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00-11-21 Pentium 4 First Shipped With Incorrect BIOS: Problem corrected before launch  C/Net  Techweb

00-11-21 Microsoft bids for entry into games market: On the XBox  C/Net

00-11-20 Pentium 4 systems debut amid performance questions:   C/Net  C/Net

00-11-20 Pentium 4 Bested By Pentium III In Business Apps: Performance shines in multimedia, but disappoints in business software  Techweb

00-11-20 Intel Releases AGP 8X Spec For Public Comment: Next AGP spec out in v0.9. Expected in systems in 2003 with 2.1GB/s throughput  Techweb

00-11-20 Micron samples 256-Mbit DDR SDRAM:   EBN

00-11-20 The Register's Pentium 4 launch special:   The Register  The Register  The Register  The Register  The Register  The Register  The Register  The Register  The Register

00-11-20 Intel launches Pentium 4: Benchmarks seem disappointing so far.  Intel  IDG  PCWorld  IDG  ZDNet  C/Net  Techweb

00-11-19 Pentium 4 debut: Only 1 CPU?: Until now, workstations "should be" dual processor systems according to Intel.  ZDNet

00-11-19 Intel expected to delay next Almador chipset: Updated i815E expected for Tualatin  EBN

00-11-17 Pentium 4 launches Monday: In case you've been on Uranus  The Register  C/Net

00-11-17 Nvidia's super secret Crush spec: Nvidia's first chipset for Athlon or Duron will be unveiled within a month  The Register

00-11-17 On the near horizon -- 1GHz notebooks: GHz chip in your laptop real soon now  ZDNet

00-11-17 Rambus may drag ramp of Pentium 4: About the launch and ramp of the new chip  EET

00-11-17 OEMs Pleased With Pentium 4: Seems to work this time  Techweb

00-11-17 Pentium 4 system prices leaked by Fortune: These systems around $3400  The Register

00-11-16 TSMC starts processing 300mm wafers:   EBN

00-11-16 Micron shifts gears on DDR chipset: Shogun and Scimitar also on the map  EBN

00-11-15 IBM gung-ho over Intel's delayed server chip: McKinley delayed until first half of 2002  C/Net

00-11-15 Intel may license Pentium 4 technology for chipsets: The easy way to DDR-support.  C/Net  The Register

00-11-15 Will USB or FireWire connect with consumers?: "Showdown at the High-speed Corral."  C/Net

00-11-15 Notebook Makers Prepare For Wireless World: First Bluetooth laptops announced  Techweb

00-11-15 Intel, HP Show Off Pentium 4-Based Concept PC: The "Deep Forest Concept PC" is out of the woods.  Techweb  EBN

00-11-15 Intel To Unveil Pentium 4 Chip Monday: More on the P4 release  Techweb

00-11-14 Intel to flip Pentium 4 switch: On the P4 release, Monday  ZDNet

00-11-14 Willamette margins may crimp Intel's profits: Large die and RDRAM rebates not a recipe for high profit margins  EBN

00-11-14 Intel scraps server appliance brand: The NetStructure did not live a full year.  C/Net  ZDNet

00-11-14 Intel Pentium 4 benchmarks: Pre release benchmarks. For whatever it might be worth.  The Register  Other

00-11-14 Willamette margins may crimp Intel's profits: Large die and RDRAM rebates not a recipe for high profit margins  EBN

00-11-13 Whistler and Blackcomb - the Windows 2000 .NET future: We may finally loose DOS...  The Register

00-11-13 Intel Announces New Compilers Supporting Pentium® 4 And Itanium™ Processors: Includes enhanced optimization.  Intel

00-11-13 Transmeta, Intel in a battle for notebooks: New low powered chips on the way  C/Net

00-11-13 Intel confirms low-end 815 chipset: Intel 815EP removes graphics  EBN

00-11-13 Transmeta Reveals Power-Saving Software, Silicon: Version 4.2 of the company's Code Morphing Software is more power efficient.  Techweb

00-11-13 Nvidia Moves Into The Mobile Market: GeForce2Go is the first Nvidia entry into mobile computing  Techweb  C/Net  Nvidia

00-11-12 Intel Rolls Out Latest Celerons: Celeron 733 and 766 out  Techweb  Intel

