Viktor Schauberger images

I'm proud to present images of both Schauberger's "flying saucer" and of himself. I don't know much about them but they are intresting enough, aren't they? Just click the thumb-nails to see them in full size.
Unfortunately I can't tell much about these images. Or how the "flying soucers" worked. Refer to the books I recomend if you want to know more.
Repulsin nr 1 A repulsin of type "prototype B"
Repulsin nr 2 This is also "prototype B"
Schauberger A picture of Viktor Shauberger in pretty bad shape, but one of the few pictures that show him in full.
Here are some pictures showing V.S. transportation system and some sketches describing the principle and the energy that's released when water moves in meanders. The story about these can be found in the introduction.
Ršnna nr. 1 Ršnna nr. 2
Skiss nr. 1 Skiss nr. 2
I am going to put more pics here as soon as I get them, if you have a image of some kind that fit here, please mail them to me. If you do, send them in JPG-format and please no images bigger than 100kb.