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CD Underliga Vindar


last updated 1999-03-24


Underliga Vindar is an exciting mix of traditional swedish folk and folkrock/techno
small edition first released in late -95 and then done quite good in southern Sweden
   -98 still doing some progress spread not only at home but also to the USA


Underliga Vindar is a noncommercial CD production exclusively with my own independent distribution, but is also commercial available at some selected places. By order 17 USD including packing and postage all over the world.

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"Underliga Vindar" produced by Lennart C


Låt oss dansa

(24 sec, 195 kB)


Alfreds Reel

(26 sec, 210 kB)


Ursa Major (danslek)

(22 sec, 178 kB)


Vreta Kloster 1995

(29 sec, 202 kB)

Dance remixes - see  Nodus II on NordicEtnoDance page !

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© All copyrights are owned by Lennart C      

  The musicians on Underliga Vindar     More info...
    Underliga Vindar was recorded as a temporary association
    with the best musicians in my circle of friends.
    Ulrika and Magnus usually appears in the group Sågskära.
    Homestudio Recording
    Nordic Folk Music Instruments
The musicians on Underliga Vindar...   

         Joakim Josefsson:   fiddle

         Lennart Carlsson:   fiddle, nyckelharpa, vevlira, synthesizers,
         rhythms, recording & production - Spelman Lennart C

         Ulrika Gunnarsson:   vocals

         Jörgen Nyström:   fiddle, electric guitar, rhythms

         Magnus Gustafsson:   fiddle, vevlira, rhythms

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Lennart C Nodus Nordic Music - for your pleasure & inspiration

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