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Updated 20041110. Jazz fusion MIDI&MP3.I have posted some more Mp3s. Look at the bottom! For you who don't like the midi-sound, check out, XG: "7Kihuve","Awa-va-hä", and GM with soundfonts: "Till Berit","Katja"MP3s.

I have writtened down some of my compositions in notes with "Muziktime". The result is MIDI-files (mixed in XG-works). If the instruments sound like synths (computerlike) , your soundcard can't play MIDI properly.( ADVICE: To get a proper sound on the midis, use Yamaha XG-equipment.)(The midis without MP3 I plan to work more with.)

I hope you will enjoy listening to my Jazz fusion midi-files. More compositions will come later.

Songs:                Comments:

     7/8:s and 7/4:s, the title also means:sick in the head. 1977

    A neighbour invited herself to me. 1985

     My first wife's maiden name was Armingo, add blues. 1978

   An idea from the guitarist Monette Sudler. 1980

    I taught Haddy bycyclying. 1982

    Correctly spelled the title means disordered. 1986

    Katja worked at the Post-office. 1977

    As married the music was done in the kitchen. 1981

     Another blues. I've done several. 1985    

     Spanish for Maria knew. 1988

     My guitar's name:The Swede Hagström(bridge:Per Karlsröm). 1975

    I stole a piece of an idea from Dollar Brand. 1979

    A cartoon figure. 1978 

      A kind of Swedish folktune. 1977 

    One of my last composition. 1988



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