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Intel Processors contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
00-05-24 PIII 933 MHz PIII speed increases. (99-12-21: CNet, 00-02-15: ZDNet 00-05-24: Intel)
00-06-19 Mobile 750 Faster Mobile chips. (00-06-19: Intel)
00-07-18 Price cuts PIII 933: $669, 866: $465, 850: $455, 800: $292, 750: $262, 733: $219, 700: $214, 667, 650, 600: $193
Xeon 933/256: $719, 866/256: $515, 800/256: $425 (00-07-18: Techweb)
00-07-31 PIII 1.1GHz Faster Pentium III in Slot 1 package released at $990. (00-07-11: Register 00-07-18: Techweb 00-07-31: Techweb)
00-08-28 Price cuts PIII 933: $530, 866: $370, 850: $365, 800: $265, 750: $250, 700: $205, 700:$205. 
Celeron 700: 145, 667: $125, 633: $100, 600: $95
(00-08-28: Register)
00 Q3 1 GHz PIII 1 GHz available in volume. (99-12-21: CNet EET, 00-02-07: CNet)
00-09-25 Mobile 850 Faster Mobile chips. Will also be available in MicroPGA, meaning the socket is gone (00-06-17: Register 00-09-25 CNet Intel)
00-10-24 Itanium
The first processor coming out of the HP / Intel cooperation. Introduces the IA-64 architecture, using the EPIC (Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing) technology. IA-64 leaves the optimization work to the compiler but the compiled code includes information about inherent parallelism. This has the drawback of making compiled code more processor specific (optimization-wise), but reduces the need to fill the chip with logic to analyze and reorganize the code during runtime. It remains to be seen how Intel has been able to balance the architecture. It will also be IA-32 compatible in hardware, although later IA-64 products may use software translation. Merced will include a three level cache, adding a level-0 cache. 2 to 4 MB of L2 cache will be included.
Expected to include around 3 - 4 floating point units (for 3 G flops at extended precision, and 6 G flops at single precision) allowing for 6 - 8 parallel instruction for performance three times Tanner while the die size may run up to 300 mm2 using a 0.18 um process. Start at 800 MHz clock speed with a 128 bit bus in a MCM package most likely running at 200 (266?) MHz, providing a peak bandwidth of 3.2 Gb/s. Still uses PC100 memory. Priced between $1500 to $2000.  (98-11-16: C|Net, InfoWorld, 99-02-26: EETimes, 99-04-14: Techweb, 99-09-01: ZDnet, 99-09-07: EETimes, 00-02-07: CNet Register, 00-03-27: Techweb 00-04-03: Register 00-05-10: Intel Register EBN 00-07-17 Register 00-07-18 Techweb 00-08-05 SBN)
2000-10-29 Intel cuts Intel prices cut as follows: PIII 1G: $669, 933: $508, 866: $358, 850: $348, 800: $251, 750: $241, 733: $193, 700:$193, 600: $163, 550: $123  00-10-25:OC workbench
00-10-29 Price cut 1 GHz Pentium III priced at $450. (00-07-11:Register )
2000-11-20 Pentium 4 (Willamette) P6 enhanced for speed in a number of ways, for example added decoders, execution units, larger buffers, a longer pipeline, an "instruction trace cache", and on die L2 cache. Will according to Intel sources be around 30 - 50% faster than Deschutes at the same core speed. Starts at 0.18 um shrinking to 0.13 later while clock speed moves from around 1.4 GHz and up. The core runs at twice the clock speed and uses two ALUs. Uses a 400 MHz front side bus. Pricing 1.4 GHz: $625, 1.5 GHz: $795. Speeds up to 1.7 GHz in Q1 2001, and at or above 2 GHz in Q2. 98-10-11:C/Net 98-10-11:EDTN 98-10-11:InfoWorld 98-12-29:The Register 99-01-25:MPR 99-01-31:The Register 99-12-15:The Register 99-12-21:HardOCP 00-02-03:The Register 00-02-06:The Register 00-02-10:The Register 00-02-11:EBN 00-02-15:The Register 00-02-15:Intel 00-02-16:The Register 00-02-25:Intel 00-07-01:Intel 00-07-11:The Register 00-07-18:Techweb 00-08-21:EET 00-08-22:HardwareCentral 00-09-02:The Register 00-09-02:The Register 00-09-20:The Register 00-09-22:The Register 00-09-22:C/Net 00-09-28:C/Net 00-09-29:C/Net 00-10-10:C/Net 00-10-24:The Register 00-10-25:C/Net 00-10-27:EBN
01 Q1 Xeon 900 Xeon 866/256 and 900/2M introduced. (00-07-22: Register)
01 Q1 Foster Server chip based on Willamette (might be using the Merced bus) and a bus bandwidth of 3.2GB/s. Cache bandwidths: L2: 8GB/s, L1: 32 GB/s. Core frequency 1.5GHz and beyond. 256 KB L2 cache. (98-10-11: InfoWorld, C|Net, EDTN, 99-02-08: Intel, 99-03-23: EETimes, 00-07-22: Register)
00 Q4 Celeron 766 Faster Celeron. (00-07-11: Register)
00-11-XX Price cuts Pentium 4 1.3 GHz: $625, 1.4GHz: $795. (00-07-11: Register)
00-12 Mobile 900 Faster Mobile chips. (00-06-17: Register)
01 Q1 Celeron 800 Faster Celeron. (00-07-11: Register)
01 Q1 Timna The chipset, including graphics and audio support, will be integrated into the processor for low end systems. (98-11-16: CNet, 00-06-08: Register 00-08-30 Techweb 00-09-29 CNet)
01 Q2 Mobile 1GHz Mobile PIII based on the Tualatin 0.13 micron core speeds past 1 GHz. (00-07-12: Register 00-07-13: Register)
01 Prescott A Willamette core shrunk to 0.13 um with new memory interface making the chip 479 pin. (Probably replaced by or confused with Northwood) (00-07-06: Register)
01-10-XX Northwood Willamette core shrunk to 0.13 um starting at 2GHz. Uses a new socket with 478 pins. (00-08-11 Techweb)
01 H2 McKinley The second generation IA-64 chip, McKinley will likely start over 1GHz. HP is said to be more active in the development of this chip than it has been in Merced. Will roughly double Merced's performance. HP is expected to phase out their own 64 bit architecture in favor of IA-64 some time after this, while Alpha can be seen as one of the angrier competitors. A lower cost version for volume markets will be developed using the 0.13 um process in 2002. Samples available mid 2000.  (98-10-08: C|Net, 99-04-14: Techweb)
02 Copper Intel plans to use the copper technology from Motorola when the move to 0.13 um line size is made. (98-10-08)
02 Madison Copper based follow-up to McKinley. (98-10-16: C|Net ZDNet)
02 Deerfield First consumer IA-64 processor for mid-range servers and workstations. (98-10-16: C|Net, 99-04-28 Register)
03? Northwood IA-64 processor said to start at 3GHz. (As Northwood also is a name for a IA-32 chip this info is doubtful) (99-04-28 Register)

