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99-12-31 1GHz nub of Intel, AMD, Compaq question next year: The magic GHz border is about to be left behind. The Register

99-12-30 Intel Mobile roadmap: Thanks to HardOCP for the Mobile Roadmap!

99-12-27 Intel to unveil new low-powered mobile chips: First SpeedStep a.k.a. Geyserville chips coming out on January 18th. CNet

99-12-27 Intel talking DRAMs with big five: What's the next memory architecture? EETimes EBN

99-12-27 Intel looking beyond Rambus?: CPUReview has an interesting article on Intel's future memory choices. CPUReview

99-12-27 Rambus: The Next Generation: CPUReview has some info on the  development of the memory standard. CPUReview

99-12-22 Intel roadmap: HardOCP has gotten hold of a fresh Intel roadmap. Some really nice stuff here! FC-PGA Conversion What's New Desktop roadmap

99-12-22 Intel accelerates plans to release high speed  chips: 850 and 866 MHz chips in Q1. CNet 

99-12-22 Intel cuddles up to Jedec SDRAM standards: DDR-SDRAM suddenly interesting. The Register 

99-12-22 Intel, LightWork to work on 3D software: Optimizing photo realistic rendering for Itanium. Techweb 

99-12-21 3Dlabs licenses patent portfolio to Intel: . Techweb 

99-12-21 Intel reshuffles for wireless, cellular, networking focus: Increases focus on wireless solutions. EETimes Techweb EBN CNet Intel

99-12-21 Intel scores victory in TechSearch suit: Nabs victory in patent lawsuit. CNet

99-12-21 Intel's 1GHz bent promises: Someone at Intel said too much in February... The Register

99-12-21 Chip making gear orders hot record: $1.702B bookings in November. Techweb

99-12-20 AMD, Intel race toward 800 MHz mark:  EBN 

99-12-20 Intel readies 750, 800 MHz Coppermine: . CNet Intel EBN The Register

99-12-19 Intel to go 12 inch Coppermine in Hudson?: Big wafers on the way. The Register 

99-12-19 Rambus-DDR battle rages on: Performance comparison by Kingston show Rambus superior. The Register 

99-12-17 Intel i840 preview: CPUReview has posted an interesting article on the i840. CPUReview 

99-12-17 Intel plan $800M upgrade of former DEC fab in Massachusetts: Moves to 0.18 micron technology. EBN 

99-12-17 Merced slow, slow, quick...: Prototype Itanium systems reportedly fail to reach target clock speed. The Register 

99-12-16 Intel closes in on 1000 MHz chip: To unveil plans on GHz chip in February. ZDNet 

99-12-16 Rambus Intel contract set to expire: On 10th of Jan 2000. The Register 

99-12-15 Willamette, Foster 870 details leak: Willamette to use a 200 MHz front side bus. The Register 

99-12-15 SDRAM to dominate Intel's mobile PC roadmap: Moving away from RDRAM. Techweb EBN

99-12-15 Intel dismisses 'mobile Rambus dead' claims: The Register

99-12-15 Intel aims to regain speed title: 800 MHz processors on their way. Techweb CNet Forbes The Register The Register

99-12-14 Intel reportedly pulls plug on mobile RDRAM chipset: Greendale project scrapped. Techweb  EBN

99-12-13 Intel announces new ATX riser card: For allowing low profile desktops with only two or three PCI slots. Intel 

99-12-13 Intel makes room for new processors: Price cuts in preparation for 800 MHz Coppermine Monday. Techweb  CNet EBN

99-12-09 Smashing expectations, global chip sales set new monthly record:  Sales hits $13.4B in November.  EBN 

99-12-09 Intel process tweak improves PIII: >800 MHz chips are on the track.  Techweb 

99-12-06 Intel unveils its first lineup of Bluetooth products: To ship in mid-2000. EBN

99-12-06 Intel shipping prototype Itanium computers: Merced finally out of the nest. CNet EBN The Register (select to read) Intel Techweb

99-12-06 AMD-Intel price war: hard figures emerge: . The Register 

99-12-06 Free Merced simulator posted on web: . The Register ZIP file with C source

99-12-05 Intel starts to shuffle chip prices, specs: Dec 12: Price cuts; Jan 10: Announcements?; Jan 23: PIII 750. The Register 

99-12-02 Intel pushes flash memory lines to 0.175 micron: Volume production starts mid 2000. EBN 

99-12-02 Screen found for PIII bug: Dell restarts as bug detection becomes possible. CNet 

99-12-02 Intel invests in European Linux seller: Intel invests in SuSE . CNet 

99-12-01 Intel bug delays Dell PCs: The rare Coppermine bug. Techweb 

99-12-01 Bug in new PIIs hampers boot up: In 1-2% of Coppermines You'll have to start your computer twice. CNet 

99-11-29 Intel aims for mobo, processor FUD: Processor compatibility isn't just about form factor. The Register 

99-11-29 Intel confirms 12 December price cuts: . The Register 

99-11-29 1999: Annus Horribilis for Chipzilla: 't was the best of years... The Register 

99-11-28 Last .25 Celeron slated for 10 January: . The Register 

99-11-28 Intel faces possible Euro block on Pentium IIIs: . The Register 

99-11-24 Intel to demo 1GHz IA-32 chip Feb 2000: Might be Willamette or a super charged Coppermine. The Register 

99-11-23 Chip makers turn to leasing to manage fab costs: . EETimes 

99-11-23 Boffins pave way for 400x rise in CPU transistor count: The FinFET transistor developed at UoC, Berkeley may increase chip count in future devices. The Register Berkeley

99-11-22 SIA roadmap charts wild ride: 35 nm line width in 2014. EETimes 

99-11-22 Micron launches SyncFlash as DRAM replacement: DRAM speed in Flash memory. EETimes 

99-11-19 Intel discloses chipset roadmap for 2000: And it includes PC133 and PC266 (DDR). Techweb 

99-11-19 Intel will cut Coppermine prices earlier than expected: On December 12th. The Register 

99-11-19 How Intel is re-engineering itself: What to do about the unprecedented price drops?. The Register 

99-11-17 Pentium III-800 brought forward to Q1 of next year: And Coppermine shortages due to underestimated demand. The Register 

99-11-17 Pentium III in short supply, Intel confirms: Across all processor lines. CNet InfoWorld

99-11-17 Intel confirms OR840 late: Outrigger out later this year. The Register 

99-11-19 First Itanium systems get cobbled together: 1GHz dual processor systems consuming 2x140W. The Register 

99-11-15 SGI banks on Linux, Intel chips: SGI to demonstrate Itanium. CNet 

99-11-15 Wave of Intel mobos set to wash over world+dog: And a new naming system. The Register 

99-11-15 i820 finally out: . Intel 

99-11-15 Intel reveals details of i820 mobos: Vancouver and Cape Cod in the limelight. The Register 

99-11-14 Intel prepping release of i820 chipset: Released at Comdex, Monday. Techweb 

99-11-11 No hooplah to Intel Rambus performance, analyst claims: But is scalability included?. Techweb 

99-11-08 Intel's Solano, Amador only a bubble'n'squeak away: i815 and DDR-SDRAM chipset coming next year. The Register 

99-11-08 New Athlon chipset on the way: . Roadmap 

99-11-08 Intel backs down on i740 support: Graphics chip support is up again. The Register 

99-11-08 Disputed chipset prompts new Intel filings: Not giving up on Via's P6 chipset. Techweb 

00-05-11  Update: Intel readies two new chipsets for PC133 interface: Solano and Amador. EBN 

99-11-04 Intel: Rambus memory will debut November 15: But the third memory slot is gone. CNet 

99-11-04 Direct RDRAM (almost) arrive in PCs: Including a short memory technology overview. Microprocessor Report 

99-11-04 Intel will continue to invest in China: . CNet 

99-11-03 Solano chip set to take on PC133 SDRAM: The Solano chipset be first to will include PC133, not the Amador. Techweb EBNews

99-11-03 Chipzilla chops chip: PIII 450 dies. The Register 

99-11-03 HP pushed Intel down Merced DDR memory route: DDR-DSRAM in 460GX too?. The Register 

99-11-03 Intel chipset volte face will hit Rambus hard: The Amador chipset will apparentlly add PC133 and DDR-SDRAM (but after Solano see above). The Register The Register

99-11-02 Intel makes a pint of Guinness taste nicer: Who would have guessed Intel was the source of the Guinness taste?. The Register

99-11-02 September strongest month in chip history: Chips sell well despite i820 problems. Techweb

99-11-01 Rambus- based PCs set to debut at Comdex: i820 finally on it's way out. CNet CNet

99-11-01 i820 still waiting to bottom out: To ship in second or third week of November. The Register

99-11-01 Intel Santa clarifies Via legal pursuit: More on the patent infringement suit. The Register

99-10-31 FC-PGA pictures from Japan: . Akiba Hotline (Thanks to Overclockers Workbench for the link) The Register

99-10-29 Rambus- based PCs set to debut at Comdex: November 15th in Las Vegas. CNet

99-10-29 Intel expands Via lawsuit, nabbing it's customers: . CNet 

99-10-28 Execs say faster Pentium plans on track: . CNet

99-10-28 Intel to detail 2000, future plans in web cast: . CNet Webcast The Register PowerPoint Roadmap in GIF

99-10-28 Growth in chip market seen in 2000: Semiconductor industry to grow 21% next year. Techweb 

99-10-27 New notebooks follow PIII to market: . Techweb 

99-10-27 Intel fashion machines unlikely before Yule: . The Register 

99-10-27 Athlon no threat to Intel world dominance: . The Register 

99-10-26 Dow closes down though Microsoft and Intel join: Joining top 30. Techweb 

99-10-26 Sun Solaris passes Itanium test: . Techweb 

99-10-26 Intel introduces a slew of new processors: . Techweb 

99-10-26 Huge shortages, technical problems hit Coppermine debut: . The Register 

99-10-26 Intel, AMD lower prices with new chip introductions: . CNet 

99-10-26 Intel, ARM complete core licensing agreement: . Techweb 

99-10-25 Intel introduces 15 new PIII and Xeon processors built on 0.18 um technology: Processors up to 733 MHz and the i840 chipset launched. Intel Intel i840  i840 Demo 

99-10-25 Coppermine launch to spark servers, Rambus workstations: Launch today. CNet Techweb Techweb2 EETimes The Register CNet2

99-10-25 Pentium III notebooks set to debut: Launch today. CNet

99-10-25 PC makers struggle with Coppermine strategy : i820 problems not yet solved. CNet

99-10-25 Chip equipment sector proves slow to recover: . Techweb 

99-10-25 Intel embraces ARM: . CNet 

99-10-25 Caminogate: The plot thickens like caramel : Bus resonance hurt i820. The Register

99-10-24 Strange whiff surrounds Intel's great i820 shambles: . The Register 

99-10-22 Carmel chipset may reveal future of Intel's Rambus memory program: . The Register 

99-10-19 Intel i820 update leaks: Internal Intel slide on the i820 problems. The Register 

99-10-19 Intel pulls into fast lane as workstation plans unfold: Some roadmap info. The Register 

99-10-19 Intel mobo prices and specs for the 24th: Some prices. The Register 

99-10-19 Camino egg on face to be wiped away by i840: Carmel may be a way out of Rambus problems. (But the problem may still be there, as only two memory slots per bus is used in OR840...) AGP Pro 50 supported.. The Register The Register

99-10-18 Intel 1100 MHz 'Athlon killer' to launch in December: Willamette shows so soon?. The Register 

99-10-18 Taiwan chipmakers brace for Intel's PC133: PC133 waiting for Intel to launch it's PC133 while waiting for Rambus. Techweb 

99-10-17 Major Intel roadmaps ahead, please keep left: . The Register 

99-10-16 Intel'ish Cashcades to cash in on cache inshide: Some prices. The Register 

99-10-15 Xeon to beat desktop PIII in MHz stakes: . The Register 

99-10-15 Intel moves could prompt graphics showdown: Graphics in chipsets. CNet 

99-10-13 Celeron III, anyone?: Product name for Cellies on a 100 MHz bus?. The Register 

99-10-13 Intel Coppermine mobiles: We got the prices: ... Techweb 

99-10-13 i840 Carmel motherboard details leak: But it will only use 2 memory slots per bus... Techweb 

99-10-13 USB 2.0 To Be 40 Times Faster Than USB 1.0: 480 Mb/s it is... Techweb 

99-10-12 Camino chipset expected in 4Q: Most likely November. Techweb 

99-10-12 Coppermine key for Intel's holiday: . CNet 

99-10-12 Judge rejects patent claim against Intel: As Intergraph's case is dismissed. CNet 

99-10-12 Via Defies Intel's P6 Bus License Ban: Shipping the Apollo Pro 133A chipset, despite Intel's patent infringement claims. Techweb 

99-10-12 Intel falls short: Revenues up, earnings down. Techweb CNet

99-10-11 Intel to come clean on i820, Rambus tomorrow : In an analyst's briefing. The Register 

99-10-11 Intel admits founders law on its last legs : Moore's Law in problems. The Register 

99-10-10 Coppermine prices: . The Register 

99-10-08 Alpha to appear in Q1 2000, says Intel: . The Register 

99-10-08 Designers cut fresh paths to parallelism: Intel, Alpha, AMD and IBM thinks multiple threads. EETimes 

99-10-08 Korean memory makers weigh RDRAM alternatives:  As i820 delay sinks in. EETimes 

99-10-07 AMD, Rise IBM news:  Tech Roadmap 

99-10-06 Intel's competitors refuse to follow the leader: Did anyone really expect competitors to jump on the IA-64 bandwagon before it's a hit? CNet CNet

99-10-06 Micron readies DDR memory: RDRAM competition thrives. EETimes

99-10-06 Intel CEO says the web wave is just beginning: Craig Barrett speaks at Internet World '99. Techweb

99-10-06 Via tips plans for inexpensive x86 chips: Two new processors Christmas 2000. EETimes

99-10-06 Itanium to make move to mainstream: More on Itanium. The Register

99-10-06 Intel, Motorola shares desktop processor limelight at MPU Forum: Coppermine and "enhanced G4" detailed. EBN Techweb The Register CNet

99-10-05 Intel enters mainstream switch-chip market through investment in ADMtek: . EBN Techweb

99-10-05 Intel set to unveil more features of Itanium processor: . InfoWorld

99-10-05 AMD, in another shot at Intel, establishes powerful 64 bit platform: X86-64 architecture debuts today. First chips out in 2001. EBN The Register SBN AMD Techweb