00-11-11 AMD Drops Mustang: Replaced by Palomino?  Techweb

00-11-11 More Pentium 4 info: New papers on NetBurst available from the source  Intel

00-11-10 Samsung Shipping DDR Memory Earlier Than Planned: Now validated with AMD-760 chipset  Techweb

00-11-09 AMD Lays Out 2001 Plans To Analysts: Next generation Athlon core will not match P4 speed  Techweb  EBN

00-11-08 Gartner jumps on 'RDRAM dead' bandwagon: Analyst group predicts Rambus dead in six to eight months  The Register

00-11-08 Intel moves to 0.13 micron, copper: First chips based on next generation process in the lab  The Register

00-11-07 Itanium set for March launch: Shown in Munich this week  The Register

00-11-06 Alpha 21264 833 introduced: Faster Alpha chips  Other

00-11-06 GEOFF TATE -- RAMBUS: Interview with Rambus CEO  CRN

00-11-03 Intel wants to have DDR cake and eat it: DDR for P4...  The Register

00-11-01 Comms held Pentium 4 team together: Interviews with engineers from the P4 project.  EET

00-11-01 Intel confirms plan to field DDR-enabled chipset for Pentium 4 processors: DDR chipset planned after SDRAM based chipset next year. New processor targets notebooks only.  EBN Techweb

00-11-01 Intel: Pentium 4 Will Pass Pentium III In Early 2002: New forecast indicates faster ramp up than previous predictions  Techweb  C/Net

00-11-01 Intel fleshes out server offerings: New 2, 4 and 8-way motherboards  The Register  Intel

00-11-01 Transmeta: Big blow from Big Blue?: Cancels mini-notebook targeting Crusoe  ZDNet

00-11-01 AMD 760 DDR chipset delayed: Systems delayed until December?  The Register  The Register  The Register

00-11-01 Transmeta: Big blow from Big Blue?: Cancels mini-notebook targeting Crusoe  ZDNet

00-11-01 AMD 760 DDR chipset delayed: Systems delayed until December.  The Register

00-11-01 Linux advances on several fronts: Linux now runs on twenty chips  C/Net

00-11-01 S3 Reborn As Sonicblue: The makeover of the previous chip maker is now complete  Techweb

00-11-01 Via chipset to link Pentium 4, DDR memory: More on the PX266 chipset.  C/Net

00-11-01 Is Intel sputtering or just catching its breath?: All-time high in late August, then dropping by half in 50 days. Where will it go from here?  C/Net

00-11-01 Intel fleshes out server offerings: New 2, 4 and 8-way motherboards  The Register  Intel

00-10-31 Opinion: Intel winds down in GHz clock race: On P4 pricing etc... Will Willamette's improved branch prediction make up for the long pipeline?  EBN

00-10-31 Introducing the Pentium 4 processor: Intel page listing the main P4 changes.  Intel

00-10-31 ATI ships latest mobile graphics chip: Mobility M4 out  The Register

00-10-31 Intel denies backing off RDRAM: RDRAM still on for high-end. Lower cost alternative wanted.  ZDNet

00-10-30 Intel cuts prices to pave way for Pentium 4: Cuts, cuts  C/Net

00-10-30 AMD's DDR D-Day: AMD launches the 760 chipset. Lots of benchmark links at JC's.  The Register  AMD  JC's

00-10-30 Intel Roadmap Shows Little Rambus Support: RDRAM removed from all but high-end workstations by mid 2001. Almador and Brookdale replaces 820 and 850.  Techweb  EBN The Register

00-10-30 Faster Athlon: New Athlon chips using the new 266 MHz front side bus with speeds of 1GHz, 1.13GHz and 1.2GHz.  AMD  The Register

00-10-28 Intel Moving to Block IA-64 Cloning: More than 20 new patents for IA-64 protection  Techweb

00-10-28 Transmeta talks benchmarks ... and 10 hour charges: On battery life and testing  The Register

00-10-27 Intel bundling Pentium 4 chips with Direct RDRAM: On the P4 intro and Northwood  EBN

00-10-27 PlayStation 2 Sales Slowed By Graphics Issues: Component shortages due to moving the Graphic Synthesizer from 0.25 to 0.18 micron technology  Techweb

00-10-27 Faster Athlons launch Monday: More on the 760 chipset launch  The Register

