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This page will soon be updated with my recent computer related stuff...


I am now looking for a comprehensive and affordable update in my studio. For a few years I have not been so busy with my music production. I have mostly found myself playing with some nice ideas, that unfortunately have been left unfinished. However, I have always been very interested in the the current recording technologies. I have read reviews of new hardware as well as new software, and I have downloaded a lot of software demos. Now I have to make up for lost time and get my ideas up and running...

See my old page: Home Studio Recording (history)
See my old page: Home Studio Recording (recording tech notes)

    What´s my problem?

I prefer using a good combination of hardware and software. I have retained all of my good synths, sound modules and effect racks. Even my trusty old analogue reel-to-reel MTR will find some areas of use, analogue is still the best when recording some of my acoustic Nordic Folk Music Instruments.

But now I want to move into the new world of softsynths and DSP plugins, and I want a system with seamless integration between portable harddrive recording and my PC based setup. I also want a system for creative, musical and experimental work.

    Korg D16 - recording on location

Here is an overview of some of my favourite hardware and software....
More info will come at a future date: my personal descriptions and reviews....




PC (home built) PIII 1GHz, 512 MB, 40 GB+120 GB Windows ME :-) much faster than XP
Soundcards M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
Turtle Beach Tropez Plus (retro!!!)
Composing and arranging Roland MC-50 hardware sequencer
Korg D16 digital recording studio
Encore 3.0 (used earlier)
Finale 2002/2005, Cubase SX (1st release)
Beats & loops Roland MC-50, drum pads
Roland MS-1 phrase sampler
Beat Creator 3
Sonar 2 (good for Acid Wavs)
Tracking, sequencing,
song layout, song premixing
Korg D16 MTC sync to Cubase/Samplitude
Korg D16 as Cubase Controller

Cubase SX (1st release)
Digital Orchestrator Pro (for my old files)

VSTinstruments   Hosts: RTPlayer Xpress, Console,
Cubase SX (1st release), various plugins
Sampling   VSampler 2.7, Gigastudio 24 2.5
Various audio editors
Audio editor   Wavelab 4.0, Samplitude 6.0
Main mixing    Samplitude 6.0, various DX plugins
Mastering   Samplitude 6.0, CD Architect 5.0
            For more info and inquiries - please send an e-mail lennartc.nodus@swipnet.se
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