99-10-05 Intel nabs tech execs for new positions: Dalibor Vrsalovic from AT&T and David Tennenhouse from DARPA hired. CNet Intel

99-10-05 Intel to buy web traffic equipment maker iPivot: For $500M. Mercury Center Intel EBN CNet Techweb EETimes

99-10-05 PIII mobile gives more bang for your buck: And Geyserville is renamed SpeedStepTM. Fairfax IT 

99-10-04 Intel renames Merced Itanium: As IA-64 brand name (As predicted here in May. Sorry, just had to mention that...) Techweb CNet Intel The Register InfoWorld InfoWorld EBN Mercury Center CNet

99-10-04 Nine new PIII flavours revealed : Up to 733 MHz . The Register 

99-10-04 Final target speed for USB 2.0 announced : . Intel 

99-10-04 Intel CEO to kick off Internet World: . Techweb 

99-10-01 Samsung halts Rambus production after Intel delays Camino: Missing Christmas season. Techweb 

99-10-01 Intel struggles to explain Rambus delay: Solution seem distant... Techweb 

99-09-28 Timing problem renders Camino boards virtually useless: According to this story the i820 problem is due to long motherboard traces... EBN The Register 

99-09-28 Xeon problem delays servers: Eight 512KB or 1MB 550 MHz Xeons on a Saber spells Trouble. CNet IDG InfoWorld Techweb

99-09-27 Intel introduces new microprocessors and chipset for mainstream PC: i810E, PIII with 133 MHz bus launched, but no i820 . Intel Techweb CNet CNet Mercury Center PCWeek  The Register The Register EETimes EBN InfoWorld

99-09-27 Licensing deal brings FireWire to the masses: Will Cirrus' system-on-a-chip beat Intel to 1394 chipsets? . Techweb 

99-09-24 Camino chip set stalls; redesign likely: i820 delayed due to signal integrity issues. Workarounds suggested. Techweb CNet EBN EBN Update EETimes The Register Techweb

99-09-22 Intel faces pressure over new chipset: i820 released next Monday, but RDRAM may become a liability. CNet PCWorld

99-09-22 Phoenix readies firmware for IA-64: . InfoWorld 

99-09-22 Intel introduces USB home network solution: USB to be used as network at home. Intel 

99-09-21 Judge says Intel didn't violate Intergraph order: Wins in court. InfoWorld 

99-09-21 Grove says clicks, bricks are the future: Internet business will disappear - kind of. Techweb 

99-09-17 Next generation chip passes key milestone: Unix, in the form of Monterey 64 is up and running. CNet 

99-09-17 Slot 1 close to death as Coppermine plans unfold: Will be called PIII E and EB... The Register 

99-09-17 Who will pay 200 extra for i820 Rambus PCs?: . The Register 

99-09-15 Intel unveils faster Celeron chips: Mobile 433 and 466. CNet 

99-09-15 Asus P3C Camino motherboard out: On Turkish site. Techweb HardOCP

99-09-15 Intel pushes desktop security with chip set: Combining network and encryption chips. Techweb 

99-09-14 Intel boosts computer telephony unit: Dialogic expanding. Techweb 

99-09-14 Camino reviews pop up on web: With some info on Vancouver and Cape Cod. The Register Got Apex?

99-09-13 Intel confirms Celeron/PIII price cuts: ... The Register 

99-09-13 No Pentium IV rename on the way: A little too soon after the PIII, I guess... The Register 

99-09-10 Intel's Merced: Where's my date?: Will there be a 64 bit OS?. ZDNet 

99-09-10 Intel's performance figures for i820 flawed: Credibility under criticism. The Register 

99-09-10 Intel burns desktop prices again: Price cuts and 600B intro Sept 27th. The Register 

99-09-10 Intel i810e futures up on the web: .. The Register 

99-09-10 AMD may trash Merced on price/performance: Oh, wow... The Register 

99-09-09 Intel talks performance desktop talk: i820, AGP 4x, 133 MHz bus etc. The Register 

99-09-09 Several i820 mobos up Intel's sleeves: Vancouver and Cape Cod. The Register 

99-09-08 DRAM analysis using Intel's Platform Test Program: Rambus benchmarks. InQuest 

99-09-08 Intel still stuck on Firewire fence: Are you in or out? The Register 

99-09-08 Merced: What meaneth the Extensible Firmware Interface: System Bios seen through IA-64 goggles . The Register 

99-09-08 Intel 533B and 600B reason for 12 September cuts: 133 MHz bus coming up. The Register 

99-09-08 Intel cuts Celeron, PII prices: Mobile chips going down. Techweb CNet

99-09-08 PIII 450 is PIII 600: New PIII 450 hardware is underclocked PIII 600 chips. Overclockers' Workbench 

99-09-07 64-bit rivals set to take on Merced: Alpha and Sun in the race. Techweb EETimes

99-09-06 Dell reveals "first-ever" Rambus benchmarks: Not impressive but unconfirmed. Platform 99 

99-09-06 Why Intel and Rambus are so close: Did patent exchanges force Intel to use Rambus? We'll see... The Register 

99-09-06 Intel slashes PII/notebook chip prices:  The Register 

99-09-06 1.6 GHz Alpha to be fastest Quake chip on planet: So that's Alpha's new market? ;) The Register 

99-09-06 Via offers succour to 1394 standard: Will Via really beat Intel to 1394? The Register 

99-09-05 Intel shifts to 133 MHz bus, AGP 4x for notebooks next year: . The Register 

99-09-05 Merced: A system overview: IDF slides. The Register 

99-09-03 Intel set to phase out processor modules: Going back to chips in portables. EETimes 

99-09-03 Intergraph leaves hardware biz, blames Intel: . Techweb 

99-09-03 How Intel raced flat out to demo Merced: . The Register 

99-09-02 Rambus shares fall on Intel chip decision: Not everyone likes 133 MHz SDRAM . Techweb CNet

99-09-02 Analog Devices incorporates Intel technology: Introduces DC/DC chip supporting Mobile Voltage Technology. Techweb CNet

99-09-01 Intel concedes memory issue, as expected: 133 MHz SDRAM support will show in future chipset. Techweb EETimes The Register The Register EBN

99-09-01 Intel applies more pressure on Alpha as IA64 ramps: "Outperforms non-Intel architectures by a factor of ten to one"... The Register 

99-09-01 Coppermine 7xx processors confirmed for October: ... The Register 

99-09-01 Four way Merced: The pix: Including 64 GB of RAM... The Register 

99-09-01 All about Intel: IDF coverage. CNet 

99-09-01 Two sides reach accord in I/O architecture battle: Future I/O and NGIO united at last under the name System I/O. InfoWorld The Register ZDNet Techweb

99-09-01 Markets higher on Intel moves: Stock price rise after network chip intros. CNet 

99-09-01 Is Xeon heading to the low end?: Next year as integrated cache cut costs. ZDNet PCWeek

99-09-01 USB 2.0 up to 3 times faster than expected: 360 to 480 Mbit/s as opposed to the earlier 120 to 240... Techweb CNet

99-09-01 Coppermine to come sooner, run faster: . Techweb EETimes Bloomberg

99-09-01 Intel strides into network chips with new products, fund: New line of telecom chips: IXA or Internet Exchange Architecture. CNet Techweb ZDNet Techweb Techweb

99-08-31 Intel previews what's in store for notebooks : Bluetooth, Coppermine, SMBus and PAS . PCWeek

99-08-31 Intel release Interoperability guide (DIG64) for Merced and the IA-64 platform : . Intel

99-08-31 Intel, Rambus work to lower memory costs: . CNet  

99-08-31 Intel demonstrates Merced: In the silicon. Techweb  ZDNet ZDNet The Register

99-08-31 Connected concept E-home previews Intel's vision of future computing: . CNet  

99-08-31 Intel CEO: PC firms see telecom opportunities: Barrett speaks. CNet  EBN Intel

99-08-31 Enhanced Pentium III will hit 700 MHz: Coppermine released in October, probably up to 733 MHz. CNet  

99-08-31 Intel to discuss plans for new memory technology, Merced chip at Forum: ... Bloomberg  

99-08-31 Pentium III/Mobile to arrive fall: Around October... The Register  

99-08-31 Barrett shows Linux running on Merced: And an expired Win2000. The Register EETimes

99-08-30 Intel to unveil networking chips, stylized PCs : At IDF. CNet  

99-08-30 Intel says Via bigger threat than AMD: . The Register  Register IDF coverage

99-08-30 Intel to roll Camino i820 details out this week: At IDF. The Register  

99-08-30 End to server war coming tomorrow: Future I/O and NGIO merging. CNet  Techweb

99-08-30 Intel to demonstrate Merced silicon tomorrow: At IDF. The Register  

99-08-30 IDF: Analog CRT gets a digital update: DVI spec used for CRTs too... EETimes

99-08-30 IDF: Micron, Rambus address DRAM cost issues: First Rambus PCs debuts at IDF. EETimes

99-08-30 Intel's Grove admits Rambus will take time: . The Register  

99-08-28 Intel preparing Megahertz megablitz: Coppermine up to 667 MHz and i820  released September 27. ZDNet  The Register  

99-08-27 IDF: IBM, Intel push into net-centric ICs: . EETimes 

99-08-27 Intel talks Camino, while OEMs plunder spot market for older chipsets: i820 details out at IDF. EBN 

99-08-27 Intel CEO: Healing server rift top priority: Craig Barrett still works to merge NGIO and Future I/O in time for McKinley. CNet Silicon

99-08-26 Intel CEO: Merced key to agility in e-commerce era: . ZDNet 

99-08-26 Young blood pushing out old Intel blood: Who will take over after Grove and Barrett?. The Register

99-08-26 Merced silicon happens: Linux runs, NT doesn't: First silicon samples tested. The Register

99-08-24 Intel plans PC-on-a-chip: On the Timna chip. ZDNet 

99-08-24 Intel denies non-compliance charge: In Intergraph case. Techweb CNet CRN

99-08-24 Dabs gets dabs on Camino mobo: Abit Camino i820 sighted on HardOCP. The Register HardOCP

99-08-24 Intel debuts new products - not many told: New i810 motherboard. Intel The Register

99-08-23 A quiet revolution at Intel: Moving from PC-centric to Net-centric. MDRonline 

99-08-23 PC133 SDRAM fills in Intel's chipset gaps: Via profits from chipset shortage. EBNews 

99-08-23 i820 Camino incompatible with graphics chips?: AGP 4x problems with TNT2, etc. The Register 

99-08-23 Intel changes verification specs on chips: Voltage changed. The Register 

99-08-23 Intel announces new PIII Xeon and Profusion: 1 and 2 MB versions of the 550 Xeon and the server chipset finally ships. Intel Techweb CNet CNet

99-08-20 Intel slashes PIII prices:  C|Net C|Net CNet

99-08-20 Can AMD pull off Athlon success?: Ok, so now they're fast. But will they be able to make money? C|Net

99-08-20 Expended Intel museum set to reopen: The only corporate Silicon Valley museum reopens. SJMercury

99-08-20 HP says it will not push McKinley over Merced: The rumor is false once again... Techweb

99-08-19 Intel has software to overclock chips: But it will only work on unlocked pre-production samples... The Register The Register The Register Anand

99-08-19 Intel pulls back from graphics: The 752 and 754 will not enter volume production. Will focus on integrating graphics on chipsets. Techweb C|Net EBN The Register SJMercury

99-08-18 Test firm claims AMD manipulated Athlon chip results:  Claims AMD modified 3DMark 99 to top PIII. SBN EBN EDTN

99-08-18 HP upgrade path bypasses Merced chip:  . C|Net

99-08-18 Eight way Intel servers get stress test:  Profusion out next week. Techweb

99-08-10 Intel on it's way to 64 bit computing: Interesting IA-64 article.  C'T

99-08-16 Happy cat leaks stash of Intel futures: The included roadmap includes chips until Timna, Willamette (in a 423 pin OOI socket) and Foster (in a 603 pin socket) as well as a picture of the upcoming FC-PGA socket. It also seem to talk about ATA/100 support in Camino-2 and something about a Kianerth i82559 which is hard to translate without better knowledge in Japanese...   The Register HappyCat

99-08-14 Five more Intel parts to join PIII/450 in chip gulag: Including Xeon 550 and all PIIs. The Register The Register

99-08-13 RAMBUS start to ship in volume: Samsung ships 64 Mb modules. The Register

99-08-13 RAMBUS officers offload over 50,000 shares: Wonder what they know?. The Register

99-08-13 Intel's new divisions cut swath: Organizational secrecy lightened. C|Net

99-08-13 With declining chip prices, Intel emphasizes diversity: Adding systems and services. C|Net

99-08-13 Intel may push separate 133 MHz SDRAM spec: May tighten timing specs to get advantage over Via. Techweb The Register

99-08-11 Intel's stock hits record price, has doubled in past year: C|Net

99-08-10 133 MHz FSB plot to thicken sooner than thought: On August 23rd. The Register

99-08-10 Geyserville slips a whole quarter in a day: Well... The Register

99-08-10 IO battle of giants to make tiny firm rich: As both NGIO and Future IO use Wind River's IxWorks embedded OS. The Register

99-08-10 Intel's Grove surprises Linux crowd with IA-64 demo: Infoworld

99-08-10 Hollywood outfit to use Merced: Digital Domain to add a few PIIs, Xeons and Merceds to the Alpha and SGI farm. The Register

99-08-09 Intel to announce fresh PIII price cuts in two weeks time: More pressure on AMD. The Register

99-08-09 Tons of Athlon reviews out! As NDAs expire. Roadmap

99-08-06 PIII to get faster system bus: On the 133 MHz busTechweb

99-08-06 Intel may snap up AMD: FTC threat eliminated by ViA. The Register

99-08-06 Intel Itanium trademark thin end of thick wedge: Septium, Heptium, Sexium, Amphion, Cognium and Centeon also trademarked. The Register

99-08-05 Intel denies fault over delayed launch of Mole Pentium III: InfoWorld

99-08-05 Intel to kill PIII/450: And cut prices. The Register

99-08-05 When will Coppermine debut?: Asked OEMs when to launch new chips. Launched at 667 MHz. ZDNet (PCWeek) The Register1 The Register2

99-08-04 Rambus memory expanding to servers: Fault tolerance technology "chipkill" to be announced Monday. C|Net The Register Electronics Weekly

99-08-02 Intel delays mobile Coppermine processor: Might be delayed to November due to late OEM testing. Techweb EBNews ZDNet

