Glass Onion Graphics
The art of Michael Whelan.

The official Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell website
Yep. It is.

DiTerlizzi Illustration
Really good illustrator. Seen in AD&D rulebooks.

Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery
The king of fantasy art!

Fantasy Artwork Galleries
Many links to other Fantasy Art pages.

The Mystic Dragon's Aerie
Albert Howe's gallery

Elfwood fantasy art gallery
HUGE gallery for amatuer artists. Takes hours to look through...

Orlando Furry Archives
Large Furry Art gallery with many different artists.

Another Furry Art gallery.

Chipmunk Gallery
Eugene Arenhaus' gallery. (Furry Art).

The Light Bright Page
Michele Light's gallery. (Furry Art)

Bacon & Egg
Comic by Peter Norrman (in swedish).

Det Nya Folket
Graphic novels by Jan-Åke Winqvist about the Cro-Magnon.

The Ultimate Animanga Archive
Manga, manga, manga...