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A Tribute Page to 80's Culture; Synthmusic; Depeche Mode,
    Front 242, Kraftwerk&co; Black Celebration Album;                       song "Stripped".

"..To put it in words, to write it down..."
• Name: Leonardo
• Born: beginning of the 80's.
• Location: Stockholm, Sweden
• Occupation: Student
• Favourite Music : 80´s music, Synth, Synthpop, EBM, Baroque, Rococco.
• Favourite Group/Artist: Depeche Mode
• Favourite Tele Programs: Sit-coms, Documentaries, Cartoons&old children programs(80´s), 80's music videos.
• Favourite Sport/s: Soccer, Table Tennis, Badminton, Bowling.

I´m born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I was always a happy child and I still am. I´ve always had good grades in school, been keen on sports, been a nice and understanding  person. You could say that I´m the perfect kid, the only bad thing is that I don't  have the looks, or that I´m not good in some sports, or that I´m not so fond of parties(90´s-music-parties ;) ), or that I don´t like the spice boys, or that I don´t like the hanson girls, or that I don´t like backstreet girls, or that I don´t like Aqua, or that I don´t like that alanis boy, or that I don´t like gwen and his no doubt, or that I don´t like the neanderthals Oasis, or that I don´t like the _VERY_ original Puff Daddy, or that I don´t like the Tamagotchis, or that I don´t like the lovely kicker culture, or that I don´t like extremely educational channel of EMP-TV, or that I don´t li...:) But who cares...or..? ;) The 80´s and me
As I said earlier, I was always a happy kid, and when I look back in time, I remember the family parties that we used to have. Those parties were so special for me, because it was then when I was introduced to 80´s music, and that happened in the mid-80´s. It was then when it opened the doors of my heart to the best music ever- The Music Of The 80´s....ahhhhh...nostalgia... After that... I could shake loose on the dancefloor to such artists like Baltimora, A-ha, Eurythmics and etc.. I could(I could ;) ) break-dance to "Axel F" and other break-dance tunes. I could headbang to Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Europe, Twisted Sisters. Oh it was just smashing, the music was just fabulous for a little chap like me. I still dream of me, and I just can´t get enough of the 80´s music. After all, I was a little 15 when I re-discovered completely the magic of 80´s music. I sometimes wish that I could leave the 90´s music behind me in silence, hit the road on route 66, so that I could start a new life, anywhere even in a small town called Oberkorn. No! Even better- Christmas Island! :) There, in the great outdoors I could have my own secret garden, praying to my own personal Jesus... ...And watching the world in my eyes, now! Am I beeing introverted or...?

NOTE:  Don't take this story so seriously, you don't need to if you don't want, that is...

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Jag är en Synthare och Jag är stolt  ( Swedish )
Jag e en Synthare och Jag e stolt ( Stockholm Dialect )
I'm a Synthare and I'm proud ( English )
Yo soy un Synthare y Yo estoy orgulloso ( Spanish )
Io sono uno Synthare e Io sono fiero ( Italian )
Je suis un Synthare et Je suis fier ( French )
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