99-08-02 K7/Athlon previews: Emanating from Germany. Roadmap

99-08-03 i810e specs public:.  HardOCP i810e info

99-08-02 Intel to open semiconductor packaging R&D center in Arizona: Will be only such facility in the US. EBN

99-08-02 Celeron SMP not endangered: According to Intel engineer the SMP functions will continue to thrive. HardOCP

99-07-29 Intel roadmap from Zimbabwe..: No 133 MHz in bus speed plans until Q2-00. HardOCP

99-08-02 Will Willamette be a Year 2000 bet?: The Register HardOCP i810e info

99-08-02 600 MHz PIII and 500 MHz Celeron released: Intel C|Net

99-07-27 Intel will pump up its processors, cut prices: 600 MHz PIII and 500 MHz Celeron released on  Monday. Techweb

99-07-19 Intel bows to Rambus concerns: PC133 memory supported in upcoming chipset?.  C|Net

99-07-08 Intel's Merced chip may slip further: Sources indicate delays, Intel denies.  C|Net

99-07-07 Via defies Intel with chipset deal: Will continue to manufacture PC133 chipset.  Techweb

99-07-06 Fujitsu rolls VLIW architecture: New FR-V architecture based on supercomputers.  EETimes

99-07-06 Trading heavy in Intel shares: Jumps 6 percent after rating raise.  C|Net Techweb

99-07-05 Intel pulls plugs on plans for Kahneeta PC: Planned Suspend to RAM reference platform is no more.  The Register Intel

99-07-05 Intel turns Pentium III/600 price screw on AMD K7: New price: similar to Athlon...  The Register

99-07-05 Hitachi and Intel agree to standardized chip specs: New SRAM chip package.  C|Net Techweb

99-07-04 AMD's next round with Intel: Athlon vs. PIII.  MercuryCenter

99-07-02 Chip industry looking to hammer out technology roadmap: Move to copper forces industry cooperation.  EETimes Techweb

99-07-02 Despite low yields, copper chips hit the market: Leaders claim 50% yields.  EETimes

99-07-02 Intel hits roadblocks on eight-way server push: Intel and competitors not on same page.  C|Net

99-07-01 Intel issues fix for another 810 chip set glitch: Clock read error found.  PCWeek

99-06-28 Intel sues chipset maker Via: After breach of chipset licensing agreement.  Techweb C|Net SBN The Register

99-06-28 Intel could nip dual-Celeron move in bud: By disabling significant pin.  The Register JC

99-06-24 Chips to hit size barrier in 2012: We've heard it before. Maybe it's real this time? In 2012 line sizes will be 0.06 micron = 5 atoms in the gate oxide...  ZDNet

99-06-23 K7 launched: Roadmap

99-06-24 Acer Labs gets Intel license: Via out, Acer in...  C|Net

99-06-24 Intel details mobile chip plans: Some roadmap info.  Techweb

99-06-23 Gates memo sheds light on Intel relationship: Gates vs. Grove...  Techweb

99-06-23 Intel will have several .18 micron fabs early next year:The Register

99-06-23 Intel profusion technology on time, shock horror...: Despite indications to the contrary from the same source.  The Register

99-06-22 Intel's Barrett fudges Merced, Coppermine: "Merced delivers in 12 to 18 months time".  The Register

99-06-22 Barrett concedes defeat on PC133: "We'd be foolish not to have a contingency plan". Indeed.. The Register

99-06-22 Intel makes first five Merced fund investments: . C|Net

99-06-22 Micron rolls out 200 MHz DRAM for multimedia: 16 Mb SDRAM chips @ .21 micron sampled. Techweb

99-06-21 Intel acknowledges defective i810s: Some chips have boot or Super VGA problems. Techweb

99-06-21 Merced deader than...: More Merced rumors. The Register

99-06-21 Does Coppermine have a crap core: Well, if the PIII is crap: Yes. The Register

99-06-20 How Compaq views Intel roadmap: Some info on future Alpha releases. The Register

99-06-20 Intel garners fresh clutch of domain names:,, etc. The Register

99-06-18 Pentium III delays could give AMD the lead: Coppermine won't show until November due to low yields on 600 MHz version. C|Net  The Register Techweb (share price) EBNews

99-06-17 Tom's Hardware CPU roadmap update: Includes a few tidbits.  Tom

99-06-18 Intel confirms mobile price reductions: Prices dropping again. The Register

99-06-16 Top Microsoft boffin votes for Russian Merced killer: Gordon Bell hypes the Russian processor. I'm just not convinced it'll be released on schedule. Hope I'm wrong... The Register

99-06-16 Intel scans for soft errors in processors: Intruding alpha particles cause problems in sub-0.25 micron devices. Techweb

99-06-16 Camino B1 silicon in: Apparently unreliable source speaks of i820 problems. The Register

99-06-16 Merced samples may make Intel Fall: Merced samples delayed?. The Register Shannon Knows Compaq

99-06-15 Samsung wants RDRAM at more than 600 MHz: Thinks customers will wait for full speed RDRAM anyways. EBN Techweb

99-06-14 Fastest PII for notebooks arrive: The first Intel 0.18 micron processor arrives: PII Mobile 400. And Mobile Celeron 400 is also out. C|Net InfoWorld EBN CRN SBN The Register Intel Pressroom Intel M PII Intel M Celeron

99-06-13 K7 news: Roadmap

99-06-11 Intel slip delays 8-way servers again: Profusion delayed once more. PCWeek

99-06-11 Intel moves to socket sets: FC-PGA 370 is coming. CRN

99-06-11 Intel staggers Camino roll out. Move could delay high-speed Direct RDRAM: The 800 MHz version of the i820 slips again, while the 600 MHz version ships in September. EBN

99-06-11 Rambus still riding roller coaster: Stakes are high in Rambus - PC133 war. C|Net

99-06-11 Intel, Viewsonic to make display announcement: Regarding DDWG specs. Techweb

99-06-11 Intel not ruling out PC133 SDRAM support: Might have to change plans to avoid Rambus stall. And Via pulls back 133 MHz chipset. Techweb The Register

99-06-10 Intel confirms Celeron price cuts: One month earlier thyan planned. The Register EBN

99-06-09 Intel plans to move to copper, cheaper wafers: 0.13 micron, copper, 300 mm wafers etc. C|Net ZDNet ZDNet EBN The Register Intel

99-06-09 Camino delay will mean Intel compromises: i820 delayed until end of September? The Register The Register The Register

99-06-09 Intel demonstrates PC of the future: Some voice recognition, 3D data model, etc hype.... Techweb

99-06-09 Intel music site showcases the PIII: Some streaming SIMD optimized sw... C|Net ZDNet WebOutfitter

99-06-08 Coppermine delay could give AMD aid: Large bags of salt needed. So far.... The register

99-06-08 Intel has no rights to Intergraph patents: Clipper patents out-of-bounds. Techweb

99-06-07 Architect talks unto architect about IA-64: Who's surprised... The Register The Register2

99-06-07 IBM denies dropping Rambus memory: . C|Net

99-06-07 Intel to add flip-chip version of PIII: The FC-PGA 370 socket will hold 550 and 600 MHz PIIIs in Q4. Techweb

99-06-04 Group to define compact IEEE-1394 connector: For inhome networks. Techweb The Register EETimes

99-04-30 i810 chipset analysis: . Tom's Hardware

99-06-03 Intel MX chipsets makes Taipei appearance: On the Banister platform. The Register

99-06-03 733 MHz motherboards out and about: Using the ViA Apollo Pro 133 chipset. The Register Fic pressrelease Fic KA-6110

99-06-03 Where the heck's FlexATX? Probably in the wings... The Register

99-06-03 Intel outed on PC133: Will Intel support the Rambus alternative? The Register

99-06-02 Intel garners major support for 8109 motherboards: . The Register

99-06-02 EPIC architecture to test programmer skills: Well, for compiler writers at least... InfoWorld

99-06-02 Analyst: Intel falls short of estimates: Sells too many Celeron, and too few PIIIs. C|Net

99-06-02 Rambus getting cold shoulder: AMD saves Rambus until next year. C|Net

99-06-02 New slew of tech toys on Intel's agenda: Set top boxes, picture phones, etc. C|Net

99-06-01 PIII tested on the 133 MHz bus?: This japanese site has such a table anyways... Happy Cat

99-05-31 Intel to acquire Dialogic: For $780M. CRN C|Net The Register

99-05-31 How Intel regards the press - official: How Intel employees should handle European press. The Register

99-05-30 Intel, AMD, Cyrix, Rise and IDT in May - from The Register: Collected processor story links. The Register

99-05-28 Glitch makes new Intel chipset incompatible with PIII: Due to a PIII SSE bug. CRN ZDNet

99-05-28 Integrated chip effort under way at Intel: The "Timna" chipset will surface late in 2000. C|Net EETimes The Register

99-05-28 Intel's Merced may never see the light of day: Don't believe this! But now you've seen it anyways... The Register

99-05-28 Direct Rambus further delayed: Will it be Q3 or Q4?. The Register

99-05-27 Hardware IA-32 kludge put in Merced: Well... They didn't really expect Merced to be the fastest IA-32 chip around, did they? The Register

99-05-28 Direct Rambus further delayed: Will it be Q3 or Q4?. The Register

99-05-27 More Intel price cuts coming: Celeron cuts. C|Net The Register ZDNet

99-05-26 Intel and HP unveil Merced architecture: The cat's out. Intel IA-64 Developer Info HP IA-64 page

99-05-24 Intel, HP to unveil Merced (IA-64) instructions: On wednesday. C|Net EETimes Register  IA-64 Intel IA-64 news Clive Turvey's Merced Info IA-64 Developer Info

99-05-24 Processor pandemonium: Intel Mobile CPU overview. Computer Shopper

99-05-24 Intel ready to roll with StrongARM WebPad idea?: More gadgets to the people! The Register The Register

99-05-24 K7 and K6-III Mobile news: TechRoadmap

99-05-23 Intel's Itanium and Intel PlaY make trademark debuts: Looks like one high- and one low end name. Itanium could even be IA-64's processor name? The Register

99-05-24 K7 and K6-III Mobile news: . TechRoad

99-05-21 Can USB survive the battle of the ports?: USB vs 1394... Windows TechEdge

99-05-21 Intel takes cowboy approach to branding: Or The Register making a processor out of a transistor? The Register

99-05-20 Via Executive: Suit Shows Intel Is Worried: . Techweb The Register

99-05-19 Intel schedules unexpected price cut: Celeron cut on June 6th. Techweb

99-05-19 Rock retires from Intel board: Arthur Rock, one of Intel's founders, steps down. C|Net

99-05-18 Intel confirms PII dead: Demise planned in six months. The Register

99-05-17 AMD to intro three K7s and it will be June: Roadmap

99-05-17 New Mobile Celeron and chipsets introduced today: Celeron 366, 440MZ and 440ZX chipsets out. Intel Infoworld

99-05-17 You can buy a 550MHz Intel inside PC now: Now PIII released today. The Register Intel Infoworld

99-05-16 Andy grove's office on the web: .

99-05-16 Unnamed 550 MHz chip benchmarks revisited by Anand: . The Register AnandTech

99-05-16 AMD registers new domain name: Now what's that? An upcoming Celeron contender perhaps? The Register

99-05-16 Taiwanese wire reports K7 chipset news: . The Register DigiTimes

99-05-14 550 MHz systems coming: PIII 550 release coming up. Also includes price roadmap until september. C|Net ZDNet ZDNet The Register EBNews

99-05-14 Intel holds on to Direct Rambus: Not giving in to PC-133 or PC-266 just yet. The Register

99-05-12 IEEE-1394 license set at 25 cents: . Techweb

99-05-12 Intel plans to slash some processor prices: . Techweb

99-05-10 Profits elude Intel's competitors: . MDR

99-05-13 Intel's Otellini outlines chip strategy: Otellini visits London. The Register

99-05-13 Intel back-tracks on IEEE 1394 strategy: Joining patent pool despite recent USB 2.0 support. The Register

99-05-11 HP will do Merced: . The Register

99-05-11 Will Merced give IA-32 a beating?: . Byte

99-05-10 Profits elude Intel's competitors: . MDR

99-05-10 Intel to launch $250M Merced fund: To draw developers to IA-64. Techweb C|Net Intel

99-05-10 Merced just a development platform for McKinley: Getting the first IA-64 chip out to developers is essential.  The Register

99-05-08 Intel hand seen behind SIA roadmap shift: The Semiconductor Industry Association follows Intel's lead. The Register SIA

99-05-08 Intel's 550MHz PIII comes in a week's time: Released at $744. The Register

99-05-06 Intel invests in chip equipment maker: $15M goes into SVG. C|Net

99-05-05 New big Intel systems coming your way: Mimosa, Hemlock, Willow, Koa, Tumbleweed, Juniper, Hickory, Shasta, Outrigger, Big Sur, and Lewis and Clark. Ouch! The Register

99-05-05 Chipzilla speaks: What will you be using in 2001: 133 MHz "Double Pumped" bus. The Register

99-05-05 HP confirms Merced retreat: McKinley becomes first IA-64 server base. The Register

99-05-04 IBM unwraps server based copper interconnects: First copper processor?. Techweb

99-05-03 Intel updates PIII price roadmap: Coppermine facts reiterated. Techweb

99-05-03 Intel sues Via - by mistake: But it might be filed again later. On purpose... The Register

99-05-01 Intel talks 600 MHz StrongArm: Speedy but not greedy (energy-wise).. The Register

99-05-01 Chimpzilla attacks... : Atiq Raza now officially AMD president... The Register C|Net AMD

99-04-30 Motorola, Intel settles lawsuit: Stolen Motorola engineers now happlily at Intel? C|Net ZDNet

99-04-30 Coppermine could finish off AMD for good: Well... The Register

99-04-30 Future Xeon roadmap revealed: Coppermine (Cascades?) debuts at 733 MHz?? The Register

99-04-30 i810 chipset analysis: . Tom's Hardware

99-04-29 Will K7 be the breakout chip for AMD?: . C|Net

99-04-29 Group supports Direct Rambus DRAM alternative: The SLDRAM consortium refocuses on DDR2-DRAM. Techweb

99-04-29 Katmai was resurrected because of AMD threat: . The Register

99-04-28 Direct Rambus shows no gains over current memory technology: Scalability not taken into account of course. The Register

