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Macula lutea is the point of clearest vision at the centre of the retina. I have chosen this name for my homepage as my ambition is to present clear information about early intervention, education and rehabilitation of persons with a visual impairment without using excessive graphics like horses flying across the screen.


The font Verdana is choosen in order to improve the legibility. If you do not have Verdana installed you can download the font from Microsoft (available for Mac OS and Windows).


© Harry Svensson

You are free to make a link to Macula Lutea on your site. You are also free to publish part of Macula Lutea in print or electronic form as long as the source is clearly mentioned.


Macula Lutea is owned and operated by Harry Svensson, Co-ordinator of Research & Development at the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools in Sweden. The agency is in no way respomsible for the information presented on this site.

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