside life..CDM             Si20:7/10, 7-8/10
Pal - Signum..CDM             Si20:8/10
Panasonic - Kulma..CD       R(2/97):4/10      
Panic On The Titanic - Noisome charm..CD             Si19:9-10/10
Panic On The Titanic - Recoil from nothing..CDM             Si19:7-8/10, 7-8/10, 7-8/10
Pankow - Pankow..CD       R(1/97):4/10     Si20:8-9/10
Pankow - Svobody..LP/CD M:5/10 N(11/91):4/5          
Paracont - Zoom..CD       R(2/94):2/10      
Paradigm - Soul flight..CDM         S(V/97):3-/5    
Paradise Lost - Draconian times..CD       R(3/95):9/10      
Paradise Lost - Icon..CD       R(5/93):10/10      
Paradise Lost - One second..CD M:7/10     R(3/97):8/10      
Paradise Lost - The last time..CDM M:6/10     R(3/95):7/10      
Passion Noire - More..CD             Si18:9/10
Patternclear - Beat supremacy..CD             Si18:8/10, 6-7/10
Pax - The power of pure intellect..CD       R(2/97):7/10      
Peace, Love And Pitbulls - 3..CD M:8/10     R(2/97):7/10      
Peace, Love And Pitbulls - Animals..CDM       R(2/94):3/10      
Peace, Love And Pitbulls - Red sonic underwear..CD M:7/10     R(2/94):5/10      
Peach Of Immortality - Talking heads '77..CD             Si20:1/10
Penal Colony - Multicoloured shades..CD       R(2/95):4/10      
Penitent - Melancholia..CD       R(2/96):4/10      
Pet Shop Boys - Discography..MC/CD M:8/10 N(12-13/91):4/5          
Petitgand, Dominique - 10 petites compositions familiales..MCD             Si21:6-7/10
Phallus Dei - Orpheus & Eurydice..CD             Si18:7/10
Philadelphia Five - Trilogy..LP/CD   N(9/91):1/3          
Philtron - No promises..CDM             Si20:7-8/10
Philtron - None..CD         S(vå/98):4-/5    
Phlegm - Ashes..2LP             Si20:5-6/10, 8-9/10
Photek - Modus operandi..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Pierrepoint - The being..CD             Si18:8/10, 6/10, 7/10
Pig - Praise the lard..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):4/5          
Pig - Wrecked..CD       R(3/97):9/10      
Pigface - A new high in low..2CD       R(3/97):6/10      
Pigface - Notes from thee underground..CD M:7/10     R(2/94):6/10      
Pigface - Spoon breakfast..MLP   N(9/91):2/3          
Pigsix 4 - I am the chemistry..CD             Si20:5-6/10, 8/10
Pineal Gland & Salt - Winterkälte - global pattern..7"             Si19:6/10
Pink Industry - New naked technology..CD             Si19:5/10
Pitch Shifter - Infotainment?..CD       R(2/96):4/10     Si19:9/10
Pitch Shifter -       R(1/98):3/10      
Pitch Yarn Of Matter - Signs in our minds..CD             Si18:8-9/10, 7/10
Pitch Yarn Of Matter - Strange body..CD             Si20:7-8/10, 6-7/10
Pixies, the - Trompe le monde..CD   N(12-13/91):4/5          
Pizzicato Five - Remix album: happy end of you..CD         S(s/98):2-/5    
Placebo Effect - Manipulated mind control..CD       R(2/95):3/10      
Placebo Effect - MCMLXXXIX-MCMXCV..CD             Si20:7/10
Plastic Noise Experience - Rauschen..CD       R(1/98):2/10      
Plastikman - Consumed..CD         S(s/98):3/5    
Plateau - Music for grass bars..CD       R(1/98):9/10      
Plea Of Guilty, the - 451 S.F.M.D..CDM             Si20:7/10
Poesie Noire - I didn´t ask..7"   N(10/91):2/3          
Poesie Noire - Marianne..LP/CD M:4/10 N(11/91):3˝/5          
Poesie Noire - Tabula rasa..CD   N(12-13/91):1/5          
Poesie Noire - Toulouse..7"/12"/CDM   N(9/91):3/3          
Poetry Of Shadows - Spheres of knowledge..CD             Si20:8/10
Portishead - Portishead..CD       R(3/97):8/10      
Pouppée Fabrikk - I want candy..CDM       R(5/93):4/10      
Pouppée Fabrikk - Portent..LP/CD M:2/10 N(12-13/91):3˝/5          
Pouppée Fabrikk - We have come to drop bombs..CD M:3/10     R(5/93):3/10      
Preachers Of Neverland, the - Incision..CDM       R(5/93):5/10      
Printed At Bismarck´s Death - Can dance..CDM       R(4/93):7/10      
Prodigy - Breathe..CDM             Si21:8/10
Prodigy - Smack my bitch up..CDM         S(V/97):4+/5    
Project Pitchfork - 10..CD       R(1/94):7/10      
Project Pitchfork - AO..CD       R(4/95):6/10      
Project Pitchfork - Ch´i..MCD             Si18:8/10, 9/10
Project Pitchfork - Chakra red..CD       R(2/97):8/10      
Project Pitchfork - Corps d´amour..MCD       R(3/95):8/10      