99-04-28 550 MHz PIII has overheating problems: . The Register

99-04-28 Intel "disappointed" by AMD's K7: Rumours has a habit opf creating hype... The Register

99-04-28 Secrets of Intel's IA-64 roadmap revealed: Northwood chip said to start at 3GHz. The Register

99-04-27 Intel launches new graphics effort: The i752 is out. C|Net The Register Intel PressRel Techweb

99-04-27 Intel unveils fastest Celeron chip: More on the 466. Techweb C|Net CRN

99-04-27 Intel's new chip could shave $100 off PCs: More on i810, including the Firmware Hub, faster north to south bridge connection, prices etc. Techweb C|Net C|Net

99-04-27 Intel's copper to Cu real soon now: Testing on 0.13 micron copper already?... The Register

99-04-27 Hard facts emerge about Willamette: 450 pins, 1Mb cache, dual channel Rambus, Tehama chipset... We'll just have to wait... The Register

99-04-27 Celeron thrashes PIII in new RegMark tests: .. The Register

99-04-27 Now McKinley looks a tad delayed: .. The Register

99-04-26 Intel's move to sockets causes warehouse woes: Slot gets popular, suddenly... The Register

99-04-26 Revealed: Intel's most wanted: Looking for chips. The Register

99-04-26 466 MHz Celeron, i810 launched at last: As reported earlier. The Register i810 Celeron Pressrelease

99-04-26 Gelsinger confirms S370 form factor .18 micron: At least until 500 MHz Celeron. The Register

99-04-25 What the hell is... Camino and Rambus all about: Some Camino and Rambus info. The Register

99-04-25 Intel has (late) designs on your graphics: i752 and i754 an the way. The Register

99-04-24 AMD K7 500 trounces Pentium III/500: AMD engineer claims the K7 will beat the PIII, but by less than reported earlier. The Register

99-04-23 Intel initiates big Internet leap: Signs deal with Excite. Techweb

99-04-23 Buyers of Intel notebooks beware: It's the usual "bigger n' better in a few months" talk. The Register

99-04-23 Merced samples slip from June: "in three to four months". The Register

99-04-23 SuperMicro launches Whitney motherboards: Four i810 bords tba. The Register

99-04-23 UMA memory bandwidth: Performance hit by UMA memory analyzed. CPU Review

99-04-22 Why coppermine is Aluminium-mine: . The Register

99-04-22 AMI intros 64-bit PCI, quad PIII/Xeon mobos: Said to outperform Intel's own. The Register

99-04-21 Whitney museum - Intel website ready to launch: Intel sponsored virtual art museum opens friday. Techweb ArtMuseum

99-04-21 HP cools to Merced plans: Might wait for McKinley. Techweb

99-04-21 Intel close to completing overclocking plans: Clock lock almost there. The Register

99-04-20 Intel plans 600 MHz PIII for September release: Coppermine coming up. Techweb CRW

99-04-20 Camino delay saves BX chipset: The BX gets up to 0.7 GHz. But new motherboards will be needed. The Register

99-04-16 Lower licensing fee predicted for 1394: 25c per port expected. EETimes

99-04-19 Intel, NBC try digital TV venture: Interactive programming, etc. C|Net

99-04-19 Intel takes a stab at programmable chips: For networking processors. C|Net

99-04-18 AGP Pro info: Includes slot diagrams for AGP Pro, 1.5V AGP etc. KBench AGP Pro specs

99-04-18 Intel chipset specs relvealed: Specs for i810, i810E and i820. In Korean. KBench

99-04-18 Intel's desktop prices revealed until September: All the way until the Coppermine release. The Register

99-04-18 How Intel's geese lay golden eggs: On the Intel vs AMD wars. The Register

99-04-18 Cyrix socket support tips up: Picture of socket 370 to Slot1 converter with Cyrix support. The Register Akiba picture

99-04-16 Raw Coppermine, K7 benchmarks found in school: Based on simulations of expected architectures, so take these figures with loads of salt... The Register

99-04-16 Intel exec on future of Net, computing: Interview with Sean Maloney. C|Net

99-04-16 Intel readies more Rambus stop-gaps: Or: "How to use SDRAM in place of RDRAM". The Register

99-04-15 Rambus faces rocky road: Got nothing to do with ice cream. The Register

99-04-15 Intel will pay $3K for AMD's K7: And The Register will pay $2K. The Register

99-04-15 Intel exec shows E-commerce brawn: Sean Maloney mentions that Intel e-sales is up to $1B and Barrett uses 1007 MHz servers. InfoWorld InfoWorld

99-04-15 Willamette will outperform K7 by 2X: 1.1GHz Willamette performance predicted. And Coppermine 666 expected in Q4. The Register

99-04-15 Intel's vision: 3-D, talking Internet: More tricks to boost processor sales. ZDNet

99-04-15 466 MHz Celeron, i810 due April 26: As reported earlier. The Register

99-04-15 Intel to roll out 840 chipset this summer: Along with two motherboards. The Register

99-04-15 Intel will socket it, we'll see: Socket to me... Ehh.. Pin counts for Willamette and Foster. Seem a bit early to me... The Register

99-04-14 Pfeiffer very unhappy with Merced: The Alpha boss slams Alpha's upcoming competitor. Again. The Register

99-04-13 Intel will have Merced samples soon, CEO says: Barrett says samples will ship in four months. Techweb

99-04-13 Profits up but sales a concern at Intel: Net income $2B, revenues: $7.1B. C|Net C|Net roundup Techweb

99-04-14 AMD K6-III 400 thrashes Intel on Linux compilation: Compared with PII 400. The Register

99-04-12 Intel shines spotlight on mobile chips at DemoMobile: Mobile chip news from Spindler. InfoWorld

99-04-13 Intel prepares socket for PIII: To show this summer. The Register

99-04-13 Apple to move on Merced: According to senior Intel chip chap. The Register The Register (2)

99-04-12 Intel's 64 bit Merced: Software matters: IA-64 and Trimaran compiler info. Byte

99-04-12 Intel shines spotlight on mobile chips at DemoMobile: . InfoWorld

99-04-12 Intel admits manufacturing Achilles' heel: Si needs H2O. The Register

99-04-12 Intel OEMs face tough ride ahead: According to this story the PIII 533 will still appear. In the autumn. The Register

99-04-12 For Dell, the PII is dead: And PIII won't make it to the low end. C|Net

99-04-12 Coppermine to have 256 kB on die: As expected. The Register

99-04-12 Intel, AMD chops prices today: . The Register C|Net Techweb EBNews

99-04-11 Intel earnings expected up, AMD down: Too much price pressure for AMD's good. C|Net

99-04-09 S3, Via team to develop graphics/core logic solutions: Whitney mentioned. EETimes

99-04-09 Rambus preps 700 MHz version of Direct RDRAM: 800 and 600 MHz versions gets a new sibling. EBNews Techweb

99-04-09 64-bit Windows NT will ship for Alpha before IA-64: Early 2000 release for Alpha. Infoworld

99-04-08 AMD reports substantial decline: In Q1 shipments and revenues. Yahoo

99-04-08 Camino cockup panics chipzilla: Although I'd guess the cockup is more on the RDRAM side... The Register

99-04-08 SCSI takes on USB at high-end: SCSI roadmap. Techweb

99-04-08 Intel puts muscle behind home networking: More competition for Ericsson, Cisco and Microsoft. Techweb Intel

99-04-08 Intel plans straddle high, low end: Pat Gelsinger talks on WinHEC. C|Net Techweb CRN

99-04-08 HP to debut Merced ready box Monday: But for now it uses PA-RISC. The Register

99-04-08 Intel breaks NDA on server roadmap: Intel document unveils Carmel, Profusion and 133 MHz bus. The Register Intel server roadmap Intel desktop roadmap Intel mobile roadmap EBNews

99-04-08 More support for PIII complaint: More non-technical people feeling scared. C|Net

99-04-07 IBM spells out details of eight way Profusion box: Released in Q3. The Register

99-04-07 Intel Corollary technology late: Earlier reports confirmed. The Register

99-04-07 550 MHz Xeon processors ship: Shipping started today. C|Net

99-04-08 Support grows for Easy PC initiative: OnNow, USB, Firewire, Device-Bay and FlexATX shows the way to go. Yahoo

99-04-06 Intel applies famous price fork: Price cuts friday. The Register

99-04-06 Intel makes no comment on Coppermine cache: Unclear whether 64 kB L1 cache will be included. The Register

99-04-05 Intel half a beast with 333 Mobile Celeron: Low power PII and Celeron chips also announced. The Register Intel Pressrelease

99-04-05 Intel veers from IC road map: 815 chipset renamed to 810E and launched with 133 MHz bus in September. Techweb Techweb2

99-04-03 Celeron slot one dead: Slot Celerons to cease in June. The Register

99-04-03 Intel searches for more Merced babes in the woods: More chip engineers needed. The Register The Register

99-04-02 PC prices could drop $100 on PC debut: Celeron 466 and i810 introduced later this month. C|Net

99-03-31 Chip market sinks in '98, Intel still no 1: Semiconductor sales: $134.8B. C|Net

99-03-31 Intel Breaks Down Revenue-Pulling Sectors: Divides revenues into three categories. Techweb

99-04-03 Celerons to go 100MHz FSB: Released 99Q1. The Register

99-03-30 Intel using Alphas for IA-64 development: Merced development platform unstable, according to this source. The Register

99-03-30 Intel, IBM break off I/O talks: Future I/O and NGIO go separate ways. Techweb EETimes

99-03-30 Future of Alpha chip revealed: Interesting Alpha roadmap. Tech Roadmap

99-03-26 Intel dodges bullet: On the Intel - FTC settlement. MPR

99-03-26 Celeron reveals Intel's achilles heal: PII slower than Celeron in some instances. CRN

99-03-26 New Intel mobile chips to conserve power: Low power 266 MHz chips to be released next month. PCWeek

99-03-26 Profuse disapproval for Intel SMP plans: Some more Profusion info. ITWeek PIII special Merced special (not yet active)

99-03-26 Intel opens site to give Pentium advice: WebOutfitter will offer software tools etc for PIII owners. C|Net

99-03-26 Intel's 815 chipset destined to boost Celeron: Senior engineer claims Merced would have a better chance if developed on other location. EBNews

99-03-26 Merced project in utter disarray: Senior engineer claims Merced would have a better chance if developed on other location. The Register

99-03-26 PIII: How bad is the privacy threat?: Another analysis. Quite balanced, though. C|Net

99-03-25 Intel Plans Utah Research Center: Intel buys 1509 acres in Riverton, Utah. SJMerc EBNews

99-03-25 Ericsson, Qualcomm settle CDMA differences: See Tech Roadmap

99-03-24 Japanese roadmap info: Info on the 133 MHz bus, etc. JC Japanese source

99-03-24 Intel Xeon problems found on Japanese site: Problems with upcoming 133 MHz bus chips according to japanese info. The Register

99-03-24 Intel a monopoly - official: Market share above $1500 is 100%. The Register

99-03-24 Intel steps up Microsoft-Merced recruitment drive: IA-64 engineers needed. The Register

99-03-23 Intel to slash PIII prices on 11 April: . The Register

99-03-23 Compaq Merced designer flee coop: After Compaq shed Merced plans. The Register

99-03-22 Intel ups ante with higher clock speeds: Celeron 433, and onwards. Techweb

99-03-22 Xilinx ships the Real 64/66 PCI: New PCI chip released. Yahoo

99-03-19 Multiprocessing drive promises profits, problems for Intel: Corollary demoes Profusion. Includes info on Foster, NGIO vs FIO, etc. EETimes

99-03-19 Vendors itching to ship eight-way servers: Profusion delayed until mid-year. InfoWorld

99-03-19 Intel's graphics technology sacrifices processing power: "Multi Resolution Meshing" or MRM reduces the detail level of far-away objects in 3D games. EBNews

99-03-19 Intel posts new IDF documents: Describes Explicit Parallellism, Predication, Prediction, Speculation, etc. A response to the negative press Merced has received in the last few days perhaps? IA-64 Innovations document IA-64 Innovations presentation Merced Solutions Overview

99-03-18 FTC "considering" Intel probe: I'd be real disappointed if the FTC fell for the propaganda. C|Net

99-03-17 3DLabs PowerThreads SSE OpenGL driver boosts 3D performance...: With up to 100%. Yahoo

99-03-17 Intel looks like a winner: Came out ahead from the FTC agreement. SJ Mercury News

99-03-17 PIII Xeon gets thumbs up from app vendors:EBNews

99-03-17 Intel launces PIII Xeon, chipsets: i840 (Carmel) product literature available by mistake... EBNews

99-03-18 AMD kicks butt with 600 MHz K7 demo: Chips are running on the EV6 (Alpha) bus.  The Register

99-03-18 Chipzilla strikes back with 800 MHz PIII Xeon preview: At CeBIT. The Register InfoWorld

99-03-17 Compaq revisiting Merced strategy: The Alpha owner wonders: Is it worth the bother?. The Register

99-03-17 Celeron 433 to arrive Monday:The Register Techweb ZDNet

99-03-17 Intel takes the wraps off 550 MHz Xeon: Competing with RISC chips. C|Net Techweb ZDNet Intel iDev1 iDev2 PIII Xeon Home Datasheet

99-03-16 Xeon III prices out: Taking over the old Xeon prices... The Register

99-03-16 Merced dead, says Sun: Comments from an objective source... C|Net

99-03-15 New Xeon systems due this week: Tanner chips (PIII Xeon) to be released on Wednesday. C|Net

99-03-15 Intel meets re-marking pall on road   to Damascus: (Keeping their readers awake...) Intel releases software to read chip settings, clock etc on PIII systems. The Register C|Net PCWorld Intel FrequencyId software

99-03-14 Intel cuts broad path: Michael Slater comments on IDF. EETimes

99-03-14 Intel the Chipzilla just naive about PSN: Seem like the serial number was meant to fight chip re-marking. The Register

99-03-12 Intel readies 64-bit chips: From IDF last month. CRN

99-03-12 How serious is Pentium III's privacy risk?: On Intel's response to privacy complaints. C|Net

99-03-12 SGI, HP revive own chips on Merced delay: RISC chips found new life.  C|Net

99-03-12 Motorola sues Intel over trade secrets: Has Intel gained access to Motorola trade secrets by hiring their engineers?  Techweb

99-03-13 Serial number exists in all 0.25 um Intel chips: Engineer confirms that lots of PII:s have numbers.  The Register The Register

99-03-13 Merced pix blown up out of all proportion: More Merced and logo pictures.  The Register

