Label founded in 1994.
Owner/Founder/Label Manager: Blackmoon (David Parland)
Distribution: VME (Europe).
Complete list of local distributors for European countries coming soon.

HELLSPAWN RECORDS was started in early 1994 by ex-DARK FUNERAL guitarist/founder Blackmoon
(David Parland), with the release of the now legendary self-titled DARK FUNERAL MCD, which up until
today has sold more than 15.000 units worldwide - making it one of the absolute bestsellers of the genre.

HELLSPAWN was started with the only intention to release real quality Death/Black Metal music, and has
over the years grown into a real cult label - due to it 's small, but high quality catalogue, with releases from
among others WAR, INFERNAL, DARK FUNERAL,ABRUPTUM, VON, DEATHWITCH as well as real killer
tribute albums to BATHORY and MORBID ANGEL etc.

After some struggling years, HELLSPAWN are now back in business with a long term perspective and deter-
mination to show what real Death/Black Metal is all about. With the help of several new allies and business-
partners - things are set for WORLD DOMINATION!!!