Other Processors contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
00-01-04 Athlon 800 800 MHz Athlon released.   (99-12-20: Register)
00 Q1 HP PA-8600 500 and 550 MHz versions expected.   (99-03-10: Register)
00-06-05 Duron AMD Duron up to 700 MHz released.   (00-06-05: AMD 00-06-19: Techweb)
00-06-05 Athlon 1GHz AMD Athlon formerly known as Thunderbird with on chip L2 cache up to 1 GHz introduced.   (00-06-05: AMD)
00-08-14 AMD price
New prices:
Athlon: 1000: $612, 950: $460, 900: 350, 850: $282, 800: $215
Duron: 700:$138, 650: $103, 600: $79  (00-08-07: Register, 00-08-14 Techweb
00-08-28 Athlon 1.1GHz Faster AMD Athlon released at $853.  (00-07-31: Techweb, 00-08-14 Techweb, 00-08-14: AMD, 00-08-28 Techweb, 00-08-28: AMD)
01 Q1 AMD Caspian 
Developed by AMD and Alpha for the EV6 bus.   (99-12-17: EBN 00-08-27: Register)
00 H2 Cyrix M-III Mojave Includes  256 kB cache on chip and a RAMBUS interface.   (99-08-13: Techweb)
00 Mid Alpha 1GHz Alpha 21264 @ 1 GHz released from Samsung.   (99-06-22: C|Net)
00 Q4 Transmeta 1GHz Faster Transmeta chip. (00-06-11: Register)
01 Q1 Via Samuel 2 New Via chip starting at 1GHz. The high end competition increases. (00-08-10: CNet)
01 Q1 Mobile Athlon AMD's Mobile Athlon (formerly named Corvette) speeds up to 1 GHz. Includes PowerNow II.  (00-07-12: Register 00-07-18: Register 00-07-31: Register)
01  AMD
AMD's 64 bit extension to IA-32. Uses "Lightning Data Transport" for internal traffic. (99-10-07: EETimes 00-08-10: Techweb AMD CNet EBN 00-08-25: EBN)
  Alpha 21364 EV7 Uses the EV6 core with on-chip L2 cache added. Supports "glueless" SMP, RAMBUS, etc.  (99-03-30: Register)
01 Q4 Alpha 21464 EV8 Also know as Arana. Available at 1.2 or 1.4 GHz, producing 200 SPECint 95.  (99-03-30: Register)
03 Alpha 21464 EV8 Also know as Arana. Available at 1.2 or 1.4 GHz, producing 200 SPECint 95.  (99-03-30: Register)

