Roskilde Festival.

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To go to Roskilde Festival is something special. It's something diffrent from other festivals.
For example. You mostly never see any fights at Roskilde. One reason may be the high drug use, wich also gives the festival it's moody feeling.
It's also quite easy to find what you want at Roskilde. There is always good bands peforming, and you will find new bands that you like while walking around. The only really bad thing is that some of the distances is a little bit to long, though that doesn't matter when you walk around with a cold beer in your hand.

Roskilde99, was my first time.

Some tips that I learned from Roskilde99
*Bring 2 pair of shoes, you might loose one while diving into the mass.
*Don't be afraid of the cold mixed showers, it's too cold anyway.
*Take easy with alcohol, you may wake up without your waistband (ticket).
*Spend money at beer and such, but also have enough money for a big breakfast & dinner. I noticed this, when I was sharing 1 small "gasol kitchen" with 6 thughs, it took too long for meal, and I got all annoyed . So have money to buy yourself a good meal.
*And last, drink much water. I felt this 99 (first time anyway), when I had walked around all day, feelt dizzy and not fresh. I bought myself a bottle of cold water. I was paralyzed at the effect it had. I had not been drinking enough water.

The first 7 pic's shows some diffrent views of Roskilde99. Johan beeing sleepy, tight in his sleepingbag.
The 7 other shows diffrent concerts, including Skunk Anasie, R.E.M. and HammerFall.

Roskilde00, the second year at the festival

The festival was as you all maybe know effected by the deaths in front of the orange stage.
9 persons are now dead, because of the pressure they got from other festival visitors during the
Pearl Jam concert. It's a tradegy, we all know it. But the festival did went on.

This year I went by car, myself beeing the driver. The plan was to depart on Monday around
13.00 or so, but we left Gothenburg at 16.30, all to late. We halted in Copenhagen for some
important purchases. Got stuck there for about 1 ― hour or so. Later we got stuck at the Kastrup
island (the airport) for about 1 hour. So we arrived the Camp West parking area at about midnight.
It was to dark to set up the tent, so we slept (or tried to at least) in the car to 6 in the morning.

The Thuesday that followed was spent on buying beer and consume beer, and just chill out at the tent.
We meet a cool dude saying that the "Dallas Run" is tonight at 22.50. So why not, we joined in and
ran all over the camp with the Dallas theme in our hands. Later on we found some thugs with white
coats and plastic bags at their heads, they said they were going to dance samba all over the camp,
and so we did. Drumming against all kind of diffrent things to make the rythm flow. Got some good sleep
thanks to the beer consumed.

The Wednesday was spent in the same way. Go up with hangover, eat, drink, eat, drink, dance
somewhere where you find a stereo. I also remember we found a really cool guy with the same interest
as me (X-Files), he had this illuminating thing that made us stop and begin to talk. Coold dude, they are
all over Roskilde, the cool and strange dudes. Saw a play about Roskilde at the Camping area.
The actors were really good and I was very impressed by their skills.

At Thursday the festival area opened up with all it had to offer, stages, food, drinks, and all kind of other
strange things. Saw Juan de Marcosī Afro Cuban All Stars, Nine Inch Nails, Iron Maiden and Lok.
Nothing really special with those concerts. NIN was cool to see live, have 2 albums of them.

It had to be the second festival day (Friday) that I discovered the "Ballroom" stage, with artists like
Funkīnīlata and Sin Palabras. Last year I didn't spend any time at all near this stage, don't know why really,
but this year this stage was one of my best experiences at the festival. The mood of the artists and the way
they interact with their audience is so diffrent from the bands peforming at the bigger stages.
The second thing that I discovered this year was the Chill Out tent, I saw it last year, but it wasn't really as
attractive as it was this year. This year had a new DJ peforming every hour or so. With diffrent kind of chill-
out music, relaxed type of music. There was one time when I almost fell asleep.
I saw the 2 bands allready mentioned, and Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers, Kent (awsome as usual),
Travis (also very good, nice mood in the audience) and some bits of Pearl Jam.

We had some trouble to decide if going home or not. But we decided to stay. As the festival manager said,
the festival keeps on. It doesn't stop. Youssou Nīdour dedicated his concert to the people that died during
the Pearl Jam concert. Youssou Nīdour's concert was very warm and good itself with a feeling that life goes
on when you so sure it won't. There is always a hope. With his soft voice, he made us belive.

The first 3 pic's shows some views. With the Orange Scene, the pyramid and some canoers.
Next 4 picīs is taken at concerts. Kent is on the first 2. Then FunkīnīLata, with Henrik dancing at the stage.
The last 5 picīs shows: Jasper; The leader of the "Dallas Run", Jasper & Johan, Lina in front of orange scene,
me chilliīn in the chill-out tent, and finally Henrik in his basecamp.