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updated 2006-12-11

Låtfiol Blekingelira Smålandsharpa 10-string mandola
1st nyckelharpa 1979 Moraharpa Madesjöhummel New!  
Nyckelharpa #1
(built in 1979)
  Sound preview: Slängpolska Sven Donat ~1780 (mp3 mono 26 sec 205 kB)
Sound preview: something new coming soon....
    My first nyckelharpa is still my favourite for chromatic playing in various keys !

It was built and finished in 1979 by myself and my father Sven Carlsson.
I´m usually playing this nyckelharpa with a "Fiddla Bow" that I bought instead of doing my own. This bow has then played an important part in developing my own playing style, and now I can´t play this nyckelharpa with another sort of bow...

The tuning is standard   a1-c1-g-c   but I also use a small piece of wood for fast turning the "big bass c" up to d - when playing in G or D modus.



As a good and playable instrument my first nyckelharpa is well used and has got some charming flaws...

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