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updated 2006-12-11

Låtfiol Blekingelira Smålandsharpa 10-string mandola
1st nyckelharpa 1979 Moraharpa Madesjöhummel New!  
  Sound preview: Slängpolska från Skåne (mp3 stereo 20 sec 313 kB)
Sound preview: something new coming soon....
Låtfiol      This is a fiddle with two resonance strings, built in 1982 by norwegian fiddle maker Kåre Leonard Knudsen.  
     Fiddles with two or eight resonance strings were quite common in Sweden in the 18th century. Today this kind of fiddle most often is called  "låtfela" or "låtfiol".
Six screws - two for the resonance strings
     In conformity with the norwegian "hardingfele", the tuning is E A D A or E A E A in most cases. The resonance strings are usually tuned according to the current key. My own tunings could be A and F#, A and F or A and E.
     This instrument is a real favourite. It has a soft harmonics overtone spectrum perfect matching the sound from the resonance strings.
  Currently used strings are:  E  Pirastro Euduxa aluminium wound, A  Pirastro Eudoxa aluminum on gut, D  Pirastro Synoxa synthetic core, G  Pirastro Aricore synthetic core, Norwegian resonance strings - a mix for the sound that I want...
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