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updated 2006-12-11

Låtfiol Blekingelira Smålandsharpa 10-string mandola
1st nyckelharpa 1979 Moraharpa Madesjöhummel New!  
Sound preview: Slängpolska från Småland (mp3 mono 15 sec 116 kB)  

The Blekingelira is a hurdygurdy from southern Sweden. This one was built by myself and finished in 1991. It is built with the original Blekingelira as the model, but with some smaller modifications on the string set and tone system. The result is an instrument that is easy playable together with other musicians and instruments of today.

    The melody string is cello A, aluminium on gut and tuned to D (d 1).
The first bourdone string is a clean gut string tuned to G (or A).
Then there is a "rattle" string for rhytmic accompaniment, also tuned to G (or A).
There are also two lower tuned bass bourdone strings, silver on gut, and tuned in D and G.
    I have preserved the old diatonic tone system, but with some added keys and some key positions moved for a cleaner tuning. For some keys the "leaf" that hits the string can be tuned between major and minor, and even the quarter interval can be used for playing with past-time scales.     Diatonic keys with tuning options...


With the D/G tuning the key is G (major or minor) with the base note on the 3rd key.  It is also possible to tune up or down various strings, for example C/G or D/A works well sometimes with the base note on the empty string.  Another option is to play in A minor from the 4th key and bourdones in A and E. However, it is not necessary to use all bourdone strings together, some tunes sound better if don´t playing with  "full register".   
            For more info and inquiries - please send an e-mail lennartc.nodus@swipnet.se
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