99-03-12 Intel stealth-shipping Coppermine in Dixon disguise?: I doubt it.  The Register

99-03-12 Third fighter joins Firewire, USB 2.0 fray: 1355 might be a worthy contender, if supported by the right forces.  The Register

99-03-11 Software claims to undo PIII fix: Claims to get the serial no despite disable switch. But it still requires software to run on your PC. Software that might just as well format your HD. Which is worse?   C|Net

99-03-10 SharkyExtreme roadmaps: Some info on upcoming desktop and mobile processors.  Desktop Mobile

99-03-11 Intel: S3 had us by the goolies: The explanation behind the recent Intel-S3 friendliness is spelled IP...  The Register

99-03-11 Each Merced pin to cost nearly eight bucks: Here's some serious buck-per-pin calculations...  The Register

99-03-11 Intel admits serial snafu: For internal testing only. ZDNet The Register Techweb

99-03-09 Intel: Serial no not secure: Invalid numbers could be generated under extreme conditions. The Register

99-03-10 Pentium III guide: Overview of the PIII for users. ZDNet

99-03-10 Intel drops on shortfall rumors: Q1 might not live up to it's budget. C|Net

99-03-10 Dixon PIIs have serial number - it's a bug: But only in a limited series. The Register

99-03-08 To PC makers turn to Via: But Intel might be working on a BX2 chipset in the meantime. Maximum PC The Register

99-03-08 Intel case called off: Intels battle in court ended before it begun. The Register Techweb C|Net EBNews EETimes

99-03-08 x.86 has big future after Pentium III: Thoughts on future x86 and EPIC designs posted by chip architects. The Register CPU Design

99-03-07 1394 Trade Association replies to Intel Firewire snub: If you consider the A/V - computer convergence, 1394 is the way to go. The Register

99-03-06 Merced solutions overview: The Register gives the full Monty on Merced. Keynote speeches from IDF. The Register

99-03-05 Happy Cat post i810 benchmarks: Now translated from Japanese. The Register

99-03-03 Intel steps up price slashing game: More cutting to be made 99-04-11, when the 550 is introduced. The Register

99-03-04 New PIII specs available: The PIII:s really are 2.0 V, nothing else. Thanks Clive. SpecUpdate Optimization Ref. Manual Software Dev. Manual Vol. 2

99-03-03 PC designs hit runway at Intel show: FlexATX together with some roadmap news. CRN

99-03-03 PIII ID doesn't scare me: More balanced views start to surface. ZDNet

99-03-03 SECC costs more than SECC-2: A 10% premium is expected for the older package. The Register

99-03-03 Merced has got to have steel backplate: Chemist sends in numbers. The Register

99-03-03 VA Research to port Linux to Merced: With Intel NDA. EETimes Techweb

99-03-02 Merced chieftain outline futures: No silicon in pictured Merced package, but it will be built using 0.18 um with a separate cache chip. The Register

99-03-02 PIII number generator could aid psychic research: Mulder and Scully hot i820 buyers? Probably not. The Register

99-03-02 Real3D falls out with Intel: May be connected to Portola delay... The Register

99-03-02 HP Merced chipset to arrive next month: Only two PA-RISC revisions left until PA-death. The Register

99-03-02 IDF: : Coppermine & Camino. C|Net

99-03-01 PIII ok now, better later: Coppermine & Camino. C|Net

99-03-01 Intel decks mode chips: Celeron 300A removed from production. The Register

99-03-01 Intel NDA found on floor: Mentions Saber, Holmdel(?), etc. The Register

99-03-01 Merced - those pictures: Merced package shots. The Register

99-02-26 Intel ships Pentium III, slashes PII prices: And news about the 550.. The Register Techweb

99-02-27 Intel's delay of Camino has market ripple effect: . EBNews

99-03-02 IDF: Over: Coverage. EETimes The Register Intel 99-02-23 Intel 99-02-24 Intel 99-02-25

99-02-27 Intel fills in details of its 64-bit chip story: Merced samples to show in mid-1999. InfoWorld EETimes

99-02-26 Savage4 optimized for SSE: Direct3D driver uses new Pentium III instructions. Yahoo

99-02-28 Intel makes The Register sweat: In bunny suits. The Register Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

99-02-26 AMD outsells Intel in January: Have people been waiting for the PIII, or is it a sign of things to come? ZDNet C|Net

99-02-26 Pentium III released: . C|Net C|Net Intel EBNews Gamespot Blue door open

99-02-26 III's a crowd: AMD takes on high end: K6III challenging Pentium III. Techweb

99-02-25 IDF: Instantly Available PC system shown: Suspend to RAM gets a much needed kick-in-the-butt. Intel

99-02-25 IDF: Monitors demo digital interface spec: DDWG targets LCD, plasma... and CRTs. EETimes

99-02-25 IDF: Mobile Rambus spec unveiled: Power controlled Rambus to be used in portable applications. EETimes

99-02-25 IDF: Talks may end PC bus wars: Palm Springs meetings may end NGIO / Future I/O rivalry. EETimes Intel

99-02-25 IDF: Microsoft hissed and booed at Intel event: Carl Stork received a warm reception in Palm Springs. The Register

99-02-25 IDF: Intel, Transmeta and Linus Torvalds in cahoots: Linux 4 Merced coming up. The Register

99-02-25 IDF: Designer PCs strut their stuff: FlexATX, 1394, etc on the runway. C|Net

99-02-25 IDF: Intel funds move to boost Linux on PC: . C|Net

99-02-25 IDF: Intel's rumble in the desert: Forum coverage. C|Net

99-02-25 IDF: Intel explains investment plans: Les Vadasz takes the stage. The Register

99-02-25 IDF: Apple's Firewire future: Apple emulates Sony (and not just PlayStation)... The Register

99-02-25 IDF: Only real men have fabs: But intellectuals don't need 'em. Techweb

99-02-25 IDF: Intel links alleged PIII flaw to software: Serial number isn't buggy. Techweb The Register C|Net Techweb

99-02-24 IDF: Intel geezer talks in Geyserville: (Must be the time zones...) To show up this autumn together with the 440MX. The Register Intel C|Net

99-02-24 IDF: Eight-way Intel SMP systems to arrivein April: Corollary Profusion on its way. The Register

99-02-24 IDF: Chipset delayed: Camino pushed back until September. ZDNet

99-02-24 IDF: Merced only slightly undead: Merced will be cased in a Pin Array Cartridge (PAC). And more on the 460GX. (But the name will probably be aligned with newer chipsets. i920?)  The Register ZDNet Intel

99-02-24 IDF: Pentium III special: ZDNet

99-02-24 IDF: Intel plans new USB technology: In the second half of this year an extended USB, 10 to 20 times as fast should be specified. And will Future-ATA, capable of 1Gb/s, replace 1394? EBNews EETimes The Register

99-02-24 IDF: Trial won't help consumers, Intel says: If FTC wins, it might reduce incentive for innovation. Techweb

99-02-24 Pentium III SSE manuals available: But without timing info. Intel

99-02-24 IDF: New Pentium III socket on the way: To be able to build smaller boxes. The Register

99-02-24 IDF: Otellini on ... Willamette: "Willamette is on schedule. They're exactly on schedule. They haven't changed". The Register

99-02-24 IDF: Otellini on ... Alpha: "This is a bloody expensive game to play". The Register

99-02-24 IDF: Otellini on ... HP and Merced: "HP is not helping us design Merced". The Register

99-02-24 IDF: Direct Rambus delayed: Supplies delayed until Q3. The Register

99-02-23 Lack of funds may halt Russian Merced-killer: The E2k chip could become up to five times faster but has a long way to the market. Techweb The Register

99-02-23 Intel releases Pentium III benchmarks:  Techweb

99-02-23 Rough Guide to Katmai: (The New Instructions, not the mountain). Clive Turvey

99-02-22 Serial number software switch found: But you still have to download and run software on your PC. c't magazine

99-02-23 IDF: Intel's Otellini teases world with PIII benchmarks: The Register's Mike Magee is visiting evil. The Register

99-02-23 IDF: Intel stresses four Ss in style counsel: Speed, Speech recognition, (???) and Style.. The Register

99-02-23 IDF: Yu demonstrates 1GHz chip, talks roadmap talk: Albert Yu spills his beans. The Register ZDNet Techweb

99-02-22 IDF: Intel, partners to push digital video interface: Users not ready for 1394. ISA, RS232, 1384 must go. The Register

99-02-22 IDF: Intel says Linux instoppable:  The Register

99-02-22 IDF: Intel FlexATX motherboard to use 810 chipset: And socket 370 for Pentium III? The Register

99-02-22 The lowdown on Pentium III:  ZDNet UK

99-02-22 ViewLogic anounces co-simulation envirnoment for Merced:  Yahoo EETimes

99-02-22 Pentium III: Say "No thank you" for now: ZDNet uses some false rumors (1GHz in consumer products by the end of the year. Yeah right...) and the "things will be faster later" argument to motivate you to hold off buying your next processor. ZDnet

99-02-22 Intel banks on Pentium III:ZDNet 1 ZDNet 2

99-02-22 Pentium III review:AnandTech

99-02-22 AMD rolls out K6-III: The first III is out today. AMD info on Tech Roadmap

99-02-19 Intel demos 0.18 micron processors: Mobile PII 400 showcased.  EBNews

99-02-19 Intel in charge: Intel Inside -- in charge -- in for a fall?  SJ Mercury News 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

99-01-30 i820 (Camino) pictures on Japanese site: And the text reads: "In addition to Intel's 810 (Whitney,VGA i742), Intel will disclose its Intel 815 which will support FSB133 SDRAM and integrated i752(Portola)." Escondido, i742 and Calderon are also mentioned. HappyCat  The Register (managed to get the story translated)

99-02-19 K6-III pictures reach cyberspace: But the 2.3 V core voltage pose questions. The Register HappyCat

99-02-19 How fast is the PIII? Don't ask: Gag order on software vendors (But graphics performance jumps by 33%). PCWorld

99-02-19 After chip's debut, critics step up attack: Privacy groups keep at it.. NYTimes (reg)

99-02-19 Pentium III systems subject to export control: Xeon suddenly becomes a supercomputer... EBNews

99-02-15 Pentium III serial number is just a tool: Editorial by Linley Gwennap. MPR

99-02-19 AMD to roll out K6-III chip: On Monday. C|Net

99-02-19 AMD fights back: Article at AMD's site claims 3dNow more OS friendly than KNI... Marketing boneheads go to work once again... AMD VE

99-02-19 Marketing blitzkried for Pentium III: With $300M in motion you'll get some heavy artillery. C|Net

99-02-19 Intel forced to support PC133: 133 MHz bus processors will reach 733 MHz before year's end. The Register

99-02-17 IDF: Overloading on Merced: "McKinley will include a few more instruction units". EETimes EETimes EET's IDF coverage

99-02-17 1GHz story takes Alice-like dimensions: Either they'll demo 1GHz or they won't... The Register The Register

99-02-16 Intel touts Pentium III enhancements: And the plan is changed to incorporate a 550 MHz processor in May. C|Net EBNews CRN

99-02-17 CA first to embrace chip Id technology: For LANs and WANs. Techweb Yahoo C|Net

99-02-18 Fujitsu sees more delay in Direct Rambus: "1999 is not going to be a Direct Rambus year" Techweb The Register

99-02-16 Apple, five others form 1394 patent pool: Trying to push Firewire. EETimes

99-02-16 Pentium III preview gets muted greeting: . C|Net C|Net ZDNet ReviewZone ZDNet

99-02-16 Pentium III chips could hit 1GHz this year: "Big 1" sampled late this year. Perhaps. Techweb

99-02-16 Vendors detail upcoming chips at technical show: News to be unveiled at ISSCC. Infoworld EETimes ISSCC Coverage

99-02-16 Intel driving low cost modems: "Host based" cable modems coming to light. C|Net

99-02-16 Intel takes Pentium III to 650 MHz: Tests with the 0.25 um chips have been made at high speeds. EBNews

99-02-15 Intel chip slip curbs Rambus clock speed: An 815 chipset also in the works. EBNews

99-02-15 HP weak link in Merced chain: Comittment info varies. The Register

99-02-15 Pentium III free (expensive) at last (nearly): "Free at last, free at last!". The Register C|Net

99-02-13 Intel takes wraps off next generation bus: NGIO allows up to 17 m of cable. IT Week

99-02-13 Packaging and lithography plans: Intel slides. The Register

99-02-13 Pentium III demo spotlights 3-D: Surprise!. Infoworld

99-02-13 Why Intel's 0.18 um is really 0.13 um: Intel confuses world + dog. The Register The Register

99-02-13 No copper until 0.13 um: . The Register The Register Slides

99-02-12 Intel may want it's 300 mm stepper back from Sematech: Not many 300 mm wafer steppers available... EBNews

99-02-13 Intel's road to 1GHz: Intel roadmap slides. The Register The Register

99-02-12 Editorial: Trying to catch the 133 MHz bus: AMD is first in line. EBNews

99-02-12 Intel launching Pentium III with a bang: Big show-off Wednesday. Techweb

99-02-12 Sluttish Merced still undead: Still on for release in mid-2000. The Register

99-02-11 Compaq could snap up AMD: From the rumour mill. The Register

99-02-11 AMD got game: Game publishers support 3DNow!. C|Net

99-02-11 Genuine Pentium III systems for sale in the UK: . The Register

99-02-11 What does Pentium III bring to the party: PIII previewed next Wednesday. C|Net Mercury Center

99-02-10 Clive's Katmai page updated: More register info, floating point precision tests etc. Clive's Katmai Page

99-02-11 Cyrix enlists for Rambus: Now all the (relatively) big three is on the bus. The Register

99-02-11 SiS to support K7, Pentium III: Competing with the i820. The Register

99-02-10 Two patents shed further light on Merced: Algorithms for speculative execution patented. EETimes

99-02-10 Intel cuts Celeron prices, AMD forced to, also: AMD and Intel's pricecuts. Techweb

99-02-10 Analyst: Intel chipset with Rambus interface delayed: 600 MHz Rambus interface in Camino in June, 800 MHz version in Q3. EBNews Techweb EETimes

99-02-09 Siemens to shift servers to Merced: "Intel will begin to dominate [the server market]. We have bet the future of our business on Intel." Infoworld

99-02-10 Intel serial number linked to US transaction plan: Processor ID lets online companies identify users. Well maybe so, but you still don't identify the user... The Register

99-02-10 The Pentium III's job I: Intel try once again to explain to paranoid groups that the serial number won't be broadcast across the intenet. Mercury Center

99-02-10 Intel to introduce 700 MHz mobile next year: Coppermine info. The Register

99-02-09 Intel, Microsoft fall out over Merced: Microsoft's Merced compiler needs an overhaul. The Register

99-02-10 Intel updates mobile lineup: Mobile chips revisited. CRN

99-02-10 Does AMD have the muscle: AMD suffers from manufacturing problems while price pressured by Intel. Again. ZDnet

99-02-09 Chipping away at Intel's case: Intel failed to oust one of FTCs lawyers, while new evidence against the chipmaker has been unearthed. C|net

99-02-07 Intel CFO: We're back in the saddle again: Andy Bryant says Celeron has finally become a success. Techweb Mercury Center

99-02-08 Intel's own roadmap: Foster in mid-2000, Merced: 4 FPUs in , sampling mid-99, cartridge preview, McKinley info, etc.  Intel (2.3MB) The Register

99-02-08 Intel architecture roadmap: Not much technical info, though. Intel (1.8MB)

99-02-08 Intel EPIC presentation: Intel (180kB) The Register

99-02-08 Doubts still remain over unclothed PIIIs in Japan: Core voltage seem too high. The Register

99-02-05 Pentium III sales in full swing in Japan: To Intel's dismay... The Register

99-02-05 Naked PIII pictures: Thanks to Clive Turvey. Front Back Clive's Katmai Pictures Also check out Clive's Katmai Page. Probably the most complete Katmai resource thus far.