Chipsets contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
00 Q2 i815
(Solano 2)
The 815 name has moved from the 810E to this chipset, which is identical except it incorporates Coloma instead of Portola for graphics. Includes PC133 support and possibly USB 2.0. (99-04-05: Techweb, 99-11-08: Register, 99-12-21: HardOCP, 00-01-14: Techweb)
00 03 440MX 
Low cost chipset for the Basic Mobile PC and Celeron. Audio and modem functionality will be handled in software. (99-06-03: Register)
00 Q4 460GX 66MHz PCI based Chip set for Slot M (Merced) supporting 2 to 4 processors, AGP Pro and 64GB of RAM. (99-02-27: Yahoo, 99-09-01: ZDnet, 00-01-03: CRN)
01-Q1 Solano 2M Mobile version of Solano. (99-12-21: Register)
00 H2 Amador Identical to i815, except DDR-SDRAM support added. (Very unlikely)  (99-11-08: Register)
00 Q3 Timna IA-32 core, graphics unit, and Rambus memory controller. Aimed at low-end systems and set-top boxes (99-05-28: C|Net, EETimes, 99-08-24: ZDNet, 99-10-28: CNet, 99-12-21: CNet)
00 Q4 Colusa (i870) Chip set for up to 4 Foster processors. (98-10-11, 99-03-23: EET, 99-12-15: Register)
00 Q4 Tehama Chip set for Willamette. (99-12-21: HardOCP)
01 Via Apollo 
Pro 2001
Pentium 4 Chipset from Via supporting DDR-SDRAM. (00-07-19: Techweb)
01-05-XX Tulloch Low cost single channel chip set for Willamette and Prescott. Now eliminated. (00-05-08: Techweb, Techweb Techweb, 00-07-06: Register)
01-H2 Almador Low cost chip set with integrated graphics for Willamette. (00-09-11: EBN)
01 Q3 Brookdale Chip set for Willamette with SDRAM support. Includes the new ICH-3 hub featuring two ATA-100 ports and six USB 2.0 ports. (00-08-11: Techweb)
01 Q3 Tehama-E Chip set for Willamette. (00-08-11: Techweb)
02 Q2 New 
Chip set including the new ICH-4 hub supporting the new Serial-ATA disk drive interface. Both SDRAM and a RDRAM versions will be out.  (00-08-11: Techweb)

