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Falkenberg Ätran

Classic Salmon Fishing in the Town Centre
__________________ Ätran offers classic salmon fishing in Falkenberg on the west coast of Sweden. Thanks to successful conservation efforts, the wild salmon population has not only been maintained, but even increased.

Angling goes on in the centre of town along a two kilometre stretch of the lower course of Ätran, which here empties into the Kattegatt Sea.

The early opening of the fishing season, March 1, is a yearly spectacle drawing the attention of anglers and bystanders alike.
At this time the game is sea-trout. Later in April/May the larger fresh run salmon is the main attraction. By mid-June the pursuit is for the smaller salmon, the grilse, which enters the river at this time. Spinning as well as flyfishing is permitted.

Autumn fishing for salmon closes in late September, when the fish is protected to allow spawning.

The town of Falkenberg, located at the mouth of the river, is easily reached by car on European Route E6/E20, or by train on the west coast route Västkustbanan. Falkenberg is halfway between Helsingborg to the south and Gothenburg to the north, a distance of 100 km in either direction. Frequent ferries on the waterways provide a link to the European continent and enter several ports in Sweden.

Falkenberg with its old history offers many alternatives for lodging. There are hotels, apartments, cabins and camping facilities. If you prefer a package fishing holiday, with top quality accomodation near the river, any of the excellent downtown hotels may be your best choise.

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