Project Pitchfork - En garde!..CDM             Si21:8-9/10, 7-8/10
Project Pitchfork - Renascence..CDM       R(2/94):9/10      
Project X - It´s all gone..CDM         S(vå/98):4/5    
Prophetess, the - The prophetess..CD       R(5/93):6/10      
Protoplasm - In partibus infidelium..CD             Si18:8/10
Psyche - Daydream avenue..LP/CD   N(12-13/91):3˝/5          
Psyche - Intimacy..CD M:6/10     R(1/94):5/10      
Psyche - Private desires ep..MCD       R(2/95):8/10      
Psyche - Strange romance..CD M:8/10     R(2/97):3/10      
Psyche . You ran away..CDM             Si20:7-8/10
Psychic TV - Cold blue torch..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Psychic TV - Trip reset..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Psychick Warriors Of Gaia, the - Exit 23..12"   N(10/91):1/3          
Psychopomps - Fiction non fiction..CD       R(1/98):4/10      
Psychopomps - Six six six nights in hell..CD       R(3/95):4/10      
Putrefy Factor 7 - Decay section..CD             Si20:6-7/10, 7-8/10
Putrefy Factor 7 - Regulation..CDM             Si20:7/10, 7/10
Pyogenesis - Love nation sugarhead..MCD             Si21:8/10
Qntal - Qntal 2..CD             Si18:9/10
Radigue, Eliane - Biogenesis..MCD             Si20:8/10
Rage Against The Machine - Evil empire..CD       R(2/96):6/10      
Ragewar - Backlash..CD             Si20:7-8/10
Rain On Bamboo - Suburban skirmish..CD             Si19:4/10
Raison D´être - In sadness, silence and solitude..CD       R(3/97):4/10      
Raison D´être -Within the depths of silence and phormations..CD       R(1/96):4/10     Si18:7/10
Rammstein - Sehnsucht..CD M:8/10     R(3/97):6/10      
Rational Youth - Cold war night life..CD M:9/10       S(vå/98):4+/5    
Rational Youth - Total rational!..CD       R(1/94):9/10      
Raw Novembre - Come in we´re open..CD             Si18:3-4/10
Ray, James - The best of James Ray´s performance & Gangwar..CD       R(2/96):10/10     Si20:6/10, 6-7/10
Razed In Black - Shrieks, laments and anguished cries..CD       R(1/97):3/10     Si19:7/10, 7-8/10, 6/10
Reactent To The Solution - Reactent to the solution..CD       R(1/98):6/10      
Rec - Rec..CD       R(2/95):3/10      
Recoil - Stalker..CDM         S(vå/98):4+/5    
Recoil - Unsound methods..CD M:7/10     R(3/97):9/10 S(V/97):4+/5    
Red Butt Closeup - Dead butt dreaming..CD         S(vå/98):2-/5    
Red Flag - Caveat Emptor..CD       R(1/98):7/10      
Regenerator - Every one follow..CDM       R(2/95):3/10      
Regenerator - Regenerator..CD       R(1/94):5/10      
Reich, Max - Moonstomp..CD             Si19:8-9/10
Relatives Menschsein - Die Ewigkeit..CD       R(4/93):5/10      
Remembrance - Oblivion..CD       R(1/97):3/10      
Remembrance - Oblivion..CD             Si20:7/10
Remyl - Bootsector..CD       R(4/93):7/10      
Renegade Soundwave - RSW 1987-1995..2CD     No(4/96):7/10        
Reptilicus - Temperature of blood..CD             Si18:6-7/10
Republica - Republica..CD       R(2/97):4/10      
Repulsa - Sexpig..CD             Si18:2/10
Restricted Area - Elle respire..CDM         S(V/97):4-/5    
Restricted Area - Ett gammalt bergstroll..CDM       R(2/94):7/10     Si19:7-8/10
Restricted Area - Explode..CD       R(1/97):5/10      
Restricted Area - Sex dream drive..MCD       R(2/97):3/10      
Return To Kafji - From darkest skies..CD             Si19:7-8/10
Revenge Of Nephthys - Crying time..CD       R(3/95):8/10      
Revolting Cocks - Linger ficken´ good..CD M:5/10     R(5/93):6/10      
Revolution By Night - Breathe..CD       R(1/96):6/10     Si18:5-6/10
Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, the - Paradis..MCD             Si18:7-8/10
Ride - Tarantula..CD       R(2/96):5/10      
Ringtailed Snorter - Look back in the mirror..CD         S(s/98):2+/5    
Romantic Vision - Built me a life..CDM         S(vå/98):3+/5    
Room 101 - Fragment..CDM             Si20:7/10
Rosetta Stone - Epitome ep..MCD       R(1/94):8/10      
Rosetta Stone - Foundation stones..CD       R(5/93):8/10      
Rosetta Stone - Hiding in waiting..CDM             Si21:7-8/10
Rosetta Stone - The tyranny of inaction..CD       R(2/95):8/10      
Rotten Beak (featuring Njurmännen) - Snö..CDM       R(1/95):7/10