Intel Motherboards contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
00 Q2 Lion64 Server platform using 460GX and up to four Merced chips. Also known as Bigfoot (00-04-03: Register)

Graphics contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
99/00 Mont Blanc 3D chip for notebooks
00-04-26 GeForce2 GTS GeForce2 GTS or NV15 introduced. (00-06-28 NVIDIA NVIDIA)
00-06-28 GeForce2 MX Mobile version of the GeForce2 (00-06-28 NVIDIA)
00-08-01 Quadro2 MXR Workstation version of GeForce2 MX featuring 350 MHz RAMDAC, 400M pixels/s and 25 M triangles/s.  (00-08-01 Techweb)
00-08-01 Quadro2 Pro Workstation version of GeForce2 GTS featuring 350 MHz RAMDAC, 1G pixels/s and 31 M triangles/s.  (00-08-01 Techweb)
00-08-14 GeForce2 Ultra Faster version of GeForce2 GTS featuring 250 MHz RAMDAC, 1G pixels/s and 31 M triangles/s.  (00-08-14 Register Nvidia)
00 Q2 Capitola Intel's Professional 3D chip. (99-04-25: Register)
01 Q2 Nvidia NV20 Successor to GeForce2 .  (00-08-15 AnandTech )

Technologies contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
?? Firewire,
Device Bay
Device Bay is the replacement for both ISA and IDE. Comes in three sizes from from 13 x 130 x 141 mm to 32 x 146 x 178 mm (H x W x D), for everything from portables to desktops. The slots are supposed to house hard drives, tape streamers, modems, etc., basically anything that's currently in a ISA slot or hard disk bay. Uses Firewire and USB for all communications, so if a motherboard supports those, DB should be easily implemented. The introduction of Firewire in Intel chipsets will be moved to a later date as the 440JX/820 is now scheduled to be introduced without PIIX6.
00 Q2 Bluetooth Wireless communication between notebooks and other devices available. (99-12-07: EBN)
00 H2 Future ATA Narrower and faster (~ 1Gb/s) version of the ATA hard disk interface introduced. (99-02-24: Techweb)
00 H2 USB 2.0 USB speed increased to around 480 Mb/s. Competes with Firewire and SCSI. (99-02-24: EBNews, 99-04-08: Techweb, 99-10-13 Techweb)
00-03-XX PC 2001 In PC2001 compliant systems, serial- parallel, mouse and keyboard ports and the ISA bus may be removed. Even the PCI bus may be relegated to a secondary role, while 1394 (Firewire) and USB handle the main connectivity. The work on the PC2000 initiative is however in very early stages so far. The PC2000 initiative is scrapped in favor of the PC 2001. (Microsoft)
01 System I/O The successor to PCI (merged from NGIO and Future I/O) is using a "switched fabrics" architecture, including 1-wire, 4-wire and 12-wire versions providing up to 6 GB/s of bandwidth. (98-11-08: EETimes, InfoWorld, 99-09-01: Techweb)

Software contains the latest roadmap and news updates!

Time Event Description
00-09-XX Win2k DC Windows 2000 DataCenter. (00-07-20: Techweb)
00 Q3 Win2k 64 bit Itanium support is added to Windows 2000. (00-07-12: Techweb 00-07-13 Register)
01 Q1 Apple OS 10 Apple OS 10 introduced. (00-07-19: Techweb)
01 H2 MS Whistler Microsoft's successor to Windows 2000 will hopefully unify home users and workstations. (00-07-12: Techweb 00-06-22 Register 00-07-12 Register 00-07-12 Register 00-07-20 Register 00-09-20 Register)
02 H2 MS Blackcomb This MS OS will introduce a completely new user interface. (00-07-12: Techweb)

99 H1: First half of 1999
99 Q3: Third quarter of 1999

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