00-10-27  Pentium 4 will debut in a month, Intel chief says: P4 intro in end of November. And Timna scrapped due to RDRAM prices.  C/Net  Techweb

00-10-27  AMD Moves Athlon To DDR: Support for 266 MHz processor bus and DDR SDRAM in 760 chipset.  Techweb

00-10-26  Intel's Barrett Bullish On Chip Future: Craig Barrett (CEO) speaks in Korea  Techweb

00-10-25  New InfiniBand technology to remake servers--eventually: Infiniband specs version 1.0 completed  C/Net  InfiniBand TA

00-10-25  Intel, Software Companies Team On Compatibility: To get IA-64 software to run well. As fast as possible.  Techweb

00-10-25  Pentium 4 likely to be cheaper than expected: $625 to $795 according to this. Rambus rebates of $70 acknowledged.  C/Net  The Register  OC workbench

00-10-24  P4 set to bust 2GHz barrier in Q2 next year: Some roadmap info  The Register

00-10-24  Pentium 4 to ship bundled with Rambus: More information pointing to P4+Rambus bundle  The Register

00-10-23  Son of Intel 815E arrives: 815EM for Mobile computers released  The Register  Intel  Techweb

00-10-20  Secret Intel price cuts revealed: Rumoured price cuts on Oct 29th  The Register

00-10-20  Nvidia to buy 3dfx?: According to analyst at BusinessWeek  The Register  Other

00-10-20  VIA plans DDR PIII, Athlon support: 3rd party DDR enabled chipsets may become plentiful  The Register

00-10-20  How Cisco Beat Chip World To The Net: On the Network Processor  Techweb

00-10-20  VIA plans DDR PIII, Athlon support: 3rd party DDR enabled chipsets may become plentiful  The Register

00-10-18  Rambus beats estimates as profits quadruple: As patent incomes increase.  C/Net

00-10-18  Intel Looking "Very Seriously" At DDR For Desktops: The plot thickens...  Techweb

00-10-16  Microprocessor development aims for information appliance market: Information Appliances focus at last weeks Microprocessor Forum  EBN

00-10-16  Sony Notebooks Get Makeovers: First Transmeta based laptops out  Techweb  C/Net

00-10-13  Whistler public beta slips again - but say hello to Build 2281: Misses October 25th  The Register

00-10-13  AMD extends speed lead with new processors: 1.2 GHz Athlon and 800 MHz Duron (coming) out  C/Net  Techweb

00-10-13  Intel's 1.13-GHz Pentium III Delayed Again: Until 01-Q2...  Techweb

00-10-12  Intel to hype P4 over 1.13GHz PIII, and barely ship either?: From Microprocessor Forum  The Register

00-10-12  Intel plots P4 Xeon roadmap: 1.4 GHz Foster ships Q2 next year  The Register

00-10-12  Intel Expanding Server Chip Lineup: Itanium, P4-Foster, Infiniband, etc  Techweb

00-10-11  AMD grabs high ground with SMP Athlon: Multiprocessor plans unveiled  The Register

00-10-11  ATI revamps Radeon roadmap: Radeon 2 shows up in December  The Register

00-10-10  New G4 chip hits 1 GHz; Apple plans uncertain: Apple heads for the top  C/Net

00-10-10  Intel Aims For 1-GHz Mobile Barrier: During the first half of 2001  Techweb  C/Net  EBN

00-10-10  Chip inventor scores Nobel Prize: Jack Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit, wins Nobel Prize in physics  C/Net

00-10-10  Intel Uses Forum To Pitch Pentium 4: Intel speaks P4 and i850 on Microprocessor Forum  Techweb  C/Net

00-10-09  Intel shifts executives to speed Pentium 4: Yu moves out while Mike Splinter moves in  C/Net  Techweb  Techweb  EBN

00-10-07 AMD ships Linux 64-bit Hammer x86-64 simulator: First Hammer simulator targets Linux. The Register 

00-10-06 1.4GHz P4 price slashed: $652 for the 1.4 and $827 for the 1.5. The Register 

00-10-06 Infineon claims Rambus SDRAM, D-RDRAM infringe it's patents: More patents to fight about. EBN 

00-10-06 Intel reportedly validating its own DDR-enabled chipset: Raising  eyebrows at Rambus. EBN 

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