99-02-05 Intel may spark Japan's DRAM turnaround: Will Intel contue investing in memory manufacturers? Techweb

99-02-05 Intel's PR blunder: Security issues has a way of engaging the Internet community. ZDNet

99-02-05 Mobile PIII to sport 100 MHz bus: A 433 MHz chip using the 100 MHz bus sounds a little suspicous, though. ZDNet

99-02-05 Intel to slash Pentium II prices: CRN

99-02-05 Behind the making of the Pentium III: Move 0.18 um, etc. ZDNet

99-02-05 Intel fuels fire with Celeron cuts: New cuts on Monday. C|Net The Register C|Net overview ZDNet

99-02-05 Pentium III 450 and 500 review: But ignore the "L2 cache operating at core speed" line.  Review Zone

99-01-25 Where's Willamette?: Linley Gwennap questions Intel's priorities. MicroProcessor Report

99-02-07 Analysis: AMD caught in Intel's pricing fork: Celeron 433 released on Feb 28th? The Register

99-02-05 VIA puts weight behind PC 133: Direct Rambus too expensive. The Register

99-02-05 VIA unveils chipset roadmap, claims Camino late: Claims to beat Camino by six months at it's March introduction. The Register

99-02-04 Intel declares war against AMD in low-end PC-mart: Celeron outclocks PII in Q2.  EBNews

99-02-02 Naked Pentium III found in downtown Tokyo: According to the model it must be a fake: "It wasn't me. I haven't been there"The Register JC Japanese site

99-02-03 Intel, HP, IBM and Compaq to trash out IO directions: Shootout over NGIO in Monterey this month...  The Register

99-02-03 Is Merced a RISCy chip: RISC or CISC? EPIC!  The Register

99-02-03 PIII now supported by Microsoft: DirectX 6.1 includes KNI support despite AMD's predictions...  EBNews

99-02-03 Intel to launch Pentium III Feb. 26: Along with "the blue door".  Techweb CRN

99-02-02 Intel reportedly moves ahead with 300 mm fab in Oregon: Construction of the 0.13 um fab could be restarted. SBN EBN

99-02-02 Early Pentium III sales irk Intel: Trying to stop sales until the launch. Unlikely to work, though...  C|Net

99-01-31 PIII to offer hidden boosts: Info on core voltage on 0.25 and 0.18 um chips.  ZDNet

99-01-31 Intel brings PIII launch forward: PIII preview causing early K6-3 preview causing...  The Register

99-01-31 Intel causes furore over Slot 1 re-box: OEM chips reboxed as retail units.  The Register

99-01-31 Willamette not teacher's pet: To show up early? Or late? Crystal ball needs a polish.  The Register

99-01-29 Pentium III now on sale: Resellers are selling the PIII before it's release.  C|Net EBN

99-01-28 Chipmakers outline 600 MHz plans: At ISSCC -99 conference at 15th of March.  C|Net

99-01-28 Intel to cut Celerons again, push up 433 launch: Cuts, faster introductions, erroneous price lists....  Techweb

99-01-28 Merced undercut by Alpha: 533 MHz Samsung Alphas available for $250.  The Register

99-01-28 Intel announces a 2-for-1 stock split and cash dividend increase: To be made on Mar. 23.  Yahoo

99-01-27 Merced is undead: Merced to ship in 2000, production samples in June 1999.  The Register

99-01-26 Intel changes it's mind on PIII numbers: ID number off by default. Now if we could only turn off the IP number....  The Register

99-01-27 Intel to pull out stops for Pentium III demo: Intel's larges show this year expected on Feb. 17.  EETimes Intel

99-01-27 ID protection scheme called unsufficent: Fears that hackers will crack the ID calculation code.  EETimes

99-01-27 Mobile Celerons won't rush to retail: Available in a few months.  Techweb

99-01-27 Pentium ID concerns were unfounded, expert says: Some reality for a change. That's nice.  EETimes

99-01-26 Why Intel's ID tracker won't work: Another writer that's misunderstood the ID's use.  ZDNet

99-01-26 Arizona lawmaker seeks to ban Pentium III: Incompetent lawyers have to work too.  C|Net

99-01-26 Intel pulls ad from Superbowl: Decided to wait until closer to the launch.  Techweb C|Net

99-01-25 Intel starts preaching about security: On the use of the serial no and upcoming true random generator.  EETimes

99-01-25 Intel differentiates Mobile PII, celeron: And mobile PIII expected using the 100 MHz bus expected later this year  Techweb

99-01-25 Intel adjusts ID code to consumer concerns: Now it is inactive by default, still paranoia reigns. Techweb ZDNet Infoworld

99-01-25 Advocacy group calls for Intel boycott: Yeah, and they'll also boycott cars, mobile phones, TVs, and anything else with a serial number... Hit the off switch, goddamit, give me a break... ZDNet

99-01-25 Intel's lousy software III -- MS says it has enough of it's own: More on the ancient NSP (native signal processing) hack. The Register

99-01-25 Notebooks get refreshed with new chips: PII 266PE, 300PE, 333 and 366 Mobile processors out. Includes enhanced power save functionality as they may power down between keystrokes. Infoworld Yahoo Intel PII Celeron

99-01-25 Vendors tout new PII, Celeron notebooks:  CRN

99-01-25 SiS licences Intel's P6 bus: More Celeron chipsets to come? SBN

99-01-25 Pentium III learns something new from the past: Pentium III and it's predecessors. Infoworld

99-01-25 Intel could sue over Katmai and IA-64 -- MS exec: Trial coverage. The Register

99-01-22 Other firms evaluation processor IDs: Intel's number is 64 + 32 bits, i.e. close to the number of particles in the universe. If they make that many chips I guess they'll have a hard time finding raw material... ZDNet

99-01-22 Intel: We won't track Id chips: Careful to avoid the 1984 syndrome. Also: Random number generator will be based on thermal noise. ZDNet

99-01-22 Intel readies 366 MHz notebook chip: Dixon moving to the street. C|Net

99-01-22 Intel share of chip market slips: AMD doing their job. C|Net

99-01-22 Intel processors to be smaller, cheaper: Shift to 0.18 um before summer. C|Net SBN

99-01-21 Intel invests in Samsung to push Rambus: More Rambus vendors needed, apparently. EETimes

99-01-21 First Katmai enhanced apps coming Feb 17: Intel will show off the new instruction set. Infoworld

99-01-21 Intel to electronically ID chips: Pentium III to include serial number. ZDNet ZDNet2 Techweb The Register

99-01-19 Intel, RSA ink deal to build security in chips: . Infoworld

99-01-18 Intel and Microsoft head for clash over graphics?: SGI's latest workstations uses some UMA (Unified Memory Architecture) scheme instead of AGP. Is that needed for Fahrenheit? The Register The Register

99-01-17 Updated: SMP Celerons hacked together: "These guys have too much time on their hands -- they should be writing novels rather than drilling holes in microprocessors." The Register

99-01-18 Mobile Celerons soon to appear: 266 and 300 MHz due on the 25th. The Register

99-01-17 Updated: SMP Celerons hacked together: "These guys have too much time on their hands -- they should be writing novels rather than drilling holes in microprocessors." The Register

99-01-15 Upgrade to Pentium III should be a breeze: Only BIOS change needed. C|Net

99-01-15 Chipset vendors backing new SDRAM spec: PC133 on it's way. EBN

99-01-14 Intel reaches out to board makers with NGIO: Seeks industry's help in developing mechanical format. EETimes

99-01-13 Celeron 300A Slot 1 kept till year's end: But according to one retailer it's finished... The Register

99-01-13 First Pentium III review?: Games developers expecting 10 - 15% performace boost using KNI optimizations. Firing Squad

99-01-11 PCI-X gang of three challenges Intel with Future I/O: Bus wars loom. The Register

99-01-11 Mother nature helps crank Celeron to 550 MHz: Dragging the Celeron 366 out in the snow... Techweb

99-01-11 Pentium III draws reader's fire: Oh my God! A new product name? That must mean my spanking new PII is obsolete. Let's kick Intel's ass! ;)  ZDNet

99-01-08 Pentium III to be called Katmai: ;). The Register

99-01-11 Pentium III becomes official name: It's finally official! Pentium III and Pentium III Xeon it is. Techweb ZDNet ZDNet Intel iPress release PIII logo PIII Xeon logo Infoworld

99-01-09 Intel set to unleash barrage of mobile chips: PII, Celeron and P MMX chips. Infoworld

99-01-09 Intel to deliver Pentium III: Price of the Katmai 450 to be lower than current PII. Techweb

99-01-08 IBM, Compaq and HP rejects NGIO: Technical reasons claimed, but lack of royalties may be deciding factor. Infoworld

99-01-08 Intel warns about overclocking new Celerons: Claims the clock lock is in place. The Register

99-01-07 Intel goes chip crazy: Pentium MMX 300 for portables released. The Register

99-01-07 Pentium III 450 to cost less than PII 450 today: Rumors of price cuts circulating. The Register

99-01-07 Latest Celeron, PII pricing info: . EBNews

99-01-07 Pentium III will be name for Katmai: To be announced on Monday, Jan, 11. C|Net, ZDNet Infoworld

99-01-06 Intel tips eight-way server plans: KNI includes database optimizing instructions, Profusion due before June. Techweb

99-01-05 Xeon 450 w 2 MB cache released: Press release. Intel

99-01-02 Intel a whited sepulchre on overclocking: The Register complains about Intel trying to get paid for used performance... The Register

99-01-05 Improved Xeon processor due: Release set for today. C|Net

99-01-04 Intel reveals low-end strategy for 1999: Celeron system roadmap. EETimes ZDNet

99-01-04 Intel introduces Celerons, Xeons this week: 366 and 400 MHz chips released, Xeon coming up. Techweb C|Net C|Net ZDNet CRN EBN The Register Intel


Other News 1999

99-12-21 S3 seeks Number Nine's assets: Buys the company after bankruptcy. Techweb 

99-12-17 800 MHz Athlons tip-up in Intel-AMD desperation derby : Athlon catching up on Jan 4th. The Register 

99-12-17 AMD to play key role in future of Alpha architecture: Working together on the new Caspian chipset for the EV6 bus. Techweb 

99-12-17 Win 2000 Advanced Server More Stable Than NT 4.0: CPU utilization lower while web throughput decrease... Techweb 

99-12-17 AMD demonstrates 900 MHz chips: Just days after reports on Intel's release of an 800 MHz chip. Techweb 

99-12-15 Microsoft sends Win2000 to manufacturing: . Techweb CNet

99-12-03 AMD likely to beat Alpha, Intel to 1 GHz punch: But the fat lady hasn't sung yet. The Register  

99-12-03 Gateway refutes claim it uses Athlon: . Techweb  

99-12-03 Windows 2000 poised for RTM: Manufacturing starts in a week. Techweb  

99-12-02 Sony-Toshiba PlayStation II chip moving down to 0.175 micron: Before launch in March 2000. EBN  

99-12-02 IBM Micro says it is first to introduce SiGe and copper interconnect: . EBN  

99-12-01 Motorola develops ultra thin transistor material: . EBN  

99-11-29 AMD releases 750 MHz Athlon: And new K6-2:s. Techweb  CNet  The Register 

99-11-28 Russian chip design may top Intel's fastest:CNet  

99-11-23 Mobos for 750MHz .18 micron Athlons easy peasy: And 750 MHz devices out on the 29th.  The Register 

99-11-23 Compaq to spend $100 M marketing Alphas: Could be interesting.  The Register 

99-11-23 New Astro Athlon from Gateway...officially:The Register 

99-11-22 DVD-RAM sales up despite uncertain standards: 600,000 units sold this year.  CNet 

99-11-19 HAVi networking spec nears implementation: AV interworking architecture closer to home.  EETimes

99-11-19 Samuel follows Joshua down Via's CPU roadmap: Cyrix's Gobi -> Joshua,  while Samuel is a Timna competitor.  EETimes 

99-11-19 Intel's Concept PCs: Wintel's last stand?: FlexATX machines shown at Comdex.  The Register 

99-11-18 AMD finally trademarks Athlon and own name: Already?.  The Register 

99-11-16 Microsoft launches Windows 2000 RC3: And release is at Feb. 17.  Techweb 

99-11-12 AMD future roadmap recalls World War II: Thunderbirds, Mustangs and Spitfires attacking Intel next year.  The Register 

99-11-11 AMD confirms 750 Athlon a go-go, mentions Register in despatches:The Register 

99-11-08 Loose SCSI standards breed incompatibility: 16 bit Ultra-3 SCSI plays fast 'n' loose.  Techweb 

99-11-08 Via to intro new Athlon chipset, DDR desktop next month:The Register 

99-11-05 IEEE drafting 10- Gbit Ethernet standard: Still life in the old girl.  Techweb 

99-11-02 Big Q hits back at Gartner Alpha report: Gartner report claims Alpha program in danger.  The Register 

99-11-02 S3-Via eyes high-end chipsets, acquisitions: Athlon chipsets with S3 graphics coming up.  Techweb 

