Katzler World Wide

Why would you submit to Katzler's World Wide?
  • The Katzler Homepage gives you the opportunity to get in contact with other Katzler from all over the world in the easiest way - through the internet and e-mail. Those who have already submitted are listed at the this page.

  • By looking up their names you will be able to find their e-mail addresses and homepage which makes it very easy to get in contact.

  • By submitting yourself to the Katzler Homepage you will not only get a great chance to get in contact with relatives you perhaps didn't know about, but you will also help the rest of us in our genealogy (or just-for-fun-) research.

  • The only two conditions for submitting is that your name is Katzler and that you have some kind of access to the internet. Submitting will not oblige you to do anything, and you choose what information should be added.

    Go ahead - SUBMIT NOW!!!
    Nope, I wanna take a look at the others first...