99-11-01 Microsoft to detail Windows 2000 pricing: $219 for Win98 upgrade...  Techweb 

99-11-01 Nvidia drives into pro 3D market with Quadro:Techweb The Register

99-10-29 Notebook PC makers hash out new display standards: To help display shortage. Techweb

99-10-27 Windows 2000 earns a February release date: . Techweb CNet

99-10-25 AMD Intros $666 700 MHz Athlon, cuts prices: . The Register 

99-10-25 ATI aims Rage 128 graphics chip for mobile use: . EETimes 

99-10-25 Intel's Barrett to sell $27.4 million in stock: . CNet 

99-10-24 Russian Merced killer firm confirms Transmeta link : . The Register 

99-10-20 Copper Athlon hits 900 MHz, AMD cranks 1GHz plus production: . The Register 

99-10-18 AMD open's new chip fab in Dresden: . AMD 

99-10-18 1GHz Athlon to arrive 10 Jan 2000: . The Register 

99-10-18 Canon gets 1394 'FireWireless' up to 100Mbps: FireWire on the air. The Register 

99-10-15 New standards change face of cell-phone market: W-CDMA chipsets sees the light of day. Techweb 

99-10-14 SiS Acquires Rise CPU Technology: Another processor maker bought by chipset supplier. Techweb 

99-10-14 Hyundai To Spin Out Merged Chip Company: Hyundai Microelectronics sees the light of day. Techweb 

99-10-14 Joint Venture Debuts 300-mm Products: First products from 300 mm wafers produced by Motorola and Infineon. Techweb 

99-10-13 No Windows 2000 Before Its Time, Ballmer Says: "Windows 2000 will ship some time in the next several months." Techweb 

99-10-12 LSI Logic to buy Hitachi chips: Producing system-on-a-chip. CNet 

99-10-10 AMD cools on Slot-B, but Alpha alliance still strong: . The Register 

99-10-07 Nvidia goes bi-annual barmy: To release a new graphics processor twice a year... The Register 

99-10-07 Intel Itanium looks over shoulder, twice: Sees AMD and IBM. EETimes 

99-10-07 Sun unveils first MAJC chip: "An architecture for the next 20 years". EETimes 

99-10-07 IBM rolls out 500 MHz PowerPC: PPC440 intended for embedded apps. Techweb EETimes

99-10-07 AMD reports 3Q loss: Strong Athlon sales wasn't quite enough. Techweb IDG

99-10-06 NEC puts 0.13 micron process on the fast track: Shipping in February.  EETimes

99-10-06 Playstation 3 to ship 2002: Emotion Engine 2 to include 50 M transistors and EE3 500...  The Register

99-10-06 Sony to use Playstation2 technology for workstation line: Called "Creative Workstation". EETimes

99-10-06 AMD unveils server oriented Athlon 'Xeon': . The register

99-10-06 Future of Rise Technology in doubt as company eyes SOC strategy: Due to price war. EBN CNet

99-10-05 Rise Technology re-evaluating microprocessor roadmap: . EBN

99-10-05 IBM points Power4 Gigaprocessor at 2GHz: Launched in 2001, and sped up in 2002-3. The Register Techweb

99-10-05 Communications DSP cores unveiled: From Analog Devices, Massana and MIPS. EETimes EBN

99-10-05 US firm previews 140 GB media disk storage: DVD like disks with up to 10 layers of information using fluorescent incoherent light coming real soon now... The Register

99-10-04 Embedded chips take center stage at forum: From MIPS, IBM, Hitachi / STMicroelectronics, and National Semiconductors. Techweb SBN (Hitachi) EET (Hitachi) SBN (MIPS) 

99-10-04 Morita, architect of Sony, dies: Father of the Walkman. The Register

99-10-04 AMD launches 700 MHz Athlon: . Techweb EBN The Register CNet AMD

99-10-01 Nvidia NV10 specs: Found on HardOCP. Specs 

99-10-01 K7/Athlon 700 official launch date: Monday . The Register CNet

99-09-30 AMD's K8, a Merced competitor, among chips detailed next week: At Microprocessor Forum. CNet 

99-09-30 Sony signs six for stick: The Memory Stick moves up. The Register 

99-09-24 New Transmeta patent reveals x86 killer design: . The Register 

99-09-24 IEEE to inherit embedded processor debug spec: . Techweb 

99-09-24 S3, Diamond Multimedia complete merger: . Techweb 

99-09-20 AMD rolls out faster mobile chips: K6-2 P up to 475 MHz out. CRN  Techweb The Register

99-09-17 Resurgent Motorola looks to expand capacity: Investing in Fabs. EETimes 

99-09-15 Start ups working on learning processor: Silicon neural network consisting of 256 8-bit RISCs on a chip. Techweb 

99-09-15 AMD to cut Athlon price in October?: On the 4th. The Register Confirmed

99-09-14 Via's chip roadmap takes shape: Cyrix and Centaur integration. The Register 

99-09-14 AMD ships Athlon 700s in volume: . The Register 

99-09-13 Via shopping spree reshapes x86 market: Challenges and opportunities. Microprocessor Report 

99-09-12 AMD's K8 to be re-engineered K7: Extending the K7 to 64 bits. The Register 

99-09-10 New Mac G4 hit the stores: At 400 MHz. ZDNet 

99-09-10 Retailers take to OS9: New Mac OS out in November. ZDNet 

99-09-10 Dreamcast: Huge sales, massive returns: Games are bouncing back. ZDNet 

99-09-10 AMD cuts chip prices: K6-2, K6-III going down. ZDNet 

99-09-06 Via offers succour to 1394 standard: Will Via really beat Intel to 1394? The Register 

99-09-06 AMD to intro K8 at Microprocessor Forum: Intel's rival planning 64 bit chip. Compatible with ? .. The Register 

99-09-06 Microsoft readies x86, Nvidia based rival to Playstation: Game console based on Windows? I don't think so.... The Register CNet

99-09-03 New DVD recorders could divide industry: First there was DVD-RAM. Then came DVD+RW. And now DVD-R/W. Standards are good. The more the better... Techweb 

99-09-02 Compaq has copper Alphas working: . The Register 

99-08-31 Motorola introduces copper processor: The MPC7400 PowerPC G4 made in a 0.18 um process. Techweb  

99-08-31 Nvidia launches the world's first graphics processing unit: NV10 hits the fan with 23 M transistors... Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo Techweb Nvidia Press Release GeForce

99-08-30 Philips to launch DVD recorders in mid-2000: At last a replacement for the VCR?. CNet

99-08-30 Apple may unveil 500 MHz chips at Seybold: AltiVec hits the Mac. CNet

99-08-30 Nvidia to go for huge tranny count: NV10 details unveiled on Tuesday. Said to include 23 million transistors... The Register

99-08-29 S3 to release new graphics accelerator: Savage2000 unveiled tomorrow. CNet EBN ZDNet

99-08-27 AMD raising chip's speed to 500 MHz: New, faster K6-2 released. CNet The Register CNet EBN

99-08-26 AMD spins Elan chip with debug feature: 586 based chip for embedded applications. EETimes

99-08-26 Why major players snub AMD's Athlon: Analysis. ZDNet

99-08-25 Intel and 64 bit architectures: Is Merced to be taken seriously? . IT-Director 

99-08-24 Japanese engineer overclocks Athlon 500 to 650 MHz: . The Register Japanese

99-08-23 nVidia up, 3Dfx down in graphics fight: nVidia now have a lead in earnings too. C|Net

99-08-20 Can AMD pull off Athlon success?: Ok, so now they're fast. But will they be able to make money? C|Net

99-08-19 IBM previews 1GHz Power4 chip: To be introduced in the second half of  2001. Silicon

99-08-18 Test firm claims AMD manipulated Athlon chip results:  Claims AMD modified 3DMark 99 to top PIII. SBN

99-08-17 Sun discloses details of MAJC architecture: Java processor out. Sun MAJC

99-08-13 Via's Cyrix buyout may delay some MPU lines: Layoffs will delay the M-II, also known as Mojave. Techweb

99-08-12 AMD set to challange Intel dominance: Athlon versus PIII. Silicon

99-08-12 AMD favors PC133, SDRAM over RAMBUS: . Techweb

99-08-11 AMD needs cash for the Dresden money pit: Need more equipment. The Register

99-08-11 AMD plans broad Athlon processor line: More on Ultra, Professional and Select. EETimes

99-08-11 SGI unveils first release of open source code: Parts of XFS, their journaled file system is out. Techweb

99-08-11 Athlon mobos three times dearer than PIII equivalents: . The Register

99-08-10 SGI restructures, graphics team to join Nvidia: The collaboration deepens... Techweb

99-08-10 Via chipset to support Athlon: The Via KX133 chipset supports PC133, AGP4x, ATA66 and the Athlon bus. Techweb

99-08-09 AMD wrests away speed crown from Intel: Athlon 650 announced. C|Net AMD ZDNet Techweb

99-08-09 Tons of Athlon reviews out! As NDAs expire. ACE's Hardware AGN Hardware ARS Technica CPUReview FullOn3D LostCircuits SharkyExtreme and more on JC's Athlon link & review page ...

99-08-07 AMD to wrest away speed crown from Intel: Athlon 650 t.b.a. next week. C|Net

99-08-06 AMD K7 strategy is a tightrope walk: The K is apparently for gaming nowadays... The Register

99-08-06 SGI to spill beans on new strategy: Next week. The Register

99-08-05 IBM to unveil Power4 processor at Hot Chips: Later this month. Techweb

99-08-04 Metabyte's rebuttal against Tom's Hardware: PGC is real. Gamer's Depot

99-08-04 ViA to buy IDT's x86 processor business: Another former Intel competitor acquired by the chipset maker. Techweb

99-08-02 Sun to unleash it's multimedia Majc: The Java chip is on. Silicon 

99-08-02 K7/Athlon previews: German tests putting K7 ahead of the PIII. GNN (auto translate) ZDNet (at) WinNT Mag JC

99-08-03 ViA, AMD finalize chipset deal: K7 chipset to be unveiled August 10th. The Register

99-08-03 AMD positions K7 Athlon for enterprise: Ultra and Professional suffixes used for segmentation. The Register ZDNet

99-08-02 3Dfx brings professional graphics to consumer level: Well, they'd better do something.... EETimes

99-07-30 Toshiba combines DVD-ROM and CD-RW in one drive: Out in September. C|Net Techweb EETimes

99-07-26 Bluetooth spec hits 1.0:Intel

99-07-12 What is a seventh-generation processor: AMD's Athlon attempts to clear the bar. MDRonline

Good to be back after a long, hot vacation! Looking forward to an even hotter chip season...

99-07-09 AMD K7: 700MHz an easy overclock: And a 750 MHz part in Q3 or Q4. The Register

99-07-08 System builders fear Intel's wrath as K7 launches: System builders expect Intel to punish Athlon system builders. The Register

99-07-04 AMD's Next Round With Intel: Is Intel's sleeve empty for once? C|Net

99-06-28 Graphics chip leader ATI pushes into new markets: Starting development of integrated chipsets. C|Net

99-06-25 Cool chip breaks 1GHz barrier: Alpha running from the pack. ZDNet

99-06-24 Chips to hit size barrier in 2012: We've heard it before. Maybe it's real this time? In 2012 line sizes will be 0.06 micron = 5 atoms in the gate oxide...  ZDNet

99-06-23 AMD launches K7, warns of loss: Athlon released Wednesday last week.  Techweb C|Net The Register

99-06-22 Alpha pushes processor to a cool 1GHz: More on the Samsung version.  C|Net

99-06-22 S3 to buy Diamond Multimedia: Eating instead of being eaten. Investors opinions differ.  C|Net ZDNet The Register

99-06-19 Slot B pix arrive as API confirms AMD collaboration: Alpha and AMD to appear in new clothing.  The Register Alpha Roadmap

99-06-18 K7 renews AMD hope of challenging Intel: Odds are better than ever.  Techweb

99-06-18 AMD likely to name new K7 chip "Athlon":   C|Net The Register The Register (lawsuit coming up?) WinMag

99-06-16 Samsung's Alpha to exceed 1 GHz in year's time:   The Register The Register

99-06-16 Divx DVD backers call it quits: Circuit city shuts down DivX. Finally!  C|Net ZDNet

99-06-16 Name that K7: Released as the Athlon?  The Register

99-06-16 AMD K7 yields to noone, especially Intel: K7 built using 0.18 micron technology?.  The Register

99-06-16 AMD copper techniques emerge: Copper patent to AMD.  The Register

99-06-15 AMD rolls out 400 MHz K6-2P for notebooks: Released one day after Intel's 400 Mhz notebook chips.  Techweb SBN

99-06-14 Compaq outlines Unix roadmap: For Alpha.  Techweb

99-06-14 AMD sets high expectations for K7: More AMD performance info.  ZDNet

99-06-11 K7 to feature expanded instruction set: 25 new 3DNow! instructions added to match Intel's Streaming SIMD. Does that make it 4DNow?.  Techweb EBN

99-06-11 AMD says K7 outperforms Intel's Xeon: K7 outperforms Xeon by 5-15% on integer and 35-40% on floating point calculations in AMD's measurements.  Techweb EBN

99-06-10 AMD K7 to launch 28 June at 600 MHz: Together with 500 and 550 MHz versions.  The Register The Register JC K7 overview

99-06-12 Compaq exec says copper Alpha in '99:The Register

99-06-09 3Dfx set to take over S3: Rumor mills-a-churnin...  The Register

99-06-08 Forget the K7, how about the K8?: No real K8 info, though...  The register

99-06-03 S3 launches graphics chip for notebooks: Savage/MX and Savage/IX.  C|Net ZDNet EETimes

99-06-03 K7 motherboards start to appear: Gigabyte supports AMD's upcoming high-end chip.  The Register

99-06-03 K7 mobile to arrive next year: Will be based on next year's 0.18 um technology.  The Register

99-06-03 K7 to get PC133 support from ViA: ViA chipset supports the RAMBUS alternative   The Register

99-06-01 K7's new clothes debut on web: K7 slot. The Register Happy Cat

99-05-31 ViA continues PC133 push: Support reinforced at next week's Computex show in Taiwan. The Register

99-05-27 Final release of AMD K7 sample spotted: In 550 MHz version. The Register The Upgrade Center

99-05-27 K6-III/500 shipping, will cost 299: . The Register

99-05-27 nVidia to drop TNT name: NV10 will use name suggested by contest winner. The Register

99-05-27 Sony 1394 chips could boost DTCP encryption: Digital Transmission Content Protection to allow video to be sent over Firewire. Techweb The Register

99-05-24 Clothed K7 found on web: More K7 pictures -- And a review. Performance still slower than the PIII. The Register FiringSquad preview FiringSquad pictures

99-05-24 AMD rolls out mobile K6-III: New 380 MHz alternatives for laptop buyers. Techweb PCWorld

99-05-21 Amiga looks to iMac, Palm for inspiration: Still alive? Techweb

99-05-23 AMD's Alereon still shrouded in mystery: No news here... Techweb

99-05-19 Cirrus chip enables universal DVD players: Audio chip includes MLP, AC-3, DTS, MPEG. But of course no SACD. Techweb

99-05-17 AMD cuts prices, reports improved yields: . Techweb ZDNet

99-05-17 AMD to intro three K7s and it will be June: Intro confirmed from new source. The Register

99-05-16 Taiwanese wire reports K7 chipset news: K7 intro in June. The Register

99-05-13 More details leak on Matrox G400:  The Register KBench Marks KBench Game

99-05-13 AMD samples 500 MHz K6-2 microprocessors: Coming real soon now... Techweb

99-05-11 TNT2 ships: . Yahoo nVidia

99-05-11 Leadtek Winfast S320ii TNT2 video card reviewed: . CPU Review

99-05-10 Compaq unveils EV6 DS10 family: At 466 MHz. The Register

99-05-04 AMD fuels speculation on K7: . The Register

99-05-03 Can AMD seize the corporate day?: On the AMD vs. Intel struggle. The Register

99-04-30 How Cyrix sees bus architecture: Presentation on typical front- and backside bus types. The Register Cyrix PDF

99-04-28 AMD confirms Raza to ramp up activities: Atiq Raza to becomes AMD president, while Sanders stays as chairman. The Register

99-04-27 Sony delays plan to battle Iomega: Glitches postpones 200 MB floppy disks onslaught. C|Net

99-04-24 AMD K7 500 trounces Pentium III/500: AMD engineer claims the K7 will beat the PIII, but by less than reported earlier. The Register

99-04-23 Cyrix faces challenges with direct approach: Another chip manufacturer starts direct sales. C|Net

99-04-22 AMD promises 550MHz K7 at launch: . The Register

99-04-12 NVidia roadmap: TNT3 already?: Due this fall according to this. SharkyExtreme

99-04-16 NVidia scores more high-end wins: TNT2 to ship in May. C|Net

99-04-15 AMD to ship K7 in July: Along with K62 mobile chip. The Register

99-04-15 Hardware site claims Transmeta scoop: JC claims Transmeta includes embedded north bridge, memory and Flash PROM. The Register

99-04-14 Microsoft launches MP3 killer: WMT competes with both MP3 and RealAudio. The Register

99-04-12 AMD reveal more K7 details: WinHEC presentation. The Register PowerPoint presentation MS Word version

99-04-12 3Dfx tech support says yes to wrappers: The left hand seem quite distant from the right... The Register

99-04-12 Intel, AMD chops prices today: . The Register C|Net

99-04-08 ATI leaks details of Rage 128 Pro: Shipping in July. The Register

99-04-08 Ballmer lays out Microsoft's OS roadmap: Win9x magically appears just one more time... InfoWorld

99-04-08 Sony president announces Netman digital music player: Supports Madison instead of MP3. The Register

99-04-08 The AMD K7 story - it's a limited edition: K7 samples slower than PIII. The Register SharkyExtreme

99-04-08 Sony move may ease conflict over audio format: DVD players to include both SACD and DVD-Audio. The Register

99-04-08 Cyrix reaches beyond the $299 PC: Strays from PC track. C|Net

99-04-08 NVidia looks to boost 3D realism: More on the upcoming chip with transformation & lighting. Techweb EETimes

99-04-08 IDT will produce S370 processor: WinChip 5 might be the one to appear in Socket 370 clothing. The Register

99-04-08 Ballmer confirms two new versions of Windows 9x due: Couldn't have anything to do with NT5 delay.... The Register

99-04-08 AMD's K7 will be late: Won't ship in June. The Register

99-04-08 3Dfx wraps up wrapper web sites: Desperately trying to keep Glide wrappers under wraps (sorry). The Register

99-04-07 Amiga chief outlines plans: It's still alive... Maybe. The Register

99-04-07 NVidia claims graphics breakthrough: Will include transform & lighting on 0.18 um chip later this year. The Register Yahoo EBNews

99-04-07 ATI, Matrox unveil upgraded graphics chips: Rage 128 Pro and G400 on the way. EBNews

99-04-06 S3, Via confirms cooperation: Look out for the "Savage-Via" chipset... The Register Techweb

99-04-05 AMD introduces K6-2 475: Yahoo

99-04-02 AMD confirms 1GHz chip to arrive in 2000: AMD chip chaps interviewed. The Register PCVelocity

99-03-31 JVC, Sony ally on D-VHS recorder interface: Uses 1394 for communications to and from the 44 GB tape. (All hopes that tapes would go away in vain...) EETimes

99-04-01 ATI quick to RAGE at WinHEC: 30 % speedier... The Register

99-04-01 nVidia, Guillemot to pre-sell Riva TNT2s: Prices start at $150. The Register nVidia

99-03-31 Matrox G400 launched: Supports DirectX 6's "Environment mapped bump mapping"... Matrox Kert's page Press release

99-03-30 Future of Alpha chip revealed: Interesting Alpha roadmap. The Register

99-03-30 Saab 9-3 Viggen launched: Ok, it's a bit out-of-scope, but I don't care... ;) Saab

99-03-26 Cyrix renames "Jedi" MPU to avoid trademark flap: New name: "Gobi". SBN

99-03-26 IBM enters 3D graphics market: With high-end chip FireGL 1. C|Net

99-03-26 Cyrix mulls 370 pin chip: The chipmaker is evaluating Intel's new socket. Techweb

99-03-26 JC analyses K7 in depth: SMP K7. The Register JC

99-03-25 Is Slot B on the AMD K7 copper, or what: On Intel, AMD, Compaq and Copper... The Register

99-03-25 Ericsson, Qualcomm settle CDMA differences: Agreed to support a single world standard. "to remove all IPR blocking currently in force" I'll believe it when I see it... The Register Ericsson Qualcomm Webcast

99-03-25 AMD K7 ripped asunder on Japanese site: K7 pictures. Both with and without slot. The Register ASCII 24

99-03-22 NVIDIA broadens market reach with Vanta 3D processor: TNT based low cost chip released. Yahoo

99-03-20 Aureal "validated" by Creative legals: A3D clones are popping up. The Register

99-03-20 Secret Alpha pix fall to earth: Showing an upcoming Alpha EV6 based Compaq server. The Register Pic1 Pic2

99-03-20 Those K7 pix from CeBIT 99: Pictures of K7 motherboard. The Register

99-03-20 Those Rise pix from CeBIT 99: Pictures of motherboard with Socket 370 mp6II. The Register

99-03-20 XML in XML: Review of the XML support in IE5 (and there's even a version written in XML...). XML.COM (HTML) XML.COM (XML)

99-03-18 IE5 deficiencies: WaSP issues a statement regarding the lack of standards support in IE5. WaSP

99-03-17 World's first DAC to meet new 192 kHz DVD-Audio standard: Even so, I have more faith in the Sony-Philips version (SACD) when it comes to high-end audio. Yahoo

99-03-17 IE 5 sneak peek shows new content features: Launch planned tomorrow. C|Net

99-03-17 Graphics chipmakers in new battle: 3Dfx and nVidia on their way to the war front. C|Net ZDNet

99-03-16 NVIDIA launches Riva TNT2 to blow 3Dfx out of water: Outperforming Voodoo3 despite lower clock speed. Hope this puts the last nail in the 3Dfx/Glide coffin... The Register Tom's Hardware Yahoo NVIDIA

99-03-12 Lucas to screen all-digital version of new Star Wars movie: Only 1280 x 1040 pixels? I thought more would be needed... EBN

99-03-12 Internet, DVD audio lean toward music-industry watermark scheme: . EETimes

99-03-09 Firms boost HDTV's functions: Matsushita (aka Panasonic & Technics) and Quantum announce feature enhanced TVs. C|Net

99-03-09 AMD rolls out faster mobile chips: The 380 K6-2 P released at higher clock speed than Intel's top mobile chip. Techweb CRN

99-03-09 AMD won't meet K6 shipment goal: 5.5 M K6 units won't be out before March 28. And 300 workers will be fired. Techweb The Register CRN

99-03-09 HP takes Risc on PA plans: PA-8600 in 500 and 550 MHz available 00Q1.  The Register

99-03-09 S3 takes time to check The Register out: S3 representatives shows chip roadmap for British journalists.  The Register

99-03-09 S3 bounces back in graphics market: Savage4, GX4, Savage/MX, Savage/NB etc.  C|Net The Register Yahoo Techweb

99-03-06 Hard core Cyrix chip found in cyberspace: The MII PR366 in all its glory.  The Register Picture Japanese page JC

99-03-06 AMD to demo 600 MHz K7 at CeBIT: .  The Register

99-03-05 Matrox gets all leaky about G400/G800: To be announced in 99-03-16 and 00-Q2, respectively.  The Register FullOn3D Hardware France

99-03-03 PlayStation 2 development to be driven by Linux: And the hardware includes USB, 1394, DVD and RDRAM in addition to lots of other abbreviations.  The Register

99-03-03 DVD audio copyright specs emerge: Music electronically marked and coded.  C|Net

99-03-01 K7 chipset delayed: As Intel rethinks it's slot strategy, AMD seem to do the same.  The Register

99-03-02 S3 up for sale:  The Register

99-03-03 Alpha to clock 1.4 GHz in copper: EV68 @ 1.1 GHz late this year, while EV8 @ 0.13 um arrives in 2001. The Register The Register

99-03-03 Sony unveils next-generation Playstation: Featuring 3.2 GB/s RAMBUS memory, 6.2 Gflops, 15 times as fast as a 400 MHz PII and 16 parallel pixel engines. EETimes C|Net EBNews (processor) SharkyExtreme

99-03-02 Real3D falls out with Intel: Upcoming Cobra chip expected to compete with TNT2. The Register

99-02-26 JEIDA adopts digital interface spec for monitors: DDWG -> DISM -> ????. EETimes

99-02-25 Metabyte to double the power of nVidia TNT: SLI not Voodoo specific anymore. The Register

99-02-22 Kryotech takes K6-III to 1GHz: Just remember to defrost regularly... The Register

99-02-23 Intel sponsors S3 to join DDWG: Creating new digital display interface. Yahoo

99-02-22 AMD rolls out K6-III chip: The 400 is shipping, the 450 sampling. C|Net ZDNet Techweb The Register AMD Press Rel Brief k6iii.gif (4992 bytes) Datasheet (5.7MB PDF)

99-02-19 Sony to unveil new Playstation?: Event commemorating 50M units bolsters speculation of product launch. C|Net

99-02-17 Trident plans mobile PC chipset: CyberBlade i7 is produced together with Via. EBNews

99-02-17 3Dlabs announces PERMEDIA 3 support for the PIII: Shipping in Q2. Yahoo

99-02-17 NVIDIA brings explosive 3D to the PIII: Just the "Detonator" software... Yahoo

99-02-14 Disney to buy Pixar and.. er... Apple: Purely speculation. For now. The Register

99-02-14 IDT's chip roadmap surely rolleth: Winchips are coming... The Register

99-02-10 Savage4 in the flesh: Preview and screenshots. Gamespot

99-02-10 3Dfx rolls out Voodoo (3) boards: 2000, 3000 and 3500 announced. C|Net ZDNet EBNews The Register 3Dfx Press Release

99-02-10 DVD Forum unveils DVD audio specification: Version 1.0 is finally out...   InfoWorld

99-02-08 ATI Rage 128 fastest 3D technology: According to Winbench 99 (Mercury Research)..   The Register

99-02-08 AMD to call K6-3 K6-III: Now where did I see that roman III last... (Price info)  The Register

99-02-08 S3 secures Savage4 design win...: Strategic partnership with Number Nine. Yahoo

99-02-08 Rise chip results leak -- and they're not good: Rise mP6-266 not as fast as first hoped. The Register Chiptech

99-02-07 Hands on the Voodoo3: FastGraphics

99-02-05 Digital display interface debut at Intel developer forum: "Basically DFP with higher bandwidth and a few new features". EETimes

99-02-05 Cyrix roadmap: Thanks to JCRoadmap Image, Japanese Site The Register

99-02-05 K6-3 to have new name as software war begins: Claims to have six to nine months lead over Intel. The Register

99-02-01 S3 expects surge from Savage4: Two versions: Pro and GT expected in March or April. C|Net SharkyExtreme The Register Yahoo

99-02-02 MS confirms that Win9x kernel lives: Win NT Consumer 2 - 3 years away... ZDNet

99-01-27 Banshee leads 3Dfx revenue surge: But the Voodoo 3 may not live up to expectations. The Register

99-01-25 Cyrix Jalapeno to go standalone: To sample in Q4 99. The Register

99-01-25 Sun's Jini jousts with rivals: Many rivals to the unproven (but promising) technology. C|Net

99-01-25 Jini Web cast: Jini announcement. Sun

99-01-25 High Definition comes into focus: HDTV plans (not quite PC, but...). Techweb

99-01-19 Sun signs Sony, Philips to bring Jini into the home: Connecting home electronics using Firewire and Jini. Could in combination with Bluetooth be the successor to remote control IR?. The Register C|Net

99-01-13 AMD challenges Intel with chip family for mobiles: K6-2 Mobile released at 266, 300 and 333 MHz . InfoWorld

99-01-11 Group hopes to unify recordable DVD factions: Yeah. And it's frosty in Hell. Techweb

99-01-13 Cyrix releases new MII price list: Prices from $45 to $60. The Register

99-01-13 AMD K7 set to ship on 23 June: If correct, keeping the Q2 launch plan by a 7 day margin... The Register EBNews

99-01-07 High definition DVD on show at CES: Too bad it's only Divx... Newspage

99-01-07 Sony CEO: TV is the digital future: Make the video as easy to use as a PC... ;). Newspage

99-01-04 Recordable DVD, DVD-Audio debut at CES: Pioneer shows their stuff. Techweb

99-01-04 AMD on verge of further K7 wins: Compaq rumored to put K7 in Presario. The Register

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